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Mike Brown

So tonight’s Game 2 for the Nets and Cavaliers should be a good one really really horrifically boring game. How can we have LeBron, JKidd, Vince Carter and yet this series is as exciting as watching the grass grow (on astro turf!). Anyways, the one name that’s getting decent attention is Sasha Pavlovic. He’s the guy that made the clean block on the Jason Kidd attempted layup. (Which begs the question, Kidd can still do a layup?)

MB (Mike Brown, we’re boys like that) is truly a believer of The Pavlovian Meister (trademark nickname!) because dude sought him out for the defensive assignment. Yo he freaking brought the sought on:

“Anytime a player looks me in the eye and says, ‘I want that assignment,’ oooh, I’ve got to believe in my player,” Brown said. “He’s going to concentrate that much harder to do the right thing.

“I looked him in the eye when he stayed on him, and the look I got, I felt confident in him. You want it? Go ahead. Pick that man up.”

And after you pick him up, go pick up the trash, the kids and do the laundry as well! So yeah Sasha is the one to watch out for as a the X factor.

OH, by the by, it just can’t be me right? Every time I see Pavlovic, I think, damn doesn’t he play for the Nuggets? And how come there’s another one of him on the Nets? The very opponent they are battling?? Me so confused!

Okay, I guess I’m just grouping a bunch of Euro ballas with shaved heads together to make my case (I could’ve easily put Darko in there too… but let’s not get carried away here…)

I’m inclined to say “yes”, yes he does he does hold a grudge. A huuuge one; one that probably close friends would be ticked enough to remind Mark from time to time, “dude, Let.It.Go. already. GOD! Every, Single, Time. It’s either “Wade” or “Google/YouTube” Christ!”

This is of course in regards to Mr. (not Ice) Cube’s latest BLOG!Maverick! entry that refers to a passing remark by D-Wade that may or may not be out of context from the Miami Herald:

”At the end of the day,” Wade said, “you’re remembered for what you did at the end. . . I think that’s the reason — Dirk says they gave us the championship last year, but he’s the reason they lost the championship, because he wasn’t the leader that he’s supposed to be in the closing moments. That’s because of great defense by us, but also he wasn’t assertive enough as a leader’s supposed to be.”

That really doesn’t say much man, especially given the context of the blurb in the original article (which, isn’t much to begin with). I take it someone posed a question in the form of: “So Dwyane, what do you think when some people say that the Heat didn’t win the Finals, but that Dirk and the Mavs gave it up?” [obviously that’s just me speculating..] And perhaps that’s where some misinterpretation set it.

So I really had to just laugh a bit when Marky went off like he did:

Dwayne I don’t blame you for not looking at tapes of the finals. You obviously didn’t. You would have seen your unbelievable skills and some other unbelievable elements that if I could discuss honestly here I would get fined for.

You are right, endings are remembered. And the ending of 3 of the games of the Finals will be remembered alongside Game 6 of the King vs Lakers Conf Finals a few years ago.

I guess you have earned the right to criticize Dirk with an obvious display of your own leadership skills.

I’m just glad he had the sense in holding back several OMGZ, u PHukin n33bs!!one1one

I appreciate Cuban, well, because he can be a down right genius most of the time. But dude, really, Let.It.Go. your team is doing amazing while their team isn’t—you see that road? Yeah, that one, it’s higher, take it please.

In Other News:

Hurrah! Carmelo Anthony got un-snubbed, and so did Josh Howard! T’is a mix of emotions for me.. as I somehow still would like the other Memo to join the club…

Happy Weekend errrvrybody!

Well, a combined effort of 70pts from the big three… the new age big three of Smith, Iverson and Anthony (surely someone else thought of a t-shirt idea already?) With that alley-oop dunk from AI to Melo—which hopefully FreeDarko can expand into a 1500 essay… I think they are the team to watch.

On the subject of Mr. Anthony, I was contacted with some kind words from one Steven Ross of Ross Marketing Company (which probably makes him the boss huh?) letting me know about Carmelo’s Myspace page. Truth me told, I hardly surf myspace, because for one thing, that site quite literally scares me, but it could also be summed up by Mr. Z (first name Jay):

No i never been on myspace
Too busy letting my voice vibrate

..or something like that..

Anyway, full disclosure is just Steven wanting to let fans of Melo find his page, nothing biggie, I don’t get anything from it, other than fun filler for the rest of this post. For those like I, whom were not brave enough to venture onto myspace’s clutches, here’s what you’ll find (btw, that last part was murder to the English language) :

  • there is a “blog” like substance… Like a blog, there are words. Unlike a blog, Melo doesn’t quite write in it at all, save for the apology letter (which probably Kevin the PR-intern wrote up, no, not this one) and most of the posts are articles from publication or some myspace press release that has the words “Carmelo Anthony” in there somewhere
  • where Melo did write, was right after the infamous escalation surge last month. His mood was—a “sad face emoticon”. Ah, how I love to express my feelings of everyday actions with icons…. hey! your kid broke my window with a baseball! arrgh! *angry emoticon!*
  • obviously on the front page there’s a video interview with Katt Williams, and for a minute I’m cool because I figured out who he is right away, thank you “Friday” movies!
  • said Katt interview is pretty good actually, give it a check out if you have 5 minutes to spare—for a good 3 and a half minutes though, I was fascinated by Katt and his cup (I’m guessin it’s tea) I was trying to figure out why they kept cutting back to him just as he went to sip it, it’s like an episode of LOST!
  • Melo has a great down to earth snicker-type laugh
  • Katt: “…and yes, if you catch him at the wrong point, he might knock your ass out…” and then run away (har har har…. 🙂 )

Overall it’s cool, but I’m thinking if you’re already a myspace user you’d know about who’s who over there and needn’t be notified elsewhere.

NOTE: I thought I posted this 2 hours ago, but upon grabbing (re: hostile takeover) of my seating neighbor’s laptop I see it clearly wasn’unt. *sad face emoticon*

PS, and it’s a big “ps”: yes, just a little change around here, which is what I foreshadowed earlier.. a bit more explanato a bit later, now, class!

just clownin’ NuggDoc 🙂 it’s all love and whatnot for Carmelo! I hope those poor Memphis Bear Cubs don’t get embarrassed too badly…

Surely the questions around ye massive trade is “could the Sixers’ have gotten more (aka suck less)” in terms of acquiring JR Smith. I can only wonder what Greg Oden is thinking as he’s watching all this on television. I’m guessing: “what’s for dinner” is the likely thought, but that’s just me.

Personally, I think the party taking the heaviest hit is Jason’s Denver tag ( can a tag tracker get O.Ded?)

The combo of AI + Melo + JR Smith = Crazy Delicious! 79.2 pts! The Wizards’ Big 3 are going to get a good challenge. Mind you at least Caron Butler, Jamison and Arenas have clearly defined scoring habits whereas Carmelo and Iverson do the outside-inside thing very similarily. That being said, I cannot wait until Melo and JR gets back 🙂

On the other, I don’t know how we didn’t see this Denver result coming waay earlier. The NASA evidence is astounding:
just like Alias, when it was still good
Just like Bruce Willis was a ghost all along (spoiler warnings are for the weak!), Iverson was right with Melo and J.R. the whole time.. spooky.

Taking a page out of YAYcomics, I give thee the behind the scenes look at last night’s fun filled event starring the New York Knicks, the Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony (spelling and sanity be damned!):

Oh yes there’s more. Much much more, clicky clicky to peep the rest!

Carmelo Anthony, seen here in a screencap of his new sci-fi movie debut: Destroyer of Officials: The Rogue Jedi

In the 96-95 loss to the Clips, Mr. Carmelo Anthony got ejected because the refs are scared of a headbands… and talking, they are no fan of either.

This truly sucks y’all. I mean, Sheed is Sheed, he does what the eff he wants, so sometimes his Ts are legit. But now that you’re handing it out to players whenever they go, “umm… ref?” is quite harsh.

Does “no more whining” = “no more emotions” as well? I say BOO to this.

Totally Unrelated but Funny: Seth over at Your New York Knicks dug up a Zeke gem that’s well… you really have to watch it yourselves.. 5 times.


Your 2006-2007 Denver Nuggets Preseason Preview is now officially included in the echelon of previewed teams.

It’s from Nick over at the comprehensive Nugg Doctor site.

I hear he can cure 7 different illnesses, though 5 of which are completely fabricated, like Scotch-tape-itis and Green Highlighter Phobia. You’d have to take it up with Nick regarding these allegations.

Now tomorrow comes the Wolves’ preview and with all the love and encouragement of SG/Lil Dice over at I Heart KG, I just hope whatever I come up with won’t disappoint or piss her off 🙂