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..because this just won’t write itself..

So only got half of his 81 bananas on the anniversary of his record performance last night, oh yeah, the game? they won. To some, namely TJ Simers of LATimes, a high scoring Bryant player is what’s good for the eyes, not the “distributing to open players” and “takeover when necessary” type of player:

It seems as if it would be more exciting if the greatest scorer in the game remained the greatest scorer in the game from start to finish, but everyone now seems to be in agreement the Lakers can’t win playing that way. If winning is that important to you people, OK, but it just doesn’t seem like as much fun.

At first I’m thinking: TJ, TJ… no need to do some sort of sick double-reverse psychology. Your team’s winning, as a team, without LO to boot. Isn’t that the most exciting part of all? Buut, then, as I was eating a cake in Kwame’s honor, I thought about this a bit more.he's hiding cake in his mouth, I know it

Simers makes an understanding point: the most lethal scorer of our new era is now subdued. Watching him play just isn’t the same, adrenaline wise. Sure MJ in his later years did the same, by pacing himself in individual games (as well as the season—wouldn’t it be great if we can all have that type of telescopic vision?) so that he maximizes the effort in order to get the Dubya.

Don’t get me wrong, right now, I’m enjoying how Kobe is doing Nash-esque type things (even some of his passes resemble Stevey a bit, dribbling and looking up) But I think by him doing this, he’s lost some venom that we all love and hate.

Okay, so tonight (well, in an hour…) Phoenix gets their hack at extending another streak… vs. GilZero. The only thing that’s more exciting than Arenas’ ascension this season has been the constant joy the emanates from the Suns… choosing side tonight is like choosing whether to flip a fan off or not.. let’s get the battle royale goin’ with two superb blogs: Rising Suns and BulletsForever

And I thought about this exact thing at the time as well, where that missing game of Denver should give the Suns one of those happy asterisks (as opposed to those sad and pathetic ones for baseball folks) that they were gipped a crazy winning streak. But Nasty, the eva deep one:

“It’s amazing,” he said. “But it’s not a championship.”

Steven Nash, wordsmith.

Oh yea, be sure to read the off-the-charts-SuperSaiyan-level-4 type of sarcasm by “joe” in the comment of that article.. and I thought I was a smartass..

From Chi-Sports:

“Nash is the system,” Bulls coach Scott Skiles said. “I don’t mean to shortchange anybody else or anything. But he’s the best basketball player on the face of the Earth. I don’t think it’s even close.

Emphasis totally mine, but I bet that ol’ zany Skiles probably said it like that as well. “The System” as a new nickname sounds pretty neat—and by neat, I mean totally kickass. Extra points because it also goes well with The Matrix. I’m just waiting for someone, anyone, on the Suns roster to adopt “THE SCHEMATIC” (my bet is on Jalen… that cat’s up to something…)

While “Kid Canada” had that hometown-y 1960s Marvel Comics sound to it, I think “The System” epitomizes his style to a tee (tea? T?).

(Via SLAMonlinethose wacky trendsetters—first it was the Eddy Curry Phenomenon, now this… jubilations!)

According to an article (which, btw, has a kickass snarky title) by Steve Buffery of TorontoSun dot com, Steve Nash likes the way the Dinos play:

“I think it’s exciting that Toronto has a young and exciting team and, as a Canadian, I’m rooting for them,” Nash said. “I want them to do well, and I think it’s great that Bryan’s been able to create a new culture with the team and I think they’re on the right track.”

Hmm, interesting that he said that… even more interesting given the fact that I found out about a little exchange going down…town…nashsecrets.jpg

Just so you know Sam Mitchell is in fact the master of “answering dumb questions with an even dumber response in a totally unironic way”:

He also chided a couple of hacks who floated the theory that Steve Nash’s winning two MVP awards is a surprise given his Canadian background and lack of size.

“Nobody was surprised when Magic (Johnson) won or (Michael) Jordan won, so why is it a surprise that it’s Steve Nash?” Mitchell said. “That’s your shortcomings.”

Ah, I’ll miss Sammy’s verbal-fu when he’s gone after the All-Star break…

So this Nash fella, you think he’s got a future? I’m going give him a couple more years… show me what you can do at age 40, then we’ll talk eh?

Seriously: WOAH. Ah, the joys of not even having the option of watching this game (sniff… anyone want to hook me up with internet League Pass?? In exchange I’ll er.. I’ll.. something)

Check out my verbal dissection about the NBA last Monday (seemed like a long time ago huh) Of note: I sounded horrible, probably because I was distracted like Lamar Odom on an inbounds play. I think I was just hungry.

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