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That probably answers the question: SNL’s skits always have, and will continue to, drag on even though the initial punchline has been given 3 minutes ago. Well, seeing Tim Meadows and Co. do a bad NWA impression was worth it I guess…

Because of course, celebrities don’t get enough attention and publicity as it—by god Forbes is serving man kind in ranking them all! From the flash-advertisement hell that is, how they got to The Celebrity 100:

Tinseltown’s triumphs are reflected in this year’s Celebrity 100, Forbes’ annual list of the world’s most powerful–and best-paid–celebrities. To generate the list, Forbes analyzes celebrity earnings, plus media metrics like Google hits, press mentions as compiled by Lexis/Nexis, TV/radio mentions from Factiva and the number of times an A-lister appears on the cover of 32 major consumer magazines.

Earnings estimates are for June 2006 to June 2007 and consist of dollars earned solely from entertainment-related income. Management, agent and attorney fees have not been deducted.

Okay, so to bring it back to the NBA relatedness, the notable players we already know about are in there: Kobe Bryant (ranked #23), Shaq (#25), Michael Jordan (#35–who is he?!), and LeBron (#48). SHOCKER! You can see all the other sports’ male athletes here and female athletes here, try to contain the excitement.

Let’s just take a looksee at who else is on the list… I’ve make a nice screengrab here so you don’t have to go to their site because everytime their ads reloads a puppy gets shot

Disregarding the fact that Grey’s Anatomy fell off big time this year, what gives Forbes? Grouping the entire cast as one? Favoratism yo!

Again with this “entire cast” thing. Heh, gotta sting for Bron to see he can’t beat the Parker/Longoria machine anywhere.

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Why 10° degrees, and not 6°, you ask? Because MJ is that damn competitive. Damn you sir!

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Tis very very sad indeed.. (damn, I’m totally being subliminally conditioned!!)

But here’s a couple more uplifting and interesting linkz: Ryan from had a cool interview with an ex-NBAer that covered a lot of fascinating insights to his NBA journey.

The Nugg Doctor is banging as of late seeing as the whole Denver area is seemingly shot up with enthusiasm (figuratively speaking of course—unless they’re all druggies.. in which case.. oh.) N. Doc even went as far as having a friendly bet with another “Nick” over at Defence Wins Championships for this week’s games.

I feel bad for neglecting to mention how I did when I went up against DWC’s Nick—what can I say, I’m drunk 3/4 of time. But since I’m a modest man (I’m really not) I won’t rub it in (I so won 😈)

Hey, 2006? We had some good times.. but I’m seeing someone else.. they’re newer.. younger.. numerically greater than you.. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone else I’m sure 🙂

Via Xinhuanet:

“It’s obvious that European players master the fundamentals better,” Jordan told reporters while discussing the U.S. team’s disappointing bronze medal-winning display at last month’s world championships which Spain won with a 70-47 defeat of Greece.

“They have taken this aspect of the game to a higher level,” said the former Chicago Bulls superstar who retired in 2003.

“In the United States, we’re too focused on the highlights, dunks and passes. It’s not that we don’t have the players we need, but putting together a team becomes difficult under these conditions. But I think things are going in the right direction today.”

“In the long term it’s a good idea. The distance and the traveling would be a problem, but it’s obvious that European teams are increasingly competitive.

“European basketball has become very strong and their players have contributed a lot to the development of the game. The United States now has problems beating them.”

Now MJ is MJ, can’t really snark on him because, really.. he’s Jordan. But I’m pretty sure the hoops world already knows what’s up with the worlds. Maybe it’s only up to him to let the casual joe-sports fan say: “oh daaamn, honey, did you hear about Europeans being good? MJ said so!”

Anyways, those sentiments being redundant, we don’t know why we dedicated a post for it. Slow day…eh? And mr. photoshop is loopy today, *snif*

Dwyane I don't actually have any problems with comparing contemporary players to the great ones because seriously, it's inevitable and comes down hard like an anvil. There's no escaping the go-to clip of Jordan's Game 5 heroics whenever a player is reported with anything remotely close to a cough (When's that flu going away for Wade?). There's no escaping the reminder of Willis Reed if one of your main players gets injured but decides to limb and play (Raja Bell and/or Wade again).

So really, the only solution would be if you were to come up with some CRAZYass new development and be able to put up 35+pts and win the game for a whole new generation of "[blank] is playing just like when [blank did this]"

Some suggestions:

  • Be the first to go temporarily blind and play on pure instinct
  • Be the first to go temporarily deaf and play on pure instinct
  • Be the first to lose a deadly game of Capture the Flag on XBox Live's Halo and still shake it off to pull out the win for your team
  • Be able to hunt down both the Aliens AND Predators pregame and not let the guilt overcome you as you fight for your season

So yea, who knows, aren't those things what makes up the true heart of a champion? Hint: I think so.

Prediction for Game 4: 89-88 Heat Wins; Shaq gets 30 (pleeease?) and Wade returns with a modest 25. (For the record, there's no doubt that I believe Mavericks will win–in 6 is my guess, but I feel the Heat still have something to show for, can't wait for tonight).


"My highest emotional moment hasn't happened yet." "Not yet"
[DWade, asked if Game 3 was..uhh, his highest emotional moment]

The Miami Herald delves into the philosophy of fear and confi-*yawn*…

Dallas Mavericks collectively has short term memory loss, in that they quickly forget the results of prior games — gotta get that checked out soon.