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Great way to start a Saturday huh, with just a smidget of cartoon-y violence. I don’t get “The Wire” up here, but I imagine that’s exactly how things would’ve gone down.

The New/Old Ball-pocalypse may or not really be a done deal, so that leaves us with another anti-climatic cliffhanger until the full resolution comes next season. Get new writers Stern! But hopefully the above installment will be the last ep in the string of | various | appearances | around here. |

Of course, it’s no Orange Roundie..

The Allen Iverson Purgatory Watch: Day 9, but it feels like Year 9. T-Dot scrambled the phone lines to tell the world they have 3 Mil to throw into this clusterfu rotisserie of a trade.

Suns extend their winning streak to number One-Three! They’re so hot right now, Jack McCallum’s book is spontaneously combusting in bookstores everywhere!

Yao Ming brought out the Peking Duck, called his friendslego.jpg (NOT inviting McGrady though, understandable) for a Block Party! He got a career high 8 blocks with 6 of them in the first half alone. Not wanting to be outdone, Dikembe Mutombo remembered, “oh shit, I can do that too!” and added 3 of his own. Per usual, Deke waved his finger, injuring 12 courtside attendees, 3 in critical condition.

Then the Rockets blew a 21 pt lead but Yao’s 8th block (well, goaltend) was crucial since they were down 2 with sixty on the crickety. OT: Kobe vs. Yao, both had chance to shoot to win. Draw. DoubleOT: Rockets missed everything, Kobe made everything. Lakers win. Kobe 53-10-8. Yao’s 35-15-4 and the aforementioned 8 blocks looks so, so sad.

However, Ben Wallace scoffs at both those un-American chumps by Kirby-ing his career high 27 boards. That’s just one shy of the entire Bucks’ defensive rebounds. Twenty effin’ Seven!

Pau Gasol played last night for the first time since the summer. Stat line: 4pts in 17mins… and they lost. Grizzlies: no no no no no! You want to tank the season AND save your franchise guy, c’mon! Greg Oden is rolling in his grave.

And the Wizards finally beat the Heat after 3 and half years of being hexed. Or sucked. Possibly both.

Related: hot damn, a one of a kind magical blogger is reveales(!!!!) I gotta say that’s a sharp looking dude (no Rod Strickland homo) to go with the genius mind that came up with Wizznutzz.

Quick thought, they should start a site called GrizzNutzz… ehh? ehh? Okay, maybe not.

Btw, me done with them exam thinys. Huzzah!


*Blah-blah-Jorge Garbajosa, Pau Gasol not count because I got too lazy-Blah-Blah*

Watching the final game where Spain just grabbed the game by the balls against Greece it’s hard not to be happy for the champions. They played superbly against the reigning Euro Champs that just beat up Team USA. It was a joy to watch how great their defense was against their opponent and hustling like crazy on offence making all the right plays.

Then as the game wound down, seeing a weepy Pau overwhelmed with tears, you just gotta smile. So to wrap up this Sunday post extravaganza, as well as continue our coverage of the many / emotions that is The Gasol, I give you

(Huggably-Overjoyed Pau)

In housekeeping news: I think I broke my categories-tag machine.. like woah. And there’s a minor surprise for readers tomorrow (hint: it’s nothing big… and it doesn’t have anything to do with money… come to think about it, it’s really anti-climatic, come back anyway please 🙂 )

(Is this swan pose good enough for you papa? Is it??)

Just for the hell of it. This Pau Gasol mug goes down into the books without a doubt. I’ll go to sleep now.. don’t want to be late for my own world famous live blogging session tomorrow morning.