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Things you may or may not be interested in about our lovely NBA players’ lives…

Yao Ming got married and this teammates celebrated the event by playing softball (holy crap, T-Mac’s bro pulled in some talent! … upon the updates… they do not have any relations… still hot)

— Rafer was so happy for Yao he went and got himself jailed for the night

— James Posey, even though he’s not even a teammate of Yao’s, decided to drop trou

Kobe may or may not be divorced

A debate for the ages

— and Scrap is doing God’s work with a very serious and important coverage of our lifetime!

Around the Unrelatedness, we feel there’s a need to have a sense of style and taste (we are of course typing this on a gold-encrusted keyboard while eating delicious dolphin meat). That is why we feel it is in our interest to educate the youngins out there so that we can embrace a better world in the future (where plastic forks are outlawed due to a new chapter in the Bible declaring that it is a sin to humanity! true story!)

Okay, where the hell did we go… oh yes, style and taste and all that. Sooo, we now want you to be familiar with NBAOU’s official Snobbery Watch Measuring-Thing™ (*cough* it’s a scale *double-cough*) for the NBA!

Snob Watch? Why…?
It’s basically a contrived device we thought up 5mins ago that lets us hate on someone or something about the NBA without any real justifiable reason. Thus, being a snobby bastard
To See The SWMT In Action, Click To Read On

Totally nothing to do with sports, but if you’re a frequent browser of news sites and admirer of its designs such as I, maybe this might be interesting.

Or maybe not. It’s your life, your body, your choice.

I’ve been noticing a bunch of revamps at places like CNN, USA Today, and even AOL portals (New/WriteWeb noticed this too!) now our boi big Crown Corporation, the CBC has also gone into the new makeover phase too, check her out

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Ah, I haven’t busted out TT in a second, so for those that dunno what this is: It’s mainly just a link-dump. That’s it. Yawnerz.. And hey, it could be anything, doesn’t even have to do with NBA (which… well, is pretty much on par with every other post around here…)

So here she blows (think of the ‘bullet’ as a thumbtack, yeah, imagination!):

  • So, John Amaechi… hmm… what to say about this… *thinking*thinking*.. I know! What up with his name being spelled “ae”? That’s plain weird. Alright alright, seriously though: When I first saw the rumblings at Sports On My Mind’s post at the beginning of the week, I really didn’t think much of it. That’s probably the best way I can vocalize my thought on this as a hoops fan—I really didn’t feel it merited much thought actually, maybe it’s just the liberal world I grew up in. So I still haven’t felt the true “importance” of this, that is, if it isn’t media-manufactured importance.. Anyways SLAM’s own Ryan Jones (used to be EIC of the joint) wrote a great personal anecdote of Amaechi when they were both young and probably had more hair, probably
  • Just wanted to spread the GOOD word that The Basketball Jones is emulating Wilt Chamberlain this coming Monday in banging mad hot chicks hitting the century mark on their P-Casts, uber coolz!
  • Thanks to FanCasa for the tip: we can now play Big Brother mwhahaha! and see every player’s shot being charted on—I’m sure one can waste hours by just playing with this, which is why I hauled ass after 2mins (that, and I get distracted by shiny obje—hey! what’s that!)

Oh man. Reason #453 Why Mark Cuban Is A Good Source of Vitamin Hilarity. He’s teamed up with Dennis Rodman to produce a crruuzzy show. From BLOGMAVERICK!:

Dennis takes every day people who decide they want to take a walk on the wild side. He turns secretaries into strippers, a biologist into a transvestite (emphasis totally mine and bwhahaha!!! -TheHype ed.) […]

By the by, that picture is, duh, photoshopped. You can tell because Mark’s right boobie (nickname Theodore, isn’t regulation size)

And here’s a 6 minute-ish clip of this (highly recommended)

Believe it or not. I actually LIKE it. I think there’re some psychological lessons to be learned here about getting folks to loosen up a bit. I’m glad that finally, someone has the balls to do Pimp ME!

It’s too bad I don’t I have HDnet. And check out two commenters that had a run in with Dennis (which actually, I don’t think is a surprise anymore, cuz I mean, dude’s been everywhere right?)

That monsieur Ronny Turiaf has moves (cracks me up Every.Single.Time! and I’ve already seen it a couple months ago!)

(itty bitty UPDATE: Mad Dog was told to “sit” but KG aint havin’ none of that—by throwing a basketball! Side note: god that MJD is awesome with the capturing videos, writing and not sleeping. DBB has a wrapper-upper of said incident)

What’s that? Those weren’t the cheersquad you were expecting? psssshuut, these wannabes??

Pluuuease. They got nuttin’ on Pat Burke!

In a completely 180° switch of gears (and less guy-love): The Unrelatedness finally found another person (actually breathing! Yeah!) that likes the NBA who resides in the province! Check out our fateful reunion here!

That’s so random! I thought I was one of the only Montrealers that knew about Caron and even the Wizards lol. People here are so oblivious to NBA basketball. I’ll make sure to check out your blog!

Posted by: TheHype | January 19, 2007 09:45 PM

(EDIT: the good folks at the Bog fixed it now—thus rendering the silly 1-note joke in the last paragraph silly-er…. you’ll see what I mean…)

Well Ms. Gilor, first off, e-highfives all around! Second: the truth is, and it’s a lesson everyone should know by now, anything having to do with the Wizards is NEVER random… And yeah, when are these silly humanoids ever going to learn that hockey is like Jack Bauer’s relationships: loveless and probably dead within a day (that analogy worked better in my head…)

BTW, for those reading along and thinking: “hey Hype, wtf did you comment on a comment that YOU signed, you must be higher than Charles Barkley thinking he can beat Dick Bavetta in a footrace!”

Okay, one thing at a time, I’m going on record to say that Chuck will beat the Cryptkeeper Mr. Bavetta. I know that’s probably unconventional pick, so who wants to place a friendly bet (as in, if I win, I get money, if I lose, I’ll deny everything)?

As for the name thingy: I assure you I haven’t reached that level of insanity, yet—it’s probably just the excitement over Tough Juice-mania that caused all sorts of moniker-malfunction.

I think this was at least a month old… I never heard much about this.. and only saw the ad recently.. really makes you think. Huh. I’m actually very interested to know if this is for real. Not that I visited the Nike site to check it out—fact checking? who needs that?—I mainly fear the Satanic abundance of Flash media that might be unloaded if I even attempt to type in any Nike address.

Anyway, I find it awesome that Maria Sharapova and Lebron are like, totally good BFFs. At least it doesn’t feel like a “corporate synergized” affair a la Mia Hamm/Michael Jordan with Gatorade a while back (remember those ads? “whatever you can do I can do beeetter” hehe)

I wish more superstars of different genres are good friends, like say Han Solo and Jack Sparrow hanging out all the time to play XBox.

UPDATE: While we’re on the topic of LeBron, good friend Mutoni had a brilliant idea for the an NBA Toons installment. The result is culminated here for a SLAMonline EXCLUSIVE!

Thanks again Mutoni for the exposurezzz. I’ll make sure the goat we agreed on is promptly sent over!


Tis very very sad indeed.. (damn, I’m totally being subliminally conditioned!!)

But here’s a couple more uplifting and interesting linkz: Ryan from had a cool interview with an ex-NBAer that covered a lot of fascinating insights to his NBA journey.

The Nugg Doctor is banging as of late seeing as the whole Denver area is seemingly shot up with enthusiasm (figuratively speaking of course—unless they’re all druggies.. in which case.. oh.) N. Doc even went as far as having a friendly bet with another “Nick” over at Defence Wins Championships for this week’s games.

I feel bad for neglecting to mention how I did when I went up against DWC’s Nick—what can I say, I’m drunk 3/4 of time. But since I’m a modest man (I’m really not) I won’t rub it in (I so won 😈)

Hey, 2006? We had some good times.. but I’m seeing someone else.. they’re newer.. younger.. numerically greater than you.. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone else I’m sure 🙂

Obviously I do, or else I wouldn’t be putting up a post about it. I guess today is Bulls Champ-era theme day as the highclass TMZ “reported” that Dennis Rodman was outside of some club and was picking up girls (along with a very boring, and quite frankly, badly shot video proof)

But really, is it still gossip-y to chat/report/videotape about Rodman’s social life? That’s been the dude’s life for quite a while. It’s like still being surprised that Bill Gates is rich.

I think the only thing really worth talking about Rodman is that he’s still sporting those stupid trucker hats…everywhere:




Since I might miss it due to other activities, I asked Nostradomus what was going to be on tonight’s Late Show, he kindly told me: