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Surely the questions around ye massive trade is “could the Sixers’ have gotten more (aka suck less)” in terms of acquiring JR Smith. I can only wonder what Greg Oden is thinking as he’s watching all this on television. I’m guessing: “what’s for dinner” is the likely thought, but that’s just me.

Personally, I think the party taking the heaviest hit is Jason’s Denver tag ( can a tag tracker get O.Ded?)

The combo of AI + Melo + JR Smith = Crazy Delicious! 79.2 pts! The Wizards’ Big 3 are going to get a good challenge. Mind you at least Caron Butler, Jamison and Arenas have clearly defined scoring habits whereas Carmelo and Iverson do the outside-inside thing very similarily. That being said, I cannot wait until Melo and JR gets back 🙂

On the other, I don’t know how we didn’t see this Denver result coming waay earlier. The NASA evidence is astounding:
just like Alias, when it was still good
Just like Bruce Willis was a ghost all along (spoiler warnings are for the weak!), Iverson was right with Melo and J.R. the whole time.. spooky.


Great way to start a Saturday huh, with just a smidget of cartoon-y violence. I don’t get “The Wire” up here, but I imagine that’s exactly how things would’ve gone down.

The New/Old Ball-pocalypse may or not really be a done deal, so that leaves us with another anti-climatic cliffhanger until the full resolution comes next season. Get new writers Stern! But hopefully the above installment will be the last ep in the string of | various | appearances | around here. |

Of course, it’s no Orange Roundie..

The Allen Iverson Purgatory Watch: Day 9, but it feels like Year 9. T-Dot scrambled the phone lines to tell the world they have 3 Mil to throw into this clusterfu rotisserie of a trade.

Suns extend their winning streak to number One-Three! They’re so hot right now, Jack McCallum’s book is spontaneously combusting in bookstores everywhere!

Yao Ming brought out the Peking Duck, called his friendslego.jpg (NOT inviting McGrady though, understandable) for a Block Party! He got a career high 8 blocks with 6 of them in the first half alone. Not wanting to be outdone, Dikembe Mutombo remembered, “oh shit, I can do that too!” and added 3 of his own. Per usual, Deke waved his finger, injuring 12 courtside attendees, 3 in critical condition.

Then the Rockets blew a 21 pt lead but Yao’s 8th block (well, goaltend) was crucial since they were down 2 with sixty on the crickety. OT: Kobe vs. Yao, both had chance to shoot to win. Draw. DoubleOT: Rockets missed everything, Kobe made everything. Lakers win. Kobe 53-10-8. Yao’s 35-15-4 and the aforementioned 8 blocks looks so, so sad.

However, Ben Wallace scoffs at both those un-American chumps by Kirby-ing his career high 27 boards. That’s just one shy of the entire Bucks’ defensive rebounds. Twenty effin’ Seven!

Pau Gasol played last night for the first time since the summer. Stat line: 4pts in 17mins… and they lost. Grizzlies: no no no no no! You want to tank the season AND save your franchise guy, c’mon! Greg Oden is rolling in his grave.

And the Wizards finally beat the Heat after 3 and half years of being hexed. Or sucked. Possibly both.

Related: hot damn, a one of a kind magical blogger is reveales(!!!!) I gotta say that’s a sharp looking dude (no Rod Strickland homo) to go with the genius mind that came up with Wizznutzz.

Quick thought, they should start a site called GrizzNutzz… ehh? ehh? Okay, maybe not.

Btw, me done with them exam thinys. Huzzah!

thumbtacks.jpgForgiveness please! I had the disease of no-internet-itis for the biggie part of the day. Anyway, a few cool reads:

Hoops Perspectives rounded up some (by that, I mean, A LOT) of AI’s moments thus far. That is, if you’re not watching the TNT games right now.. you can spend a few minutes reminiscin’ (until we FINALLY know where he’s landed)

J-Mac takes a look at which player is going to stay on one team forever. I’d think about adding Dwight Howard on that list too, since we’re beginning to see the Magic build something special collectively (recent injuries notwitstanding…)

Basketbawful saw shades of evil Me-me-me-Kobe arise once again. I concur, down the stretch of that game against Dallas, Kobe thought no one else was worthy of helping with a comeback so he took control. It’s hard to blame him, but those are the bad habits people thought he’s done with this year.

And now, silly pictures!

And you decide what Andrei is thinking…

Random, nothing to do hoops, but a friend gave me a copy of the first ep of Friday Night Lights, and I’m slowly falling in love with Ms. Minka Kelly (oh, it’s a good show to boot!):

show me whatchu got purrty lady!

Actually, I guess this is a bit more serious than the title suggests.

Allen Iverson, as a Sixer, meant a lot not only to Philly hoop fans, but a generation of young ballers. So it’s still kind of unbelievable that The Answer won’t be in a Sixers uniform anymore. That just FEELS weird you know? Just like MJ in that Wizards uni (it NEVER happened)

So the real question is: which team is Iverson going to end up on? Thank bhudda you came here, because insider sources just told me this:


SHAOLIN TEMPLE (Unrelatedness AP)—Sources have confirmed that AI just signed a contract worth 300 bowls of rice and daily servings of vegetables with the Shaolin Monks.

The Monks were able to deal away their future 1st round picks as well as their Ancient Scrolls in order to get Iverson from the Sixers.

“Yeah man, them Scrolls are gonna help us become more defensively minded,” said veteran Chris Webber, “I’m just hoping we don’t have to face them this year… because their Eagle Claw offence? Daaaamn.”

The Unrelatedness AP weren’t able to get Iverson to comment, as he literally FLEW away right in front of our reporters. He freakin flew

I have no idea what the title means either.

Over at Passion & Pride, the Sixers Preview is already one day old. You know what else is old? Iverson. But you know what else is what else? He’s probably going to put up another 40 zillion points a game this season without skipping a beat… which brings up to the doodle for the Sixers


Special shoutout (and e-high fives) to SunsGossip and their mad funny creations. Since we cartoonisters have to stick together like the inside pages of Maxim magazine (ew ew ew!), I went ahead and took one of their masterpieces and shoved it in the above as a cameo. Hint: it’s not the phone.

As of press time, the Raptors preview is up already, but it’s waaaay pass my milk & cookies/bedtime so I’ll get around to that a bit later.


It’s interesting to see where this Iverson development takes us. I mean, this talk has been going on for a good month or so now, and there’s no real sign that anything substantial is going to surface yet. Though even if he isn’t dealt before the season, it’ll still be the big story of the 06-07 year, right up until the February trade talks. And on the flip side, if he IS going to be traded, who’s to say he won’t spark a success recipe a la Steve Nash of ’05? Not I! I feel for the Philly fans, as much feel as a person from Quebec Canada can feel for them.

The dependable David Aldridge fills us in on what Allen really thinks after spending some time with him yesterday:

“I always admired [Webber] as a basketball player and as a person from afar,” Iverson said, “but I’ve got a different love for him now, now that I know who he is as a man.

…Uh..ok? Maybe not what I was expecting..

“He’s just a great person and he’s a stand-up guy and he’s straightforward… I want to play with Chris. When people said that we couldn’t play together, we proved everybody wrong. Now we just have to try and win together. We want to win together.”

OOoh ok! Oh good, for a second there.. cause I though.. um.. phew! Okay! That makes more sense. Meanwhile, Mo Cheeks expresses his man-love for another player:

“Willie will probably get the minutes that John had,” Cheeks said. “John is very talented and hopefully he will do well in Toronto, but I’m looking forward to having Willie for the entire season.”

“Plus, after being around Willie, you know he is a quality person,” Cheeks said.

Take that Salmons, your ass got dumped! And yes, John Salmons is holding a salmon in the above pic. What? Wanna fight about it?

Unrelatedness of the Day:
If life gives you lemons, you sure as hell find where “life” is and ask him to give you more free stuff!

*’s jersey needs a home to be exact:


So after constantly hitting refresh on, I’ve come to the conclusion that Iverson might as well be playing for the Harlem Globetrotters with all the rumors out there.

That’s not to say I don’t think he’ll be shipped, because there’s far too much noise (even if it’s fake noise) to say that nothing’s happening. However, some of the rumors are a bit ridiculous.. Clips? Atlanta (I’m not sure if Lang would be happy or have a heart attack, probably both)? Warriors?! And of course the peeps that started it all: Celtics.

I’ll be really surprised with AI isn’t going anywhere, even though a part of me wishes he should be a Sixer for life.