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That monsieur Ronny Turiaf has moves (cracks me up Every.Single.Time! and I’ve already seen it a couple months ago!)

(itty bitty UPDATE: Mad Dog was told to “sit” but KG aint havin’ none of that—by throwing a basketball! Side note: god that MJD is awesome with the capturing videos, writing and not sleeping. DBB has a wrapper-upper of said incident)

What’s that? Those weren’t the cheersquad you were expecting? psssshuut, these wannabes??

Pluuuease. They got nuttin’ on Pat Burke!

In a completely 180° switch of gears (and less guy-love): The Unrelatedness finally found another person (actually breathing! Yeah!) that likes the NBA who resides in the province! Check out our fateful reunion here!

That’s so random! I thought I was one of the only Montrealers that knew about Caron and even the Wizards lol. People here are so oblivious to NBA basketball. I’ll make sure to check out your blog!

Posted by: TheHype | January 19, 2007 09:45 PM

(EDIT: the good folks at the Bog fixed it now—thus rendering the silly 1-note joke in the last paragraph silly-er…. you’ll see what I mean…)

Well Ms. Gilor, first off, e-highfives all around! Second: the truth is, and it’s a lesson everyone should know by now, anything having to do with the Wizards is NEVER random… And yeah, when are these silly humanoids ever going to learn that hockey is like Jack Bauer’s relationships: loveless and probably dead within a day (that analogy worked better in my head…)

BTW, for those reading along and thinking: “hey Hype, wtf did you comment on a comment that YOU signed, you must be higher than Charles Barkley thinking he can beat Dick Bavetta in a footrace!”

Okay, one thing at a time, I’m going on record to say that Chuck will beat the Cryptkeeper Mr. Bavetta. I know that’s probably unconventional pick, so who wants to place a friendly bet (as in, if I win, I get money, if I lose, I’ll deny everything)?

As for the name thingy: I assure you I haven’t reached that level of insanity, yet—it’s probably just the excitement over Tough Juice-mania that caused all sorts of moniker-malfunction.