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With many thanks to the notorious J.C.N. that oversees FanHouse along with Mottram, there’s an MTV interview with Prince, and he reveals what we’ve all wanted to know for the past 4 years … he is actually a balla 4 realz:

Sway: I wanted to tell you this story first: I was watching the Dave Chappelle show, and Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy does this thing on it called “True Life Hollywood Stories,” and he told this story that he was hanging out with you at your house, and you guys were listening to music, and then you came up with the idea to all go play basketball. He said they didn’t have any clothes, so you got them shorts and T-shirts, but he said that your crew showed up to the basketball court with the same wardrobe [as you wear onstage]. High heels, suited and booted. Is that true?

Prince: That part’s not true. But the whupping’s true.

Sway: The whupping’s true. So you’ve got basketball skills?

Prince: A little bit.

Sway: Yeah? What you got? A crossover dribble? Or a jump shot?

Prince: We didn’t call it crossover back then.

Sway: What’d you call it?

Prince: Just speed.

Thank god for that piece so I can run this geniusness clip again…

(via: The Poor Man Institute)

First comment on the following Nike ad campaign over at YouTube: “LT owns you and your family and the world and all of everything ever in existence.” Hopefully he owns my washing machine too, because that bitch needs fixing and I can’t spare the dough yo.

(chapeau-tip to Sports Business Radio)

Blog-father Jamie Mottram and an Uncheezed Dan Steinberg makes it rain again…

BUT!! What’s this? Another “blog show”?! Who do these guys think they are? No DINGS? a commercial break? no obscure one-liner jokes?? Amateurs!

(actually kind of amusing tho, hopefully those guys talk about ’bout hoops in later epz… don’t worry Mott, you still da best *chest thump*)

Tiny-Tim Update: just so videos comes in threes, here’s one on the FanHouse with Nash and the Brazilian Blur trampling all over what’s left of Lionel Richie’s carcass (because of Nicole Richie you see… ah snark…)

That probably answers the question: SNL’s skits always have, and will continue to, drag on even though the initial punchline has been given 3 minutes ago. Well, seeing Tim Meadows and Co. do a bad NWA impression was worth it I guess…

Couple neat observations for your consideration:

    where the hell did the guy come from?
    — how is it that a mountain/volcano is that high above Earth?
    — dude’s not even dunking it, he’s just chucking it downwards, that’s a 3 in my books

Hmm, Return of the Jedi; Return of the Mac; LOTR: The Return of the King … any other I missed?

Oh, yay, NBAOU on B-Show as they bring ’em out once again:

The hell, another Rush Hour movie? Haven’t we exhausted the the Sino-African American stereotype jokes yet? Guess not (via Nyjer Please):

Heeeey, I see what they’re doing … looks awfully familiar to …

I think the industry calls that an ho-mage. Word.

— Other video madness fun over at You Been Blinded with Legos. Man I wish I was still a toddler.

Ballhype interviewing Basketball-Reference … that’s like my clock intervieing my phone (horrible, horrible analogy) in that both spots are crazy smart and can do some serious damage with a TI-89 Texas Instrument son!

— and hey, since the man Jason Gurney at Ballhype (and his lovely wife Erin) has been the greatest to me, check out his story in an interview by Bugs & Cranks (I got smarter just by reading it! true story!)

— I can unbiased-ly say the Blowtorch‘s vunderbar cariatures > all of these crabby little donuts combined (*sniff…tears…*)

“I’m the son of God. Who the fuck are you?” ah… goodness. Oh and that Asian/Filipino dude bench warming? Totally me.

Okay, you saw one of the extras wearing a Michael Jordan Washington Wizards’ uni right? Damn straight you should be embarrassed by a Holden Barina.

Lakers DO need JT in the front office! This is light years better than that other crap fest of a parody

Big thanks to JustBall forum (where those KobeVideo guys are unceremonously revealed like Chris Hansen’s To Catch A Predator)

… back to draft talk in just a sec (oh, trade!)