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kevindurant.jpgSo it’s Friday and everyone is partying their ears off probably. Me, I’m going to go to dim sum with a couple pals and then … that’s about it … um, I might go crazy and binge on raspberries… yeah, raspberries, what up.

But all is not lost, somehow, the lords over at decided to bless us with live broadcast of all the Summer League games. Tonight has a couple good looking games, Seattle plays at 6pm and Portland goes up at 10pm where we can see some Durant and Oden action. So perhaps I might update here and there with some thoughts on the games as it happens (or not, I might have raspberries overdose)

So if you’re also like me, renouncing Friday nightlife, shout off in the comments here during or after the games with uh.. comments. Everyone else: have a nice weekend, try not to stab any hoboes.

Vegas Summer League Schedule []

…and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!

Well, that and some actual NCAA knowledge, because I have absolutely no idea who’s who. Except for Gonzaga, I sort of know one dude there, but that’s about it (so based solely on that, I’m totally rooting for them.. well, except for what happened.. that’s a no no)

But check dis—HoopsAddict wants to RULE the March Madness pools of all pools and I’ve enlisted to help the worthy cause and here’s the kicker: YOU CAN TOO! Follow the link and join part-ay and we’ll have grand ‘ol timez battling each other for bragging rights! Though no prizes have been announced yet, I hear rumblings that the winner gets to keep the losers’ unborn children! Yiipee!

And for your afternoon delight, here’s a new show I’m shopping for FOX this summer, check it out!

Heyhey, howdy folks. Now now, before we begin. How do I know you’re a redneck? Because your computer moniter is made out of shotguns! ha ha ha… *sigh*

Okay, onto the first topic:

[both Chris and Billy buzzed at the same time]

Jeff: Okay, I think Billy got it first

What?! Hell naw! I buzzed first, so I get to answer! I know this!

Jeff: Now, now, let Billy answer

It’s because of Chlorophyll!

Jeff: That is correct!

Man, fuck this! I had the answer bitch. I’ma bounce, I don’t need this!

[storms out of the studio]

Jeff: … umm.. alright, that ends today’s short show, thanks for tuning in, see you next time on, “Are you smarter than Chris—er..”someone else”!


Heh, that’s supposed to be Nick Collison, I guess the color I used was little too dark? Let’s just say he’s uh..Rashard Lewis?

The Northwest Division wraps up with a couple subperb previews:

One from the very awesome Henry Abbott of True Hoop being VERY realistic about his Portland Trailblazers.
Then SonicsCentral feels their club is on their way back to the 04-05 shape.

And finally, I think the best/funniest preview yet: from’s bro (though Jason should get endless kudos for coming up with in the first place!) comes the Utah Jazz outlook. Go take a gander, did I mention it was funny?


Wow, talk about an unexpected shift (pun not really intended). I know when I thought deep down to myself that ‘something huge should take hold of the offseason’ I never thought it would be something like this. I dunno, maybe introduce a drastically new referring system (with robots preferably) or a trade with some guy called Iverson. But moving the entire SuperSonics team? That’s just..woah, I need to sit down.

The closest I can relate is my town’s Expos being shipped out a couple years ago. But I mean..I don’t care about baseball, or the Expos! That’s different though, for us it was like finally throwing out that smelly sandwich lodged between the sofa covers that’s been there for 5-11 years. For the Sonics’ faithfuls it’s more like being in the process of eating a newly made delicious sandwich but then some new rich guy from Oklahoma City buys said sandwich off you and relocating it to a new city. You can’t do that to a sandwich!

You can tell I’m deeply frustrated.. gah! No doubt if you’re a reader of this blog then you’d know where to find out more and/or help out, but here are important links for all to take a gander anyway:

Save Our Sonics