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this is what happens when I’m deprieved of sleeping abilities….

Okok, I’ve settled down a bit after yesterday’s glorious day in this site’s history. So to make up for yesterday’s missing usual TT, here is Friday’s version. Since we’re close to this year’s event, we begin with an All-Star memory of years past:

Reason for posting that clip is 3-fold:

  1. I remember watching this live at the time and not understanding what Gary Payton was saying. 6 years, and a couple of English classes later, I still don’t
  2. You see Chris Webber there. Yep, I’m nothing if not current with today’s news! Like the kidz would say: RAD!
  3. Jim Gray: a douche no matter what year he’s holding the mic

Taking a page out of Ron Hitley:

What do you think C-Webb?

Don’t get too excited now!