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Ugh, when you lose in a single elimination game, that’s when I think the format blows. (If we had won, I’d obviously think it was the greatest invention in the history of anything).

So… here’s some light recap (because really, losing sucks) whilst I fight off the Nova Scotian beer (possibly spiked) on the weekend of St. Paddy’s Day:

— our bus ride was a grand total of 15 hours. FIFTEEN HOURS. I hate people. And roads. And distance/time/space continuum.

— a little bit more on the bus ridez: there were random impromptu “get up and party for no real reason with cheersquad ladies” (could very well be cuz they’re purty)

— Overheard on the bus: “Hey, I’m just a white boy with a big mouf”

— okay game: Our team just never played up to their tempo and style. It sucks because 1) the entire season, in all the games they won (lost just once), they always had a plan B that won the game if plan C didn’t work. Like if exploiting the lowpost didn’t work, rain 3s all day. Or if the 3s aren’t dropping, the entire team got to the line. Today, we couldn’t even get Plan Z to work.

— the two best players, leaders of the team, in their last games as a collegiate player to try to get a national title were understandably down and didn’t want to talk….. imagine what it felt like trying to get them out of the lockerroom and ask them for their.. um.. “thoughts”

— Don’t you just hate it when the other team’s best scorer hit EVER.THING. he threw up and made you look like you were playing grade 3 defense? Yeah, I hate that too.

That pic above probably is the best moment of the team’s effort and expectations for this whole weekend. It was snapped just before the tip as you can tell. Crazy how just 40 minutes can drown out a season’s worth of highs and dreams… sighz and sadface emoticon… *not* looking forward to the 15hours back…