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Dude, Mark, first: yay! for a post on your spot finally talking about the NBA. I love the tech/biz talk as much as any self-respecting geeksquad-blogger, but most of your jargon goes well over my tiny little head. Anyways, take this as a love letter for your newest entry man, just well said.

From Blog Maverick:

The past few weeks one of my former employees wanted to make a statement about our legal relationship and get his perspective covered in the media. No problem at all. The media people he spoke to asked me for a comment. I didnt give one. One media outlet wrote it as fact, then bloggers jumped in. The more bloggers jumped in covering what the other bloggers had to say about what the first bloggers said.

When I asked a local “reporter” why he was covering this when he only had one side and he knew i wasnt going to give a response, he said it was because his “editors thought it had become a national story”, I guess his bosses read blogs.. Then another media outlet, despite my no comment email response decided to take responses from months ago and present them in their story as if they were made in response to their current request. Nice.

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to this article to which was banana-blogged everywhere (see links). And I’ll admit too, that I fell into the lazy reader mode without carefully reading the the insinuations rather than accept it as simply as “sure, that sounds like a fact”. Sorry, my bad dude, at least I didn’t blog about it!

Cubes says that it’s a no-no on the media (and then subsequently blogs—where the media knew this is exactly the type of story that’d circulate) but I think us bloggers/readers need to be a bit more careful too … since it seems like the same o’l topics gets the most hit on and commented on based solely on heresy. He does backtalk blogs a bit, but I think it’s outta love (cue The More You Know awww) and hope that we need to be a bit better.

That said. If you are indeed suing Nellie for that freaking crazy thing about him knowing your team, then, yes, you are crazy. But yeah, props for making point, guy.

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You watched the Spurs vs. Jazz Game 1 last night? … Was that a no? Well, I did. Here’s the recap:

Spurs scored. Jazz scored. Spurs scored more. Then the Jazz stopped scoring a little bit. Then I just left the 4th quarter alone as it should be. The end. *sigh* Look, I’m still big fan of the game, which was why I watched at all. I love Deron’s game, I love Tony Parker/Ginobili’s game, but I need to find a narrative to this series… Free Darko, please enlighten me.

Anyways, two awesome videos, with a sccccary wager and the other is where you can watch a YouTube video about a showthat features YouTube videos!

The Suns… I don’t think they’ll ever get to the Finals without an alien invasion taking place in America West Arena. Joe Johnson one year, Amare/Raja the next, then Amare/Diaw this year. David Stern, as great as he is, sometimes becomes so pragmatic and draconian to me. I bet he thinks the NBA offices are the Jedi temple and everything they believe in should be “the way”.

You know what happened Dave? Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader because of his hatred of the restraint of the elders. Steve Nash will turn evil because of you! It’s come to making nerdy references dude.

That said, I believe they’ll pull off the upset Wednesday (well, tonight… it’s 2am of the day as I’m writing this… so…) Why? Because I’m crazy and Charles Barkley’s passionate yammering against the rule have made the situation better to me. And that makes me have faith. When the Round Mound of 300 Pounds calls out the league, all’s good in that world.

Love how Ernie used the town bell to break up the continuous, looping debate. It can’t be said enough how great Inside the NBA is.

Oh and uh… the national darlings are done. I dunno man, I wish the Warriors wouldn’t have gone out in that hot headed way (how many techs were there). But at the same time, it’s that same emotion that fuels Oakland’s surge—ripping the heart out of Dirk, literally. So it’s a push and… well, I digress.

Doug Collins, as Stephen Jackson gives Jerry Sloan a hug: “I like that.”


Man, I thought Golden State would never lose at home — that’s the contract they signed wasn’t it? Damn, I don’t want to say the Warriors are done…… but…… the Warriors are done. Sorry my dear dear Bay Area pals (you know who you are) but the Jazz aren’t Dallas Choke-vericks.

They’ve got Acne Boozer; Turtle D-Williams, Mr. Roboto #47 and Okur. The only other place you’d find that eclectic mix of culture and race in one place is during a drug deal (my frame of reference only extend to stereotypical blockbuster action films and not real life). Last night, if anything was another typical Jazz game. They kept doing their thing and got their win.

Warriors, of course, tried to keep doing their thing, just this time the shots weren’t falling. If it did, I’m sure the series would’ve been 2-2 now. But alas, such is why a dream cannot be continued.

Andrei Kirilenko, please summarize your thoughts:

“People go all crazy,” Kirilenko said. “You dunk on me, OK, next time I’m still going to try to block your shot again. “It’s a different mentality. Guys try to put their ass in your face or say something. I’m not intimidated by that stuff.”

Thank you wordsmith.
VC15, trapped in the closet (R.Kelly don’t rape sue me)

In other Playoffs news

Vincent Lamar Carter apparently had an ouchie with his vagina pinky finger in Game 3 against the Cavaliers:

Vince Carter‘s left pinkie knuckle, bruised in Game 3, was wrapped yesterday. But he said “It’s not broken, so I can play.”

Yeah? You can? GREAT. VC’s little boo-boo notwithstanding, I think the LeBrons will take this game tonight. It’s cool and all for Jason Kidd to remember he can shoot from the outside again, ditto for Jefferson getting his, but the sooner this series end, the better it will be on our souls.

In other OTHER Playoff news, the Phoenix Suns try not to fall into oblivion. What I’m saying is that if they lose tonight, and go down 3-1, it would make my NBA fandom very sad. Suns making it to the Finals this year means so much for me. It would mean that the NBA has room for all types of champion styles; it would mean that for once, I team I rooted for from beginning to end of season could go all the way; it would mean awesomeness. For all the great things D’Antoni, Nash, Marion, Stoudamire has given us, I feel it’s for nothing and another year gone of Nash’s greatness. Gawd, fucking Spurs.

Loose Change

He’s fat. And a big baby.
— Antoine Walker believes he can have his cake and eat 600 of them too!

Heat forward Antoine Walker — due $8.5 and $9.3 million the next two years — said he ”definitely” plans to speak to Pat Riley about his desire to be a starter, if he’s not traded. ”I play better as a starter. For me to be an effective player in this system, there’s a certain way you have to play. We’ve got to balance out this attack.”

Riiiight. There are 5 things wrong in that last statement. But I be classy and not joke of them. Nope. I won’t connect the obvious joke of the words “balance”; “Walker”; “can’t”; and “fat”. No sir, not here!

— And finally, a request to my Spanish readers, help me out: what’s going on in this page, and specifically, shed light on Mr. Boniface N’Dong PLEASE. That is front runner for best name in the history of the world.

Hoooooot! What a game huh. I totally agree with Chuck on Inside the NBA when he said the Jazz are amazing to watch (or something like that…) even though most of the basketball world has now been infatuated with the Golden State Warriors’ giant-killer charisma.

Here’s why I’m loving how the U.J. plays: they run their plays so surgically precise it makes Dr. McDreamy look like a freakin retard — and he’s one of the top neurosurgeons in the country (of a TV show… I know I know…)!! Awkwardly segueing from that, with sincere apologies for crassness— big ups to Derek Fisher’s strong will and heart. Hearing about his daughter… I can only imagine how stressful it must’ve been on his mind. And great of him to let others know of his personal situation so that other families don’t suffer.

So is it time to jump on the bandwagon? I say yes. Sure the one bandwagon I’m on currently is nice and comfy–that of the Dubs, but these Jazz are actually pretty fun to watch as well. AK47 and his mechanical movements (seriously, watching him dribble side to side was cracking me up, even robots emote more human characteristics) as well his S.W.A.T. Parties are a joy to witness. Boozer and his acne have such amazing lowpost moves. Memo and his wife, AND his 3pt shot already had me a long time ago, but it’s worth repeating that the man is clutch. MEMO 4 MVP!

As for the WARRIARz! Man, that’s just how the cookie crumbles eh. They had that game, but watching the game, you could tell the Jazz weren’t letting it go, almost like the win was theirs in the first place. I’m loving how the crowd looks so uniform now, all wearing powder blue, very NCAA feel and it really brings up the atmosphere, even as I was watching it from TV.

I’m loving these Playoffs so far, and to quoth my pasty sharp shooter turned superhero analyst Steve Kerr:

Last thing, I swear. Let’s give the NBA’s rules committee its due because the rules changes from the past four or five years have dramatically improved the quality of the game. No more wrestling and holding. No more walking the ball up and isolating players on one side of the floor. No more 7-foot stiffs who can’t play but who can clog the lane. The game is great right now, and the league deserves a lot of credit for that.

Here here. I would say next on the list is making the crowds turn into European-like crazies. I mean, GState is halfway there, but I want to see giant flags and a theme song that the crowd can break out any moment! Who’s with me??

> everything else.

Finally! As much as I, like the rest of the sane world, wanted the crazy upset to happen, it was nice to see Dirk showing up to this series. The ice cream couldn’t have tasted as sweet if his 67 win team gets booted from the Uno Round.

His two clutch 3s were a thing of beauty, ICE COLD daggers son! Happy to see ze German get his MVP-on. I may, talk about worst.candidate.eva if he lost. Much like Nash last year with his MVP talk while “on the brink of being Lakered” (trademarked!) Steven did was he do and grew a pair when it mattered most.

For what it worth ($4.73 to be exact. Oh, and it’s in YEN bitches) Golden State will win on Thursday. That’s not a prediction, that is cold hard fact — harder than something’s that’s really hard.

In relevant news: Again with the Clap Back Ejections?!!?

Ken Mauer, dude. Look, your Poor man’s Pat Riley-slick-backed-hair is cool and all, but this is just getting ridiculous. Yes, I understand refs shouldn’t be showed up and all that bullcrap — but let’s face it, you guys are now looking like pussies for doing what you’re doing re: Clapgate. It’s especially annoying that you’re singling out Action Jackson. He’s slowly becoming my #1 Person To Call In Case I Ever Need to Have a Street Gang War Against My Annoying Neighbors That Asks “Heeeeeey, sooooo, how’s it going?” I Mean, Really? I Don’t Care About You, Or Your Stupid Dog! ……

Uh.. where was I? Oh yeah, in conlusion. I hate you Ken Mauer.

Sweet: Steve Kerr is blogging at 3 in the A.M., just like the rest of us bloggunatics! I love it.

Hmm, what else is floating around this early in the day? (yo 10am is early for me dude — I usually don’t get going until… 4, 5…9PM!)


Yay for the T-Dot peeps to make the series last slightly longer and giving home fans a good game to cheer on. They had a wonderful regular season and even though they weren’t even supposed to be in the postseason it’s great to see them getting their money’s worth.

As for the Nets? They might be able to close it out in the Swamp, with TJ Ford and Calderon bruised in a bad bad way — and the offense really needs their point guards. Darrick Martin, time for you to drop 50!


Ah the majestic BEARD has been robbed a quarter of game action last night. Though, the way I saw things, if the Warriors hadn’t been complaining so much in almost all the action, perhaps the refs wouldn’t have pulled that quick of a trigger? We shall never know.

Then again, some of the calls seemed iffy, but that can’t be changed — with two teams hungry: Mavericks because they just got bitch slapped in Game 1 and need to smack back their pimp hand and Golden State because they are greedy bastards in trying to steal another game.


De-3 VS. Orlando Bloom: Dwight will posterize someone tonight — it might even be Flip Saunders.

Rox VS. Mormons: 3-0 man, it’s so happening. Why? Because the tears of Andrei will make the Jazz players slip all over the place. YEAH I SAID IT

Suns VS. ChokeShow: Well, can’t really call them Chokers… since they’ve got no talent to begin with, I guess I’m just referring to the fact that they couldn’t even attempt to make it close — ahhhh who am I kidding, the Lakers plain suck. The Association really wants to punch somebody.


Uhh.. you know what.. scratch that.

– Oh my Vishnu. GS just won Game 1, of course, Warrior fans are… shall we say… ‘content?’

– Oh my Buddha. Nuggets won Game 1: A-game was brought-en

– Oh my Jesus’ second cousin, Wizards won Game 1! … okay, that was deceitful, sorry Bullez peeps

*dun dun dun dun* Blog Show! *dun dun dun dun* Blog Show!

What to make of Sunday’s games? Simple, one word: irrelevency (not quite sure if that’s a word)

I fully expect the Spurs to win the next two, with Duncan properly installing the latest World of Warcraft patches reviewing game tape and give himself a Joey Crawford (did that sound dirty?) to mentally re-focus.

Wizards… uhh… yeah… build for next year…

The Dubs? I’m not falling for this “magical season” thing! No I will not…… I won’t… I… FINE fine I’ll start rooting for you now! Just please get Baron Davis’ beard out of my nightmares!


Yo, check dis out. Sebastian Pruiti of the fine blog Three In The Key conducted a roundtable talky about all the fine aspects surrounding the NBA. I was happy to offer my stream of consciousness thinkings along with Ryan McNeill of the minxy, and Brian over at the saucy Empty the Bench blog.

Before we mud wrestled each other, (YES guys, for the last time, I destroyed the video tape, promise!) we covered a bunch of topics from MVP picks to Best Agent Zero moments to figuring which flowers are prettier: lillies or irises (iri?). So check out the discussionz friends!

Oh, and I guess I should briefly explain the other part of the pic eh? For some reason, even though the big time USA Today blog (pretty awesome!) AND CelticsBlog linked to the Tank T-Shirt post, THIS silly post from way back when got just as many hits. One look at the “search engine” hits and the culprit was found: people love the cute Taryn Manning.

What’s the sudden interest in all things Taryn Manning? Maybe it’s that new show “Drive“—I have watched it a bit… it has potential, maybe if the writing is better and the characters are not so cartoony it could be something, for now though, it’s getting an average “eh”. Taryn Manning gets a “hot as hell” (though maybe cool down on the Nicole Kidman eyebrows…)

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