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Ughz. Last night’s game. Too tough to talk about man. I mean, the Suns could could’ve taken it, but really, coming into it, we were all bracing for a sad loss. Kurt Thomas, bless his triangularly shaped head and funky eyes, didn’t have enough air — can you blame the guy? He needed to play on both ends, perfectly. He did his best but Duncan… man, Duncan, when he retires, his statue should be the one where he’s falling, “pretending” to be unbalanced, and shooting with one hand banking it.

That said, I fully expect, and really BELIEVE the Suns can steal the SBC arena one. Stoudamire and Diaw back in action, rested— and still no Horry, I like those chances.

Okay, some random links for the hell of it

  • Again, obviously the highlight of last night was Pat Burke sighting Miss Gossip (fame whore!) haha, I kidd kidd… 🙂
  • Since I did semi mention Linkin Park (helping you guys with free publicity yo!), damn, their newest ish, isn’t so hot. From Surviving the Golden Age blog, they nailed it on the head as to why:

Although known as a rap/rock group, they hardly ever rap and rock on the same track on this album. The rap tracks sound like could easily be outtakes from Shinoda’s Fort Minor project, and the rock tracks sound much more subdued than their previous metal-infused rock.
Rating: 6.7/10

Yeah, listening to it is obvious it was a much different direction… one I’m not down with. I still like their rap/rock mixing genre where they just created a new sound every new single. I personally wish they’d do those. Ah, the agony of the artists’ mind: “trying new things” or just giving the fan base what they want..

  • Hey cool, *the* sports blogger, Deadspin’s Will Leitch, goes in-depth with The Starting Five’s very nicely done interview. They talk about a number of socially oriented things… though no Unsilent Majority sighting yet
  • You know what? Steve Kerr is very good on the mic. It’s great that he was part of so many championship runs, especially Greg Poppovich’s Spurs — so a lot of his insights last night were so great, not just the usual run-of-the-mill “here’s what happened on the last play”. He tells us why Pop is freakin mad because of a missed assignment. Keep it up Steveo, here’s his column.
  • Mark Cuban… not a big fan of rule changes…? WTF? He’s taking the totally opposite side with this whole situation (because well, almost everywhere I read yesterday says *some* change would be nice)… and I bet it’s got something to do with Suns & Spurs are you know… the rivals of the Mavs…


Coming hot off the asses of the recent fines given out from the NBA to Danny Ainge and Michael Jordan is Team Christianity’s GM, Jesus, for speaking publicly about NCAA stud Kevin Durant.

Jesus got fined a whooping $80 000 for reportedly talking to several prominent (dead) NBA agents from his home in Heaven.

“Yo, this is fucking bullshit,” said J-Dawg, “I was merely commenting on his upside! Is it wrong to compliment a player nowadays? The Hell??”

Lucifer could not be reached at press time to respond to Jesus’ possible slight towards his Lair of Darkness.

“Look,” says He who turned water into wine, “MJissey, (oh, only I get to call him that, we’re tight), didn’t do anything wrong either, so I think Stern has some sort of God-complex — yeah, the irony isn’t lost on me.

“I mean, these kids, what will they say when they’re being interviewed by Stuart “Pervert Eyes” Scott when they get drafted? Certainly they need to know I’m approving of their talents so that they can say, ‘First of all, I’d like to thank Jesus…’ So come on, I’m just keeping the system flowin’!”

Though Kevin Durant may or may not be coming to the NBA next year, he sure has influenced tons of money, the latest being Kobe Bryant’s alleged call on behalf of Nike for a shoe deal:

Word is Kobe Bryant has already called Kevin Durant on behalf of Nike and that a shoe deal ranging between $30 million and $50 million simply needs to be presented.

Jesus plans on calling NBA Commissioner David Stern to make arrangements for lowering the fine, claiming he’s a little strapped for cash, something to do with prostitutes’.

As always, The Unrelatedness will be following this story as it develops.

Ugh, when you lose in a single elimination game, that’s when I think the format blows. (If we had won, I’d obviously think it was the greatest invention in the history of anything).

So… here’s some light recap (because really, losing sucks) whilst I fight off the Nova Scotian beer (possibly spiked) on the weekend of St. Paddy’s Day:

— our bus ride was a grand total of 15 hours. FIFTEEN HOURS. I hate people. And roads. And distance/time/space continuum.

— a little bit more on the bus ridez: there were random impromptu “get up and party for no real reason with cheersquad ladies” (could very well be cuz they’re purty)

— Overheard on the bus: “Hey, I’m just a white boy with a big mouf”

— okay game: Our team just never played up to their tempo and style. It sucks because 1) the entire season, in all the games they won (lost just once), they always had a plan B that won the game if plan C didn’t work. Like if exploiting the lowpost didn’t work, rain 3s all day. Or if the 3s aren’t dropping, the entire team got to the line. Today, we couldn’t even get Plan Z to work.

— the two best players, leaders of the team, in their last games as a collegiate player to try to get a national title were understandably down and didn’t want to talk….. imagine what it felt like trying to get them out of the lockerroom and ask them for their.. um.. “thoughts”

— Don’t you just hate it when the other team’s best scorer hit EVER.THING. he threw up and made you look like you were playing grade 3 defense? Yeah, I hate that too.

That pic above probably is the best moment of the team’s effort and expectations for this whole weekend. It was snapped just before the tip as you can tell. Crazy how just 40 minutes can drown out a season’s worth of highs and dreams… sighz and sadface emoticon… *not* looking forward to the 15hours back…

…or raise hell in an impromptu mob a la Frankenstein to find this Peter Rosenberg cat, whichever comes first. I’m not much of a college ball follower (aka I never figured out when they were on the local channels… I’m lazy that way) but I sure know that the back and forth between DOOK Fans vs. Anti-Duke Fans make the Spartans and Athenians look like preschool kiddies.

(note: if you spoil 300, I will hunt you down)

“You even suck at rape,
I know for a fact,
My boy Mikey got the tape”

When you’re dropping lines like that, you know they’re serious about Duke-hating. A classic rap/parody/burn all around.

[Evidently, This Is Why Duke Sucks (the FanHaus and it’s almighty ways…)]

ps: sorry about the back to back YouTubing, I’ll try harder, pinky promise! Look for a little thingy post with more words tomorrow, toodles~

So we thought the “Streetballz” sensation died quietly in a remote forest just outside of Jersey a couple years ago. We thought wrong. It’s more alive than ever over at the country that gave us Hello Kitty.

I gotta love their unique disregard to any semblance of “normal” hoop rules. It’s like Slamball but they just forgot to add in the trampolines.

“Hot Streaks end games!”

“12 point lead = knock out!”

When the giant robot blocks your shot, that’s -3 points!!


(merci beaucoup Hooped Up for diggin up this gem)

…and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!

Well, that and some actual NCAA knowledge, because I have absolutely no idea who’s who. Except for Gonzaga, I sort of know one dude there, but that’s about it (so based solely on that, I’m totally rooting for them.. well, except for what happened.. that’s a no no)

But check dis—HoopsAddict wants to RULE the March Madness pools of all pools and I’ve enlisted to help the worthy cause and here’s the kicker: YOU CAN TOO! Follow the link and join part-ay and we’ll have grand ‘ol timez battling each other for bragging rights! Though no prizes have been announced yet, I hear rumblings that the winner gets to keep the losers’ unborn children! Yiipee!

And for your afternoon delight, here’s a new show I’m shopping for FOX this summer, check it out!

Heyhey, howdy folks. Now now, before we begin. How do I know you’re a redneck? Because your computer moniter is made out of shotguns! ha ha ha… *sigh*

Okay, onto the first topic:

[both Chris and Billy buzzed at the same time]

Jeff: Okay, I think Billy got it first

What?! Hell naw! I buzzed first, so I get to answer! I know this!

Jeff: Now, now, let Billy answer

It’s because of Chlorophyll!

Jeff: That is correct!

Man, fuck this! I had the answer bitch. I’ma bounce, I don’t need this!

[storms out of the studio]

Jeff: … umm.. alright, that ends today’s short show, thanks for tuning in, see you next time on, “Are you smarter than Chris—er..”someone else”!



The picture says it all doesn’t it? Sorry if this falls off-topic from my usual blogging of All NBA all the time, but there was a reason why my blog title has that phrase (my scheming ways to insert random stuff) to suit certain big occasions such as this one.

First of all, the most futbol games I’ve witnessed had to be this year only. And I mean watching the games in full form, not walking in about during the 20th minute or watching it just as it ends. I watched some of the openings, some of the quaters, all of the semis and now the finals. I’m THE definition of “newbie” soccer watcher.

However, through osmosis, I learned pretty much all the rules easily and found out who’s who. I knew that England is like the Sacramento Kings, always falling short in spite of their depth and quality. I knew that Brazil were the 2004 Lakers, with the full smug and awareness of their greatness, but losing steam due to their overconfidence. I knew about the Italian‘s um.. “skills” and that what most people talk about them is how they don’t play rightfully with all the flops and dives. I knew that Zidane was the last golden man of the sport, as if he’s from another era still impacting the youth kind of like David Robinson.

I take all these into account in watching those odd Extra Time “moments” as Zidane lost control. It’s weird, though it’s very clear that what he was absolutely unnecessary. And at the HIGHEST stage in time with 1 Billion people watching, 1 country behind your back, 1 last strike for greatness until retirement, what he did was absolutely puzzling. Yet with all that, I have respect for him, perhaps not for the action he took, but something about what happened, only he and that Italian guy knows, I just “feel” I want to side with him. I can’t even call it disgraceful, because that one slip must have been one damn big comment to make him flip out. And he’s always seen as the ambassador of the sport.

Zizou, much respect. I only watched a handful of football games thus far, and you showed the good stuff and unfortunately the bad, but you let it all out. I liked what I saw in the 2006 World Cup and the big story revolved around Zizou. Football/Soccer is exciting in due part for him. Allez Les Bleus!