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ps: to think I did a ‘toon for you…

(if you didn’t already know…)

ronartestrapbattle.jpg Wow, Sactown Royalty ends the bloggers preview on a crazy note as they pose 93 Questions (but a bitch ain’t one..) I barely made it to #5. Oh, there’re answers too! (ugh, that reminds me exam season is knocking at the door..go, away!)

We, as well, bid adieu to the Previews. Now that the L is back on the screen, we’ll focus on real matters, just like all the cool kids—but still we’ll either make silly doodles and/or mindless photoshopping about it instead of deep insight…

And what of the NBA TOONS? Oh, it’ll come back soon, just now they’ll take a 20 second timeout (until they come out of the huddle and see the opposing team’s lineup and calls for a full)

NBA Action, booya!


From notre frère d’une autre mère, Bench Renaldo, brings to light Eric Musselman’s DUI after a preseason win. If we won against Utah, in preseason? Psfff, hell ya we celebrate til the break of dawn! WOooo!

Prez of bball operations Petrie says:

“On behalf of the Kings organization, we are very disappointed in the poor personal behavior which precipitated this incident. We also believe Eric will face this adversity honestly and appropriately.”

I bet the Maloofs on the other hand would give a statement to the like of:

YEAH! That’s my boy Eric! You crazy rascal you! Free passes to the Palms for LIFE! BAAH!!

Sactown Royalty has more

We really shouldn’t be poking fun at drunk driving. We’ll try harder to be less crass next time (which will last about a week..)