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Yi, the 19 year old (or 25 year old—no one knows, not even Greg Oden, and he knows everything) is now notorious because of his “camp” not wanting to report for the Milwaukee Bucks, who drafted him. What is the Word on the Streetz with random folks on this hottly hot issue?

David Smith
R&B Singer
“Look, what do you
expect from Yi? His
care free; eff-the-man
utopia of a country brought
him up like this. Dude’s
a damn hippie.”

Gregory Hicks
Taebo Instructor
“My problem with him
is his cheek bones. Have
you taken a look at it
lately?! It can cut diamonds!
Blood diamonds! What you
know about that Leo

“Give the boy a damn
break would’ya? It’s
quite simple: when he gets
blocked by Nate Robinson
–he needs it to be featured
in a big market so people will
make fun of him.”