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Check on ova to the very awesome I Want to be a Sports Agent blog for the latest Carnie of da N-be-Eh.

It’s all about the Draft and it’s perfect for this time of year when everyone is struggggling to find something to talk about. Go and see what’s up!


Because of course, celebrities don’t get enough attention and publicity as it—by god Forbes is serving man kind in ranking them all! From the flash-advertisement hell that is, how they got to The Celebrity 100:

Tinseltown’s triumphs are reflected in this year’s Celebrity 100, Forbes’ annual list of the world’s most powerful–and best-paid–celebrities. To generate the list, Forbes analyzes celebrity earnings, plus media metrics like Google hits, press mentions as compiled by Lexis/Nexis, TV/radio mentions from Factiva and the number of times an A-lister appears on the cover of 32 major consumer magazines.

Earnings estimates are for June 2006 to June 2007 and consist of dollars earned solely from entertainment-related income. Management, agent and attorney fees have not been deducted.

Okay, so to bring it back to the NBA relatedness, the notable players we already know about are in there: Kobe Bryant (ranked #23), Shaq (#25), Michael Jordan (#35–who is he?!), and LeBron (#48). SHOCKER! You can see all the other sports’ male athletes here and female athletes here, try to contain the excitement.

Let’s just take a looksee at who else is on the list… I’ve make a nice screengrab here so you don’t have to go to their site because everytime their ads reloads a puppy gets shot

Disregarding the fact that Grey’s Anatomy fell off big time this year, what gives Forbes? Grouping the entire cast as one? Favoratism yo!

Again with this “entire cast” thing. Heh, gotta sting for Bron to see he can’t beat the Parker/Longoria machine anywhere.

Random Linkage for the Weekend:
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Just got this in my electronic mail (as opposed to pigeon mail—g’damn lazy bums!)


I thought you might be interested in a recently created LeBron James etch-a-sketch video.

George Vlosich, self-proclaimed “world’s greatest etch-a-sketch artist,” took five hours to etch LeBron James and the entire process is sped up into three pretty interesting minutes.

You can see every line George makes and step he takes to create a unique piece of pop art. I think it’s cool. By the way, if you are wondering why I’m sending you this, Quicken Loans is a sister company of the Cleveland Cavaliers and we work closely with them. We’d love it if you could share this with your blog readers.

Holy banana peels!

Ah, and no sweat Mr. Marketing person, I love to help out QUICKEN LOANS, even though I’m not getting anything out of QUICKEN LOANS. It’s fantasic that QUICKEN LOANS is doing this viral spreading-word-of-mouth-thingy (I’m sure there’s a better term for it) for the talented George Vlosich—maybe his next sketch can be drawing up better coaching strategies for Mike Brown? In any case, thanks QUICKEN LOANS for bringing this to my attention!



I’m Scott Pollard. I don’t know why I’m
here either
Friends, family, squirrels. Today is finally the day of Game 1. It was longer than waiting for the Olsen twins to turn legal. Anyhow, I’ve done my part below with my essential breakdown of everything you needed to know about the two teams involved. The only thing is saying how it’ll pan out.

I’m going with Spurs in 6. But I just want this series to be as long as possible — rain delay, hunger strike, whatever … because after this, I don’t know anything about anything until November.

For an entertaining and fantasic time, please with all your mighty hearts, listen to THE NBA PODCAST from The Basketball Jones making ha-ha fun times with Sports Illustrated’s Kelly “this is BOGUS!” “with CLUBSAUCE” Dwyer. Near the end, NBA Bloggers made their picks (one of whom you shall fall in love when you hear the call… Hint: it’s me. You will fall in love with me. I don’t care if you’re a guy either)

Other note worthy hits:

What do you know, the Cavaliers of all teams, are going to the NBA Finals.

How they will fare against the Spurs will be for another day, for now — I dunno quite how to accept it all.

LeBron: we know he can do this. Even though throughout the season (and I guess, his career thus far) we weren’t sure just how he’ll do it. Yes, his shear freak basketball game is as good as it gets (apologies to Kobe Bryant… but you’re doing radio shows as I type) but were we sure this was going to happen? Truly madly, deeply sure?

My answer is no. Just like Allen Iverson’s 2001 run to the Finals (even then, he was in his 6th year, with a deep cast: Larry Brown as coach, Mount Mutombo in his prime, Derek McKey (what the hell happened to him?) and E-Snow) we’re rooting for the star. But unlike AI, LeBron is doing it differently: he not only trust his teammates, he trust that his team is good, like, very good.

It’s a different feeling to watching the Cavaliers — they’re not just watching the King James Show, they’re producing, writing and editing the whole thing that Iverson, or Bryant can’t in recent years. What’s also amazing is that he’s a kid that’s dreamt big to get here, on his own shoulders, but is making sure he doesn’t ruin the whole thing with excess pride that often times shadow the goal.

Blogs that are happy: YAY!sports, Sports Rush

Blogs that are unhappy: Detroit Bad Boys, Need4Sheed

In Other News:

Steve Kerr won’t soothe us with his melodic voice no more as he’s going to be GM of the Phoenix Suns. I really like Kerr as an analyst throughout these past couple of years whether it was on TNT or Yahoo! Sports. He has a wicked sense of humour and is able to communicate effectively his point of view. Obviously sometimes he’s wrong on some things, but for the most part, Kerr is fantasic breaking down why a certain play isn’t working or what was missing. I think his insight with the Spurs will do wonders for the Suns, because they will always face them in the playoffs one way or another. Signal To Noise has more player-to-GM grading if you like to compare and contrast.

Huzzah for LeBron Flight School, because enrollment is now available. THAT’s what we’re talking about. Hopefully he can keep at this tempo because Detroit’s backcourt is killing themselves right now. I’m not sure based on Game 3, that we can say the Cavs can win this, because Detroit still hasn’t played a good game yet.

Tonight the Mormons come out again and fight for their Playoff lives. I say Utah wins, only because the “Energy Solutions” arena is radioactive and gives the Jazz the unfair advantage.

Here are the thumbtacks yo:

  • Ballhype is now Facebook widgetized son! I personally don’t have a Facebook… because well, those type of pages require pictures right. And I photograph as well as Dennis Franz’ asscheeks (wait — was that compliment… hrmm)
  • Kobe Bryant, the man has a way with words. Oh, and yeah, he has a way with fucking everyone up with said words.
  • Zero, Agent. Talk. Rehab? Slow. Gaming, high. Hibachi return later
  • Just want link to Fear the Beard, very very ha ha stuff those Beardies.

How else can you explain the horrible-ness that is the under 80 points for both Games 1 and 2? I know they like to slow down those games, but DAMN, give us something. The issue is more than the low scoring obviously, but it’s more about the lackluster ompf of intensity.

Every play feels slow… and painfully predestrian. Here’s why:

Pistons side of things — they’ve been there for the past 5 years. They probably KNOW they can win this easy (as they should) but even they can’t even fool themselves into turning up the switch and being straight out dominating. Detroit is going by “willing the win” only. Certainly, if this is against the Spurs, they don’t have a catch, but it’s Cleveland, they don’t know crap.

Cavalier side of things — It’s on Lebron. No, I’m not saying BronBron is to be blamed for the two losses where his decision is being questioned all over. But that the entire team is as good as he is. That’s a knock on the Cavs not Lebron. No one else is making it hard for the Pistons. Seriously who? Big Z, slow. Sasha has a girl’s name so right away that’s a wash. Gooden? I forgot he was even in this series.

Nope, there’s nothing on the Cavs side that make me think: oh gee willikers, the Pistons might have trouble with him

Now, for something different…

If you’re like me… nearly impossible, because I’m 12 feet tall, you certainly love Inside the NBA. It’s more than a post game recap, it’s an actual good television show — it’s got humour, graphics, music choices are spendid. By now everyone knows the characters: EJ (though wasn’t on last night)’s the straight man, making jabs here and there on Chuck; Charles is the Homer Simpson of the bunch; Magic Johnson wants to sound like he’s about to be quoted, and Kenny just rolls with it. I would love to see the show being franchised, you know, like Law & Order and all 68 versions of C.S.I.


Ernie Johnson: Welcome to Inside the Laser Tag alongside with me as always is Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, Kenny the Jet Smith and Charles Barkley…

Charles Barkley: Hey Ernie! Let me just say something real quick here. LOOK, I don’t care if the Blue team is losing, I’m still picking them to win the series. They showed something I haven’t seen before and that’s why I’m going to pick them.

Ernie: Kenny? Your pictures?

Kenny Smith: See, it’s interesting to see the dynamics after 5 Rounds. The Green team can play fast, or small… if you freeze it riiiiight there, KABLAM! see how the Red Team leader got ran up from behind by a smaller player. Championship players know how to play in all types of styles, that’s just how it go.

Magic: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ernie: What’s your thoughts Magic?

Magic: You see Ernie, it’s like when I was playing with James Worthy, I was still the best player HA HA HA, but I knew when to give him the ball. The Blue team doesn’t know to pass…um… the laser… and they need to step up.

Charles: But Magic, Magic, look, Jerry Sloan is one of my faaaavorite people in the NBA, and it’s a damn shame we watchin the talent tonight. Man, Michael Jordan is rolling in his grave!

Ernie: Alright, that wraps up…

Charles: One more thing! I can’t believe the Green Team didn’t double team the Blue team. I mean come on now… come on… come on, this is the championship we’re playing in, not the kindergarten! If was in there, there aint no one but me and my laser gun and we be blasting our way through. I’ma put a hurt on somebody

Kenny: The only hurt you put is on your waist

Ernie, Magic, Kenny: HA HA HA HA

You watched the Spurs vs. Jazz Game 1 last night? … Was that a no? Well, I did. Here’s the recap:

Spurs scored. Jazz scored. Spurs scored more. Then the Jazz stopped scoring a little bit. Then I just left the 4th quarter alone as it should be. The end. *sigh* Look, I’m still big fan of the game, which was why I watched at all. I love Deron’s game, I love Tony Parker/Ginobili’s game, but I need to find a narrative to this series… Free Darko, please enlighten me.

Anyways, two awesome videos, with a sccccary wager and the other is where you can watch a YouTube video about a showthat features YouTube videos!

I knew that Miss Gossip Cameo tag wasn’t just a one hit wonder! Damn, that is holy shit! type of cool right there. Gossip, you killin it!

SunsGossip [SunsGossip] (where I snagged that wonderous, life-like self portrait of G.)
FanHouse’s Miss Gossip Invades TNT Broadcast
[NBA Haus] (where I… well, wrote that post ha!)
Boom Boom Diaw! [TheHype Gears of Clothing Store]

Woah. Thumbtacks. Been a long time dude. Haven’t see you in a while. What? Don’t call me anymore?


Oh where was I, ah yes. This feature I used to do (and even then, it was sparse) where I’d do a link dump of sorts of all the vunderful internet things I could find. Why don’t I do it as often anymo? Well… for the 1 of you that probably enjoyed this, it’s because of the fun times I’m having over at the Haus as well as Ballhype (helping out and doing behind the scenes stuff, level 3 clearance ish!) so yeeaah, I’ve been neglecting the rest of the internet world, forsaking it in the name of sports blogs. Ah well.

Since the Bulls don’t have any answer to, well, anything the Pistons shove at them, not much to say about that series. When you had the game in your claws and let the lead slip— it’s not your time Baby Bulls. MJD with more/better words and better analygistz. Geez, I bet even the Detroit PA announcer John Mason can score against Chicago. Soo….

Here are some fun findings to keep ya busy for a good 6 months:

  • Homer Simpson on the 360. Fact: my last console was the Dreamcast (you might find it under the category: Things That Died As Soon As It Was Born)

There ya go, as always you can also find me doing stuff at the NBA FanHouse and my Ballhype blog (where I pretend to know about other sports as I blog about it). You can keep track with the RSS feeds I’ve put on the right sidebar.

AMAZING game tonight. I’m picking Warriors by 8327 points and Oakland to turn into Raccoon City after all’s said and done. Go Nellie Beer, er, Ball!