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Apologies sweet and kind readers, just whipping out an oldie toon from a couple months back because I need to link to this amazing interview of Miss Gossip and Greg Oden chatting it up over at FanHouse ( can’t embed it, KAAAAAHNNN!) that you can’t not watch, like now. Go go gadget!

FanHouse Exclusive: Miss Gossip Interviews Greg Oden [FanHouse]
NCAA Toons: The Oden Adventures [The Hype Guy]

kevindurant.jpgSo it’s Friday and everyone is partying their ears off probably. Me, I’m going to go to dim sum with a couple pals and then … that’s about it … um, I might go crazy and binge on raspberries… yeah, raspberries, what up.

But all is not lost, somehow, the lords over at decided to bless us with live broadcast of all the Summer League games. Tonight has a couple good looking games, Seattle plays at 6pm and Portland goes up at 10pm where we can see some Durant and Oden action. So perhaps I might update here and there with some thoughts on the games as it happens (or not, I might have raspberries overdose)

So if you’re also like me, renouncing Friday nightlife, shout off in the comments here during or after the games with uh.. comments. Everyone else: have a nice weekend, try not to stab any hoboes.

Vegas Summer League Schedule []

You know, I’m not too sure about this ‘tanking’ business in the NBA. 1) Because I never worked in the NBA and 2) ‘tanking’ as an expression, seems… so… I dunno, 1992. Nevertheless, this enigma apparently exists in the NBA—the art of losing.

(As a side note, if the goal of a franchise is to lose on purpose, and if they succeed in doing so, then they must be winners right? Or do we need to smoke up some more?)

This year, like any other year, the usual suspects fine tuned their heavy duty tank engines down the stretch. Exhibit C-9, Subsection 12: the Boston Celtics. Ziller Time noted on la Hause that the Cees were actively engaging in the Nation of Tank, praise be with upon Lottery Balls. And in case you want some more investigativism, Wages of Win via TrueHoop, used a calculator or something gave us numbers to back all that shit up. So congrats Doc Rivers, you earned this one—go and grab yourself that cherry soda you rightly deserve champ.

Sooooo, what do I really have to contribute to all this? TEE-SHIRTS! YAAAAAAY!


Check ’em out friends, you got your Boston colorway, Knicks orange & blue, sorta Portland-y reds/black and Memphis baby blues (I pretty much gave up figuring what colors they actually wear… what the hell is that?)

They hot cuz they fly!

So go and support your local tank artists ya heard, it might appear on the Vatican-Approved BLOG SHOW and you’ll be all like, “woah, shirt, tv, me, wear, same? cool!” [Gear of Clothing]


Housekeeping: my internet service providers are like the German National Curling Team: LOSERS! They think I’m Morpheus so they shut off my intertube access due to “spam”… haters. I’m currently stealing wi-fi from my neighbors (hi!!) but it’s slower than Antoine Walker. Hopefully I get things straightened out by the end of the week.


Heh, that’s supposed to be Nick Collison, I guess the color I used was little too dark? Let’s just say he’s uh..Rashard Lewis?

The Northwest Division wraps up with a couple subperb previews:

One from the very awesome Henry Abbott of True Hoop being VERY realistic about his Portland Trailblazers.
Then SonicsCentral feels their club is on their way back to the 04-05 shape.

And finally, I think the best/funniest preview yet: from’s bro (though Jason should get endless kudos for coming up with in the first place!) comes the Utah Jazz outlook. Go take a gander, did I mention it was funny?

This is not nearly has transcendent as those 80s funky team videos that has been surfacing as of late, but this Trailblazers commercial is kind of amsusing. It’s probably a couple years old as it features my favourite passing man:

More lazy Sunday vids: KG goes one on one with a whole community

and this one

should be included in those NBATV slow-motion sequences with an inspirational message from a narrator.

docock.jpgIn more up to date news: October, or as we UnrelatednessCults like to call it: The Month That Ends With The Start of The NBA Season (I wonder why that isn’t being embedded in the mainstream yet… gotta check with my publicist) allows me to update my blogroll (and tags) now because team previews are coming out once a day over at NBA Previews; with a different featured blog(s) doing a write up of their team.

This is going to be great with new content each day as well as being able to check out new sites. Today’s first preview comes way of:, about, you guessed it, the Boston Celtics. It’ll also be updated at the NBA Previews site, so check it out.

My contribution is to read it all, disgest the information and replicate it as my own knowledge come time when I have to talk to real life fans (read: plagarism) thus making everyone think I’m a mad genius mwhahaha (kiddin’) 😀

I hope you’re all Late Night fans, because the title would be devastatingly wasted. So I think I’m a couple days late on the “news” that this year’s NBA LIVE 07 has 5 NBA stars to be on the cover(s). The reason is to capitalize on the European market…or, in other words: they want to do something with [insert better microeconomic terms].

It has even made it to the Suns webpage (parce que monsieur Boris Diaw est Français), but get this: it was posted three days from now! Dun Dun Dun!


But to go back for a second about the Euro publicity thing; it’s pretty cool I find. So to retroactively support this, I give you some more European LIVE covers that I guess is pretty accurate given their “curse”. However, it’s more the fact that I like Arvydas Sabonis’ mad baller skills, even if he was past his prime when he finally joined the Blazers (still better than a lot of folks..shooting.. and oh man, his passing!)

sabas92.jpg sabas88.jpg
Lithuania and Soviet Union (limited covers! they’re hot!)