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And by wonderful, I mean the Madison Square Garden would renovate their building to make it look something like this:


You know, I’m not too sure about this ‘tanking’ business in the NBA. 1) Because I never worked in the NBA and 2) ‘tanking’ as an expression, seems… so… I dunno, 1992. Nevertheless, this enigma apparently exists in the NBA—the art of losing.

(As a side note, if the goal of a franchise is to lose on purpose, and if they succeed in doing so, then they must be winners right? Or do we need to smoke up some more?)

This year, like any other year, the usual suspects fine tuned their heavy duty tank engines down the stretch. Exhibit C-9, Subsection 12: the Boston Celtics. Ziller Time noted on la Hause that the Cees were actively engaging in the Nation of Tank, praise be with upon Lottery Balls. And in case you want some more investigativism, Wages of Win via TrueHoop, used a calculator or something gave us numbers to back all that shit up. So congrats Doc Rivers, you earned this one—go and grab yourself that cherry soda you rightly deserve champ.

Sooooo, what do I really have to contribute to all this? TEE-SHIRTS! YAAAAAAY!


Check ’em out friends, you got your Boston colorway, Knicks orange & blue, sorta Portland-y reds/black and Memphis baby blues (I pretty much gave up figuring what colors they actually wear… what the hell is that?)

They hot cuz they fly!

So go and support your local tank artists ya heard, it might appear on the Vatican-Approved BLOG SHOW and you’ll be all like, “woah, shirt, tv, me, wear, same? cool!” [Gear of Clothing]


Housekeeping: my internet service providers are like the German National Curling Team: LOSERS! They think I’m Morpheus so they shut off my intertube access due to “spam”… haters. I’m currently stealing wi-fi from my neighbors (hi!!) but it’s slower than Antoine Walker. Hopefully I get things straightened out by the end of the week.


Just a couple things lads and lasses:

—Seth of YNYK said GOOD DAY to ye old site and upgraded himself to the SB Nation Borg where it’s all colorful and pretty: Posting and Coasting

—HoopsAddict made a slight relocale, and is now over at Booyah!


We also would’ve accepted: “Man, fuck this!” or “Shenanigans!” but the editing process is a complex beast that could go 7 rounds with LOST’s ‘black myst monster’. And oh yea… Steve’s head is big, I wonder why no one else picked up this, like, ever. Huh.

To fill ya up with Steve “Hemmoraging A Franchise” Francis: TrueHoop et SLAMonline (with a Francis cover shot.. his head there is barely that one!)

Taking a page out of YAYcomics, I give thee the behind the scenes look at last night’s fun filled event starring the New York Knicks, the Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony (spelling and sanity be damned!):

Oh yes there’s more. Much much more, clicky clicky to peep the rest!

Lang wants the world to tremble before the mighty Eddy Curry and vote him to be an All-Star this year. Check out his summoning of the ‘net forces a la Voltron:

Bloogers and online people, please feel free to steal this logo and use it on your sites. Anything for the good of Eddy.

For once, all us interneters should unite and get on board the same train…the E-Train!

Hah, ‘blooger’, that sounds way better than blogger. Just playin’ Mr. Whitaker! Though I’m not too sure about condoning the use of ecstasy…

Fine fine, I’ll vote for him, they better have a warning page like this one for the uneducated though:


Here are my Friday picks for viewing tonight: Dallas @ SanAn and New Joisey @ PHO. And while we’re at it, Knicks vs. Celtics: the excitment is killing me!

I neglected to say what I’m thankful for yesterday (though since I’m Canadian the conversion doesn’t work well anyway) but here’s a way of giving thanks, VISA commercials style:

Blogging: free
Photoshopping fake Arenas t-shirts to be put on blog: free
Remembering that you can actually sell those fake tees: free, but I’m slow
Having the subject of those fake tees LINK BACK to your site on his NBA blog!: PRICELESS

Have a great weekend folks! And remember to keep voting for your favourite George, rem voted and added a great reason. So whoever votes and has a good reason, you WIN!

lilnate.jpgFound out from Sam’s column that Nate Robinson keeps an actual blog. Like, RSS, comments and links and shit! Totally unlike those fake ones.

Turns out Nate’s “Gr8Life” (is he a fan of Avril Lavigne?) blog has been around for a long while, around a year I guess. In the blogging news world, that equates to me being a decade late…HOWeva I just caught wind of it.. so I win.

The newest entry was from Oct 31st and he talked about “a tough practice”

The other day, coach wouldn’t let us leave until we made 10 straight free throws, with five players needing to make two each.

Well we couldn’t make free throws to save our lives, and were forced to run laps together as a team. Well finally we made our 10, as Steve, Stephon, myself, Quentin and Jamal made two each.

Wow, point guards, in the NBA, can’t hit 2 FTs in a row… notnatesfavs.jpg trying to nitpick, but c’mon! Free throws!

Anyways, I’ll be sure to keep tabs on Nate’s diary, though I like to point this out:

I dunno, Family Guy has its moments, but ever since it came back I feel there’s always something left to be desired. Oh and there never was a “The” in the title. That, I like to nitpick.

(Yeah, Earl Boykins is shorter than Nate… but doesn’t it feel like Nate is smaller? In the gut?)


Paging Eddy Curry! You best watch your minutes son! When you have a mutant lizard that can breathe fire eyeing your starting spot, you gotta post a career year man.

So yeah, the New York Knicks preview comes way of Bench Renaldo. I wonder when Mutoni will let the world know he is, in fact, Renaldo Balkman himself… I’d say before the All-Star break.

I’ll most likely do the next two previews related-doodle/chicken scratches for Thursday, so no sad face emoticons tomorrow okay? Okay.