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Ah yes, the Mighty Mighty Bulls are finally vanquished.

God that took long enough!

Okay so I gots to run (tra la la la) and get some mundane stuff done today so this post is just up if y’all want to chime in about the Pistons/Bulls game which you ALL WATCHED right?

(pfft, I didn’t! I was checking up on Scrubs yo… I can’t believe JD and Elliot??!! WHyyyy SIX Years people, not this again!)

But hey guess what? I’ll do a live blog of tonight’s UGGGGhhh Game 7 up in here. I liked the comments coming in from last post, so those around the PC/laptop/brain-injected-internet hookup while watching the Suns and Spurs titilate, join me later tonight cool? I said, COOL? Nice!

Oh and Smorgasblog is up… if you’re into that kind of thing!

Woah. Thumbtacks. Been a long time dude. Haven’t see you in a while. What? Don’t call me anymore?


Oh where was I, ah yes. This feature I used to do (and even then, it was sparse) where I’d do a link dump of sorts of all the vunderful internet things I could find. Why don’t I do it as often anymo? Well… for the 1 of you that probably enjoyed this, it’s because of the fun times I’m having over at the Haus as well as Ballhype (helping out and doing behind the scenes stuff, level 3 clearance ish!) so yeeaah, I’ve been neglecting the rest of the internet world, forsaking it in the name of sports blogs. Ah well.

Since the Bulls don’t have any answer to, well, anything the Pistons shove at them, not much to say about that series. When you had the game in your claws and let the lead slip— it’s not your time Baby Bulls. MJD with more/better words and better analygistz. Geez, I bet even the Detroit PA announcer John Mason can score against Chicago. Soo….

Here are some fun findings to keep ya busy for a good 6 months:

  • Homer Simpson on the 360. Fact: my last console was the Dreamcast (you might find it under the category: Things That Died As Soon As It Was Born)

There ya go, as always you can also find me doing stuff at the NBA FanHouse and my Ballhype blog (where I pretend to know about other sports as I blog about it). You can keep track with the RSS feeds I’ve put on the right sidebar.

AMAZING game tonight. I’m picking Warriors by 8327 points and Oakland to turn into Raccoon City after all’s said and done. Go Nellie Beer, er, Ball!

Answer: Shane’s so smooth, he makes Nocioni take it like a man!

And I’m so glad I stayed up for Inside the NBA, that cross promotional segment with that chick and her show had “slowburn” turned to the max. But I might check it out, the clip showed one of my favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan.

Oh, and Carlos Boozer’s a great guy, said Carlos Boozer.

Captions are muchos welcome!
“That’s right Andres! Think about THIS next time you try to come from behind to steal a win! Mwhahaah.”




Okay.. between me and you? These were recycled from two months ago…. Since I wanted to fill my self-imposed quota of one post a day, I’ll just redact what I said yesterday of taking today as a break (well, I still took a break, since it’s not fresh ish, you know what I’m sayin!)

Check out the latest preview from Blog a Bull for, (shocker!) the Chicago Bulls. Here’s a snippet:

Skiles’ is not exclusively a defensive coach, his offensive plan for the Bulls does its best to mask the lack of a low-post scorer and uses disciplined spacing, screening, driving/kicking and good-ole’fashioned ball movement (fun fact to impress with at dinner parties: The Bulls were the fifth-highest paced team in the NBA last season) to spread the scoring load among Hinrich, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, and their best pure scorer, Ben Gordon.

And just for fun: (even though it’s been out for a while, but news to me!) In another one of those quirky mashups: Q-Unit, the wonderful blend of Queen and 50 Cent. Though not as musically satisfying as Grey Album, Gnarls Biggie or Wu Orleans (arguable), it’s fun if you don’t pay too much attention to it and just let it be background noise.

In honor of the Ben Wallace (*soon to be, since nothing’s set in stone*) trade to the Chicago Bulls, here’s a little tracing/doodle of the 2 most hardcore big men that wore a Bulls uni and what’s to come. Ben’s pretty much the perfect fill for that prototype, let’s see who can become the next tenacious monster on defense?


*psssst, that’s Charles Oakley..I didn’t get his face right..don’t kill me!