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“Taye Diggs or Mo Williams…?”

TAYE DIGGS!!!!!!! um… ya… Bonus one with an Aussie. I do love how they made it so cable-accessy—I’m so stealing that idea.

Yi, the 19 year old (or 25 year old—no one knows, not even Greg Oden, and he knows everything) is now notorious because of his “camp” not wanting to report for the Milwaukee Bucks, who drafted him. What is the Word on the Streetz with random folks on this hottly hot issue?

David Smith
R&B Singer
“Look, what do you
expect from Yi? His
care free; eff-the-man
utopia of a country brought
him up like this. Dude’s
a damn hippie.”

Gregory Hicks
Taebo Instructor
“My problem with him
is his cheek bones. Have
you taken a look at it
lately?! It can cut diamonds!
Blood diamonds! What you
know about that Leo

“Give the boy a damn
break would’ya? It’s
quite simple: when he gets
blocked by Nate Robinson
–he needs it to be featured
in a big market so people will
make fun of him.”

Eric: Yo Mikey, what are we going to do about Ari? He
hasn’t answered our calls and we still need to give him
shit about not getting you into the All-Star game last weekend.

Michael Redd: Don’t worry about E, something tells me everything’s gonna work out, you’ll see. You just need to chill

Eric: C’mon man, we’ve been chilling for months! We play the Pistons tonight and we don’t have a plan.

Redd: Dude…shhhhh! Your negativitism is totally crampin
my style. Check—I’ma go and walk around town and you can fix things with Ari, sound good?

Eric: *sigh* Just promise me you’ll stay outta trouble..
last time the press had a field day when they saw you with Alyssa Milano.

Redd: Relax E, she’s old news!

[Scene change to the tune of the latest hip-hop record, whatever that is… INTERIOR: Ari’s office]

Ari: What do you want Eric? I’m a very busy man, every minute spent with you is a minute I could be spending with my wife, and not the Walt Disney version if you catch my drift.

Eric: Like you even remember who your wife is. The reason why I’m here is a that Mike is feeling a bit undersold with you reppin him.

Ari: Reddy think that, or are you thinking that?

Eric: Whatever, both. Point is, we want changes—didn’t you see Dwight Howard’s coming out party? Dude’s electrifying new folks, that’s what WE’re supposed be doing man

Ari: Look, let me put this is terms you can understand: Your pizza can be the best pizza in all of Milwaukee, but your friggin restaurant stinks like a hobo and a boar just had sex… I can’t do anything about that!

Eric: So you’re not helping us

Ari: No, I’m saying things take time. In the meanwhile, get me Lloyd, he was supposed to get my lunch a half hour ago. LLOYD!

Llyod: What it is Ari? Don’t scream, you’re still recovering from your cold. Oh hello Eric!

Ari: If I wanted ancient Japanese medical advice, I’ll ask ya then k?

Llyod: For the last time, I’m Chinese.

[Scene change to another rap song.. EXTERIOR: Santa Monica Boul.]

Turtle: Eeyo Mike! Come down here yo, you won’t believe this: there’s mad hot chickz waiting in line to see an autograph signing for Carlos Delfino! What a spazz!

Redd: Delfino? What? They can’t be serious, when they’ve got ME? Yo where you at Turtle, I’m coming right down.

Turtle: Santa Monica, hurry bro, me and Drama will hold things down for you.

Redd: I’m so gonna embarass him here AND drop 50 on him tonight! Holla (click)

Drama: Why can’t the girls be crowded over me for once? I can ball. In fact, I DID ball in school.

Turtle: Ha, yeah, in pre-school. You can’t even score over a 10 year old no more.

Drama: Hey, kids today, jacked up with all sorts of drugs, you never know how they’re cheating. Me, I’ll all natural baby.

Turtle: Naturally handicapped! Ha

[Slo-mo shot of Redd walking to the scene—all the autograph seekers now notice him coming, and hysteria ensues as they run towards him leaving a dejected Carlos Defino]

Redd: What up ladies! Part-ay at the mansion! Wooo! (hi-fives Turtle, Drama and Donald Duck)

(as the giant crowd exits, leaving Defino..)

Carlos Delfino: MICHAaaaaaaaaeeel!!! You Bastard!! I’ll get mine, don’t worry, I’LL.GET.MINE!


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Now, assuming that my Aussie readers are still reading this humble site (please please still do! 🙂 ) I must apologize for the stereotyping humor, but my thinking is: animal jokes sell like hotcakes, that’s right, hotcakes I tells ya!

The Central Division (aka Southwest’s Evil Twin) previews wraps up with the Milwaukee Bucks over at 5-Point Bucks.

I’m just glad those zany Pacers finally got a blogger to rep them. Reggie Miller wasn’t as impressed, as he still put the blogworld on blast: “It’s a slap in the face to the organization that nobody blogged……woah..wait a tick, the hell is a blog?

(11:03am; YAYsports is slow with them funnies so I decided to try my own theirs is funnier..:)


As GM Larry Harris does his set, his material includes Milwaukee Bucks trading TJ Ford away to the Barney Team for Charlie V yesterday. I gotta admit that’s another fine move from Colangelo. As well, the Bucks are getting a young guy that has proven he can play. Toronto addressed the lacking point guard situation while the Bucks get another big man in there to help Big Cat and Andrew Bogut. So yay for both teams. Toronto…dare I say making strong splashes next year? (ah, don’t want to jinx it)..

Raptors Acquire Ford [AP via]

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