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Ref Derek Richardson: Nonono, that wasn’t a foul Dwyane.
Dwyane Wade: (silent)
Richardson: Look, I mean, maybe there was contact, but I didn’t see it
Wade: (silent)
Richardson: ….well I guess I sort of did see it.. but I can’t give you all the calls
Wade: (still no speaky)
Richardson: ….alright alright! I’ll give you all the next calls man! Just stop whatever you’re doing now!!
Wade: (now muttering in satanic tongue)
Richardson: good god! I think I just committed a foul on you…What the hell are you doing to me?!

Yes, this topic is as old as Kevin Willis, but there are some fun quotes from SunSentinel’s latest remix of Wade’s theatrics, asking players if there are “favor calls”:

“It’s 100 percent real,” Nets forward Richard Jefferson said. “It’s an unspoken thing.”

“As far as close calls, if you have more star power, you probably get that call,” said Golden State guard Jason Richardson, who has gained that stature in the past year.

While their point from a player’s perspective is taken, I just had to snicker at the fact that those are currently injured.

Separating fact, myth

Such opinions rankle Ronnie Nunn, the NBA’s director of officials. Nunn, a former player at George Washington University, said he’s the first person with a basketball background in the past 25 years to hold the job and that he’s trying to use that experience to improve the officiating.

He puts respect calls alongside other “myths” that are accepted as fact in the league’s culture, like “home cooking” and the league favoring teams in large markets. Nunn said these observations are passed down as fact to each generation of players, coaches and fans.

Ahh, good ‘ol NBA myths. You notice that Nunn doesn’t dispel the myth of snorting powdered Cocoa Puffs for extra energy huh? What about that myth RonRon??

Anyhow, it’s unsure whether officiating will evolve dramatically to where one day fans can log on to and vote for their favourite refs (Bob Delaney holla! ps if does this, I want my cut) And since refereeing in the NBA is never perfect—everyone will just have to play the game within the game (the tricks mentioned the article) and win those unseen battles along the way.

But Nunn probably will say that’s a myth too—hell, I bet he thinks I’m a myth for typing all this up!

In other (self)news THEHYPEGUY.COM:

Time for class… wee!/ugh. I’ll post up the RadioCast bit later when I get back!

Yup, one more thing, the new domain [THEHYPEGUY.COM], unlike the Deathstar, is now fully operational! If ever you feel the need to refresh your links (who wouldn’t!) be sure to update yours truly!

For what NOT to sound like when doing a radio show, see under the fold 🙂

The Brawl (with a little love tap where the sun dun’ shine)? pfft. Iverson trade talk? lame. PHX can get 20 Ws stringed up? *yawn* (no, actually, that’s pretty freaking awesome! Sir Chuck, eat your heart out!)

Of course, the huge news is Mr. Black President droppin’ 60 points in an unconscious effort to beat the Lake Show on the road. That Kobe went for a puny 45, what a wuss. As much as I try my best to shy away from being Arenas post-happy, this event cannot be denied. And he did it with those crazy gold unis!
In other news, fellow blogger (high five!) Nick over at Defence Wins Championships asked if I can be their guest Predictor of the Week. It was a very difficult decision, but after talking to my advisors, we agreed this could be, and I quote: “fun”. So I told Nick yes! All I really had to do is guess how many wins/losses a team is going to get in a week—it’s easier than Jeopardy (and we all know 3 month olds can kick Alex Trebek’s ass)

Anyway, my pick was the NOOCH, and I have them going 1-3 this week. Head on over to Defence Wins Championships to see my expertized reasoning as well as Nick’s picks.

Per usual on Mondays, the RadioCast:

We “mentioned” the brawl; Raptors’ Jose Calderon; some vague Iverson talk; and me just going crazy about Agent Six-Zero

But the show is going on vacation until Jan. 8th so you’ll just have to pretend I’m on a show every Monday from now til next year…*snif*

[Downloadable 19.3 MB mp3 – 14:06 mins]
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First the quick hits:

BulletsFever is dead. Long live BulletsForever! SB Nation is a great fit for the Pradamaster, congrats.

New Carnival of the Month with enough links to fill Santa’s gift bag.

Got a kind email letting me know of Brett Edwards’ post about that wacky Ronny Turiaf and his waaaacky antics:

It’s clear what’s going on here: Ronny is addicted to rosin powder—he’s a RosinPowderolic… so, so sad.

And what’s the best thing to do after coming out of an exam room? Do a radio show with buddies!

[Downloadable 17.1 MB mp3 – 12:28 mins]
Previously on TheHype’s NBA RadioCasts…]


So this Nash fella, you think he’s got a future? I’m going give him a couple more years… show me what you can do at age 40, then we’ll talk eh?

Seriously: WOAH. Ah, the joys of not even having the option of watching this game (sniff… anyone want to hook me up with internet League Pass?? In exchange I’ll er.. I’ll.. something)

Check out my verbal dissection about the NBA last Monday (seemed like a long time ago huh) Of note: I sounded horrible, probably because I was distracted like Lamar Odom on an inbounds play. I think I was just hungry.

[Downloadable 20.8 MB mp3 – 15:12 mins]
Previously on TheHype’s RadioCasts…]



Alright, this day shall be a combo of weird unrelatedness links and some bball. Some. Allez-y!philcomplaints.jpg

Phil Jackson got some beef with some people. He pointed fingers and called names and was being a big boo-boo face.

“The big key with Drew is they wouldn’t let him play,” Jackson said following the game.

Jackson called the matchup a “roughhouse game” and it was “one of those nights in Utah that you know you’re going to get.”

“The league throws out some referee corps that you’re dubious about to start with and, you know, the game ends up to be like that,” he said.

Each team was called for 26 fouls.

Heh, I love the dry humour of that last line from the AP report, way to stick it to Phil! Oh AP report, you slay me, SLAY me I say!


Let’s see, last night saw a bunch of action go down… some quick fires: Nets are actually among the living, who knew?… Knicks beat Cavs, like woah dude… Looking for some introspection for why the Spurs lost to the Jazz(s? es?)…For an outlook on tonight’s game one of TNT Thursday, Natalie from Need4Sheed previews the matchup vs. the Heat, complete with a Tay-mix.

And my prediction for the Ootah/Lakers game?: Boozer gets facialized either by Kobe, Odom, Denzel Washington or a combination of all three.

brucelee.jpgBruce Lee’s theme park can totally kick Chuck Norris’ theme park’s ass.

Sticking with more kickingass-fu, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t going to be in Rush Hour 3. DAMME it! (ha..ha..ha..)



Might have the radiocast thingy up later that all of you were dying for (re: probably only Ms. SunsGossip 😉 )
Update-y: Well, considering this was done on Monday and almost everything we talked about is even older, the whole thing is pretty much… passé. HOWEVER! You must listen, for my ego is very very fragile 🙂

[Downloadable 12.1 MB mp3 – 8:51 mins]



SG holla-ed, I holla-ed back. That is the REMIX of a remix (feat. Henry Abbott‘s ill-rhymes!)

I say, Gilbert, I’m using you as a sacrificial lamb to get a little word-usage something off my chest: you have one blog, with multiple blog entries or posts. Article is to magazine as post is to blog.

Gotta go with Henry on this one. You must be aware of your syntax homie! Now that you’re one of us.

Is it time to jump on the Jazz bandwagon yet??
Oh, and me talky hoops once again… and for some reason Alex is pimping the school paper I write for heavily because he hates the other school publication (we have many student papers). Odd.

[Downloadable ish 14.5 MB mp3 – 10:34 mins]



Did another NBA Weekly Recap with my buddies on their show this Monday, however the knowledge isn’t dropped as much this time due to shorter length—this football “fad” is the big topic. Pfft, football, I give it 3 weeks.

[Downloadable 14.5 MB mp3 – 10:35 mins]


hifi.jpgOkay, so this time I made sure we pressed the record button! Couple things we discussed:

Our men’s bball team (go Stingers!…loss to VT, UofColorado and Colorado State) | Red | Techs & Refs | Surprises so far (yeah, it’s been 3 games) | Vegas Baby!

A couple of missteps here and there but that’s what happens when you barely slept the night before studyin’ (that explains why I sound jittery)

If you braved the last one, you know what you’re jiving to, check it:

[Downloadable 21.2 MB mp3 – 15:26mins]


hifipause.jpgGrumble grumble it turns out that Angry Alex of “The Aftermath” on was so angry he forgot to press record… boo-urns.. *sigh* it had some “interesting/waaaay out there” things that were said.. obviously mostly by me.

Some of the items included:

Me saying the Nets are going to the Finals… yeah, if I could remember the dealer who sold me the crack I clearly smoked before I picked them, I’d totally share it with you. But I said it kind of jokingly (rolls eyes) and thought the guys would have a reaction.. obviously they didn’t and now I’m mr. dummy head.

Then again, Jack-o McCallum from also predicts the Nets… changes everything now doesn’t it? (slight Update: Chuckster also likes the Nets! I’m gaining confidence with this more and more ha!)


ROY: Adam “I’m Actually A Comedian” Morrison

Raps to playoffs? Nada.

MVP pick: LeBron.

Ask if Heat goes back to Finals: Negative.

Ah, what the hell ever, after the first week no one’s going to remember these goofy preseason picks. And I’ll deny everything I said 6 months later.

Sucks that I couldn’t have the recording, thought I improved a bit (re: not making up random fake facts). But I’m their NBA guy for the whole season every Monday so no worries, I’m sure there’s plenty of chance of me doing more crazy-talk within a 15 minute span.

So a friend of mine does a little sports show on our school’s online radio show and he asked if I wanted to be their “NBA” dude. “YEAH!” I said.rene-levesque.jpg

I tried my best at “sounding” smart, pretending to know a lot more about ball than I really do. If you’re looking for actual insight though, especially coming from other hoops blogs.. eeeh, probably not going to find it.. think of this as a light snack. It’s mildly amusing at some points and I’m pretty sure everything I mentioned is common knowledge among hoop heads anyway.

So…after giving you AMPLE reason to stay away from this (which I’m kinda hoping you do even though I decided to upload it 🙄) here’s what sounds like some NBA talk:

[Downloadable 14.5 MB mp3 – 15:45mins]


Important Notes:
—the hosts are “Angry Alex” and “Con Man”, I included
just my segment (I cut out the rest of the show, cuz, well.. my site 😉!)
—I was hoping I wouldn’t get asked about the Okla Group/Sonics/Hornets situation, since I messed up the info.. half the games in Naw’lins? More like 6..
Superdome?? Yeah.. no… (Con Man blurted it out and I didn’t really think about it) though the New Orleans Arena site’s “message” is unintentionally hilarious
—I meant to say Henry Abbott is adamant about them NOT being called Jailblazers.. wow, I suck!
—and I say “y’know” way too many times
—oh, not much ‘previewing’ I know, that’s lowgrade college radio show for ya!

Well, hopefully I improve in subsequent weeks (back again tomorrow if y’all are interested). Keep in mind that was my first ‘hack’ at any type of radio and yes, Skeets & Tas are my idols and inpiration.