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Oy, two posts in one day about the Miami Heat? Ugh. Oh well, we have to toughen up for this shit.

So mister D-Wade isn’t going to be back on time for training camp because the doctor has some words of sage advice:

“I’m a fast healer, but my doctor really wants to make sure I’m well and I’m healthy and we don’t have to go through this process again,” Wade said. “He’d rather for me not to rush back to get in training camp and maybe aggravate something early in the season.”

Dude plays hard every night so I don’t blame the Doctor to keep an eye on things. I guess there really isn’t a point to this post other than to photoshop Wade in Doctor Who because there’s a doctor involved in the story. And also because Doctor Who is magnificent… and also because I’m a nerd.

Wade says injury rehab going according to plan, but may not be ready by training camp [Yahoo¿]


Pistons beat Cavaliers:

‘Twas a low scoring affair with Detroit seemingly in control the entire time (even though the game was close most of the game). Don’t be fooled by the fact that LeBron James had 20, 5, and 6, he wasn’t really a factor.

So, get it? I Wonder where LBJ was…… Yeaaaah…

ANYWAYS, if this is a preview of what’s to come in the playoffs, then I’m sorry Cavalier faithfuls, your boys aren’t bringing home the cash, money, hoes this June.

Special note of the game: I just love how crazy Sheed looks most of the time, he’s like a sub-atomic isotope—you just don’t know when it’ll blow up (that is what an isotope does right? ugh, chemistry professor hated me). It’s no wonder their team has the biggest blog followings in Need4Sheed (who’s getting a guest spot on!) and Detroit Bad Boys.steve-nash.png

Phoenix beat LaL:

For some reason, this game should’ve been titled: The SMUSH Parker Episode. They couldn’t stop talking about him! Not that the commentary was good (they were talking about how he’s not on Phil Jackson’s good side because well—he truly sucks at his position for the Lakers) but OMG they could have at least not had the a Smush camera as well.

Kobe yet again had to shoulder the scoring, which is why I feel even if it’ll be a rematch of last year’s first round, the Suns would just dominate. The Lake Show just don’t have any type of defining chemistry out there (there I go with the science talk again) whereas Nash and Co. will burn them alive by inevitably running their thing.

Special note of the game: End of the first quarter, Dick Bavetta and the refs caught Kobe fouling RahRah with 0.3 seconds left on the clock. They caught this… on replay. So when they came back from commercials they actually replayed those 0.3 seconds left, and went straight into the 2nd QT. I don’t really mind the fact they replayed, but I’m just curious how soon will it be until replays will be used a lot dwayne-wade.pngmore.

Charlotte BoobieCats beat Miami:

I didn’t actually see this game, so I’ll just grab Ira Winderman’s game quotes:

— “At the end of the day, you always want to win, you always want to come back and help the team win,” Wade said. “At times, I looked OK, and at times I didn’t. They were coming at me and I had a lot of turnovers, missed a lot of free throws. But one thing about me, I won’t do that too often.”

– “I’m not going to do anything stupid. I wouldn’t have shot-faked like that on my left side,” he said. “I knew it was my strong side, my right side.”

— And yes, O’Neal left without comment again.

Oh Shaq! You mischief you.

Special note of the game: While this game was in progress, I believe I was having an apple. It was delicious.

Elsewhere…….for NBA fans everywhere that don’t know who to root for in the playoffs: T-Dot. Raptors were able to close to a Bulls team that weren’t taking the game lightly, fun team to watch……Philly ‘beat’ Atlanta, though when these two teams play, no one really wins……Houston over Kings, the Maloofs plan on opening a casino at the top of Yao’s head……

In other news:

Dan Steinzzzz and Jamie Mottzzzzz did Blog Show episode #Allen Iverson last Friday rounding up, and I counted, a zillion blogs. The Unrelatedness got a shoutout! HUZZAH! That spectacular ego-inflating tidbit aside, their show is getting pretty kickass, all we need now is some nekkid hobos in the background…

Or something, my Chuck Norris-esque joke attempts are weak.

Here is what AP writer Tim Reynolds is stirring up:

Dwyane Wade sat before a bank of microphones on March 5, saying he would need at least two weeks of rehabilitating his dislocated left shoulder before deciding whether to return to the Miami Heat this season.

It’s been two weeks. Still, no one knows for sure when the NBA finals MVP will be back.

And if a timetable exists, Wade isn’t saying just yet.


I’m inclined to say “yes”, yes he does he does hold a grudge. A huuuge one; one that probably close friends would be ticked enough to remind Mark from time to time, “dude, Let.It.Go. already. GOD! Every, Single, Time. It’s either “Wade” or “Google/YouTube” Christ!”

This is of course in regards to Mr. (not Ice) Cube’s latest BLOG!Maverick! entry that refers to a passing remark by D-Wade that may or may not be out of context from the Miami Herald:

”At the end of the day,” Wade said, “you’re remembered for what you did at the end. . . I think that’s the reason — Dirk says they gave us the championship last year, but he’s the reason they lost the championship, because he wasn’t the leader that he’s supposed to be in the closing moments. That’s because of great defense by us, but also he wasn’t assertive enough as a leader’s supposed to be.”

That really doesn’t say much man, especially given the context of the blurb in the original article (which, isn’t much to begin with). I take it someone posed a question in the form of: “So Dwyane, what do you think when some people say that the Heat didn’t win the Finals, but that Dirk and the Mavs gave it up?” [obviously that’s just me speculating..] And perhaps that’s where some misinterpretation set it.

So I really had to just laugh a bit when Marky went off like he did:

Dwayne I don’t blame you for not looking at tapes of the finals. You obviously didn’t. You would have seen your unbelievable skills and some other unbelievable elements that if I could discuss honestly here I would get fined for.

You are right, endings are remembered. And the ending of 3 of the games of the Finals will be remembered alongside Game 6 of the King vs Lakers Conf Finals a few years ago.

I guess you have earned the right to criticize Dirk with an obvious display of your own leadership skills.

I’m just glad he had the sense in holding back several OMGZ, u PHukin n33bs!!one1one

I appreciate Cuban, well, because he can be a down right genius most of the time. But dude, really, Let.It.Go. your team is doing amazing while their team isn’t—you see that road? Yeah, that one, it’s higher, take it please.

In Other News:

Hurrah! Carmelo Anthony got un-snubbed, and so did Josh Howard! T’is a mix of emotions for me.. as I somehow still would like the other Memo to join the club…

Happy Weekend errrvrybody!

No, I haven’t seen that show before. Yes, I’m far too young to know its significance. But that phrase has somehow been burned into my subconcious.

ANYwho. Should LeBron be suspended after seeing that (or what you can make out of that blurry crap I call editing…) I don’t think it merits a suspension and neither did Kobe on Sunday for that matter. But since this is David Stern’s show and we’re all just watching—right is wrong, up is down and Shaq can run again.

That is to say I think (at press time) the lig will make the suspension because BronBron’s clothesline connected at the head and nowhere near the ball. That’s not to say his intention wasn’t for the ball, which is what I’m actually saying (he just timed it horribly wrong), but since KB recently served his due, I’m pretty sure James has to be ruled the same way.

I think it’s stupid that the NBA is setting arbitrary precedents for “flow of the game”-type contact and making a suspension out of it and I really don’t like the direction this is going. It’s one thing to clean up dirty play, it’s another to pre-emtively strike the players and covering it by saying it’s “for the people” and “democracy” and that “Saddam had WMDs”….oh wait, I’m TOTALLY off now.. anyway, where was I?

Um… go Colts! (I assume they are one half of the teams playing the pigskin pastime?)

Ref Derek Richardson: Nonono, that wasn’t a foul Dwyane.
Dwyane Wade: (silent)
Richardson: Look, I mean, maybe there was contact, but I didn’t see it
Wade: (silent)
Richardson: ….well I guess I sort of did see it.. but I can’t give you all the calls
Wade: (still no speaky)
Richardson: ….alright alright! I’ll give you all the next calls man! Just stop whatever you’re doing now!!
Wade: (now muttering in satanic tongue)
Richardson: good god! I think I just committed a foul on you…What the hell are you doing to me?!

Yes, this topic is as old as Kevin Willis, but there are some fun quotes from SunSentinel’s latest remix of Wade’s theatrics, asking players if there are “favor calls”:

“It’s 100 percent real,” Nets forward Richard Jefferson said. “It’s an unspoken thing.”

“As far as close calls, if you have more star power, you probably get that call,” said Golden State guard Jason Richardson, who has gained that stature in the past year.

While their point from a player’s perspective is taken, I just had to snicker at the fact that those are currently injured.

Separating fact, myth

Such opinions rankle Ronnie Nunn, the NBA’s director of officials. Nunn, a former player at George Washington University, said he’s the first person with a basketball background in the past 25 years to hold the job and that he’s trying to use that experience to improve the officiating.

He puts respect calls alongside other “myths” that are accepted as fact in the league’s culture, like “home cooking” and the league favoring teams in large markets. Nunn said these observations are passed down as fact to each generation of players, coaches and fans.

Ahh, good ‘ol NBA myths. You notice that Nunn doesn’t dispel the myth of snorting powdered Cocoa Puffs for extra energy huh? What about that myth RonRon??

Anyhow, it’s unsure whether officiating will evolve dramatically to where one day fans can log on to and vote for their favourite refs (Bob Delaney holla! ps if does this, I want my cut) And since refereeing in the NBA is never perfect—everyone will just have to play the game within the game (the tricks mentioned the article) and win those unseen battles along the way.

But Nunn probably will say that’s a myth too—hell, I bet he thinks I’m a myth for typing all this up!

In other (self)news THEHYPEGUY.COM:

Time for class… wee!/ugh. I’ll post up the RadioCast bit later when I get back!

Yup, one more thing, the new domain [THEHYPEGUY.COM], unlike the Deathstar, is now fully operational! If ever you feel the need to refresh your links (who wouldn’t!) be sure to update yours truly!

For what NOT to sound like when doing a radio show, see under the fold 🙂


The Association thinks Dwyane Wade can’t stop trying to draw fouls wherever he goes. But I think he simply knows a thing or 3 about balancing gracefully in the wave…of…life (Waltonism!).


Full disclosure before this game gets started: I’ve only seen Chapters 1-5 from last year’s weird “phenomenon” (which is why the joke is a bit stale).

Annnyyyways. Good morning y’all, this is a great way for me to get a head start in the day as after the game I’m heading straight out with the advantage of having the whole day ahead of me. That’s assuming I don’t collaspe from exhaustion of waking up at this zombie hour.

Clicky away to see if I can last a quarter without falling asleep!


Apologies for not saying something.. anything about the first Team USA game the other night.. I was sleeping.. very soundly (what can I say? gotta get my sleep on). So, forgiveness please! My sentiments are like most there out; that the team is just a bit pumped to get things started with games that count. I’m sure they can take a lot from the Puerto Rico game and make sure not to be as slugish. As for the China game.. not much you can take from that.. other than: just don’t get injured.

One thing that I believe Team USA can improve on is their jersey sponsorships. I mean, everyone else has a huge, ugly, intrusive logo right in front of theirs, why not the US? I hence forth give you my suggestions:


There’s like little “company” I want you to know about..


Ah, playing with those toys were the best times of my life (like 10 minutes ago)


“Have you seen my stapler?


Sesame Street is going corporate yo.

Rap Battle 06!

The broadcast of the World Championships couldn’t be any worse for basketball fans in Canada. We have two national sports networks in TSN and Rogers Sportsnet with a satellite cable network called The Score and we still can’t get easy access to one of the bigger events for ball fans? Sure there’s RaptorsTV that’s part of that NBATV network, but like the Score, it’s an extra subsription not really worth it.

So fine, Team Canada didn’t make the cut, but why should the growing number of baller fans in Canada suffer because of it? This is a once in 4 years chance to see how every country is playing (discounting Olympics because it’s not primarily focused on bball) and see who’s hot out there.

And the other thing is, it’s a half a world away so the time difference is going to kill any hardcore viewer’s chance of getting to bed at a humane hour. However, us Canucks don’t even GET that chance to be sleep deprived, for shame.