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Oh man. Reason #453 Why Mark Cuban Is A Good Source of Vitamin Hilarity. He’s teamed up with Dennis Rodman to produce a crruuzzy show. From BLOGMAVERICK!:

Dennis takes every day people who decide they want to take a walk on the wild side. He turns secretaries into strippers, a biologist into a transvestite (emphasis totally mine and bwhahaha!!! -TheHype ed.) […]

By the by, that picture is, duh, photoshopped. You can tell because Mark’s right boobie (nickname Theodore, isn’t regulation size)

And here’s a 6 minute-ish clip of this (highly recommended)

Believe it or not. I actually LIKE it. I think there’re some psychological lessons to be learned here about getting folks to loosen up a bit. I’m glad that finally, someone has the balls to do Pimp ME!

It’s too bad I don’t I have HDnet. And check out two commenters that had a run in with Dennis (which actually, I don’t think is a surprise anymore, cuz I mean, dude’s been everywhere right?)

Ref Derek Richardson: Nonono, that wasn’t a foul Dwyane.
Dwyane Wade: (silent)
Richardson: Look, I mean, maybe there was contact, but I didn’t see it
Wade: (silent)
Richardson: ….well I guess I sort of did see it.. but I can’t give you all the calls
Wade: (still no speaky)
Richardson: ….alright alright! I’ll give you all the next calls man! Just stop whatever you’re doing now!!
Wade: (now muttering in satanic tongue)
Richardson: good god! I think I just committed a foul on you…What the hell are you doing to me?!

Yes, this topic is as old as Kevin Willis, but there are some fun quotes from SunSentinel’s latest remix of Wade’s theatrics, asking players if there are “favor calls”:

“It’s 100 percent real,” Nets forward Richard Jefferson said. “It’s an unspoken thing.”

“As far as close calls, if you have more star power, you probably get that call,” said Golden State guard Jason Richardson, who has gained that stature in the past year.

While their point from a player’s perspective is taken, I just had to snicker at the fact that those are currently injured.

Separating fact, myth

Such opinions rankle Ronnie Nunn, the NBA’s director of officials. Nunn, a former player at George Washington University, said he’s the first person with a basketball background in the past 25 years to hold the job and that he’s trying to use that experience to improve the officiating.

He puts respect calls alongside other “myths” that are accepted as fact in the league’s culture, like “home cooking” and the league favoring teams in large markets. Nunn said these observations are passed down as fact to each generation of players, coaches and fans.

Ahh, good ‘ol NBA myths. You notice that Nunn doesn’t dispel the myth of snorting powdered Cocoa Puffs for extra energy huh? What about that myth RonRon??

Anyhow, it’s unsure whether officiating will evolve dramatically to where one day fans can log on to and vote for their favourite refs (Bob Delaney holla! ps if does this, I want my cut) And since refereeing in the NBA is never perfect—everyone will just have to play the game within the game (the tricks mentioned the article) and win those unseen battles along the way.

But Nunn probably will say that’s a myth too—hell, I bet he thinks I’m a myth for typing all this up!

In other (self)news THEHYPEGUY.COM:

Time for class… wee!/ugh. I’ll post up the RadioCast bit later when I get back!

Yup, one more thing, the new domain [THEHYPEGUY.COM], unlike the Deathstar, is now fully operational! If ever you feel the need to refresh your links (who wouldn’t!) be sure to update yours truly!

For what NOT to sound like when doing a radio show, see under the fold 🙂

Alright hopefully I won’t miss too much as I run in the cold to get back. Check back in a bit for Spurs vs. Lakers!

Quarter Oscar Robertson (1) or what’s left of it:

— what..*gasp* what..*inhales* did…I miss…? 17-11 Spurs up with under 3. So.. I missed nothing.

— oh my, the picture I have here is totally hogging the page and making the formatting look like trash

— I better add a couple more points to manually fix it

— Hopefully this does it

— YES! Okay, back to the action: It’s nice to see Odom back. He’s getting into form with 3-4 shooting and already 7pts

— Howeva, the purple calf tights/brace? is kinda fugly. Damnit Purple should just die in sports already

Quarter Mitch Richmond (2)

— movie star sighting: Tobey McGuire… you’re killing me here Mike Breen

— the Triangle is like poetry when it’s run right: Farmer to high post Turiaf and in a split second bounce pass to the baseline cutter Bryant for the easy jam.

— Here’s my Ronny Turiaf connection as he’s on the line for 2 after a missed dunk from sick a no look pass from KB24: I went to a junior college with one baller Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes. A year later he got recruited to play with Turiaf at Gonzaga (still there). Boy even got ink on ish edit: 64 76  (p.150, if you really care) of SLAM (I remember cuz I was the only one to run right to him giggling “OMGOMGOMG” while no else remotely cared or knew)

— that picture of Duncans is REAL

To Read The Rest, Absolutely FREE, Click Here!

Coming to you LIVE FROM MONTREAL (at my friend’s little apartment with not nearly enough of a heating system for this type of weather) It’s the first ever (and probably only.. we’ll see..) NBA Sunday Live-Blogging fiasco Phenomenon!

This afternoon’s ABC double-header of PHX vs. Cavs and Spurs vs. Lakers will be sporadically live-blogged right here. Expect incites (™WNTZ) of epic proportions—or just constant reminiscing of NBC’s broadcast over the current, shitty ABC! I say sporadic because even the Wi-Fi around these parts caught the cold, we’re all on the fritz!

Anyways, if you’re watching along, by all means drop some knowledge in the comments. So come on back when it’s One On The Clickety (™Steve Nash via JMac) aka 1pm. This shall be fun.. or else.

Quarter Chauncey Billups (1)

— let’s start this mutha up.. and right off the bat word is that my buddy is threatening to kick me out at any given moment (let’s all pray it’s somewhere near halftime… of the second game.. because I do NOT want to go outside again..)

— Pussycat Dolls… get off my basketball viewage go to back to singing bad songs

— Mike Tirico and the great Hubie Brown.. hmm, Mr. Breen is busy?

— Boris “Boom Boom” Diaw hahaha, and STAT just gave ZZZzzz his 532th posterized

— so far there’ve been 3 dunks for the two teams combined… I think the word “trend” can be used here somehow… if only I knew English..

— Diaw’s rockin’ that “streak” mustachio. Yo Boom Boom, it’s only making your “Frenchness” stick out!!

— Zzzz just got #533 by guess who…

— back from capitalism intermission (also known as commercials).. and we find out that Damon Jones is mic-ed… I’m going to guess this turns out underwhelming

— omg, an ad for some new Jim Carrey movie called “The Number 23” and it looks spooky evil and shit. My only conclusion is: MICHAEL JORDAN IS JIM CARREY!

— Marcus Banks sighting! The legend is true! oh and CLE up 23-19 after a Barrrrrbosa FT

— end of 1st Quart, Banks couldn’t beat the clock a breakaway layup. Lebron leading the way with 9pts and $3243 million dollars made with me just typing this

For the rest of this mental exercise CLICKEZ ICI!

*dut.. dut.. dut.. dut dududududududduddudud*

The Following Takes Place Between 9am and 9:13am
Washington D.C. — Morning of the 4th of July: Oval Office

Chloe O’Brien: Mr. President! CTU just got word from German Intelligence that there might be a terrorist cell in L.A. that’s planning massive attack today!

Gilbert Arenas: First of all Chloe, it’s Mr. Black President. Damn girl, didn’t you hear? I’s got me myself a starter spot on the All-Star game. Rekonize!

Chloe: um.. okay whatever. CTU says this is Priority 1, and you know what a priority one…

Gilbert: Okay, don’t patronize me Ms. O’Brien, I know quite well what a Priority 1 is. Need I remind you I was/still am Agent Zero?

(Chloe makes her pouty face and slightly rolls her eyes)

Chloe: Fine, how do you think we should proceed?

Gilbert: There’s no choice but to send in our top guy.

(Chloe immediately breaks the tiniest of smiles)
Chloe: He’s already on the line.

Jack Bauer: Bauer here.

Gilbert: What–who’s this? Woah, I thought we were getting Kobe Bryant…

Kobe…? With all due respect sir, you cannot be serious. I know you think you have faith in a basketball player. But I’m a trained field agent that served under 2 other black presidents besides yourself and I can get the job done NOW.

Chloe: We should listen to Jack.

Gilbert: Hmm, let me think for a second.. uh-NO.

Bauer: You’re making a huge mistake…

Gilbert: Man, this fool still yappin? Cut off his line asap.

Bauer: …a potential terrorist strik—


Gilbert: God I thought he’d never shutup.. ‘blah blah, cool velvet-y voice
blah blah’, what a douche haha. Am I right Chloe, what up?

(President Arenas raises arm for high-five…)


Don’t leave me hangin’ dawg!

You’re [bleeping] idiot. Here’s your precious Mr. Bryant.

Kobe (talking off to the side): …yeah so then I said, I want a manicure
AND a pedicure or I’m taking my business else—oh, I’m on..? uhh heeeey!

yo BryBry, sources tell us that there might be a terrorist in your area

Oh word?

I know right? Crazy world.. anywho.. wanna help us out?

I dunno dude, I’m still a bit mad about that time you dropped 60 on me..

Ah crud, would you let it go already? Everytime we meet you bring it up! I don’t even talk about it as much as you do!

ugh.. fine.. I’m going to let it go. Only because of this “threat” business. And I think I have a good idea who it is.

Gilbert: Hook us up!

Kobe: Isn’t is obvious? It’s gotta be… Vlad, I mean, he’s really not even trying.

(Cut to somewhere inside Staples Center…)

Vladimir Radmanovic (on the phone): Yes, yes, they don’t suspect me one bit. I think my disguise is perfect!

Unseen Shadowy Character (on the other line): Excellent. Prepare for the Phase 5 initiation…

(camera pans over… and the reveal of the Unseen Character/twist of this episode is…..)


*bionk bomp bionk bomp bionk bomp*

And yes, that is really the omnipresent Mr. Dwyer, or KD, his Bloodz gang handle. Any friend of the hoops blogospherum is a friend of ours — check out KD’s work and his latest Power(layup) Rankings where I wish more candid headshots were used… a la lil’ (Drunk) Dun Dun.


…of NBA coaches?

..because this just won’t write itself..

So only got half of his 81 bananas on the anniversary of his record performance last night, oh yeah, the game? they won. To some, namely TJ Simers of LATimes, a high scoring Bryant player is what’s good for the eyes, not the “distributing to open players” and “takeover when necessary” type of player:

It seems as if it would be more exciting if the greatest scorer in the game remained the greatest scorer in the game from start to finish, but everyone now seems to be in agreement the Lakers can’t win playing that way. If winning is that important to you people, OK, but it just doesn’t seem like as much fun.

At first I’m thinking: TJ, TJ… no need to do some sort of sick double-reverse psychology. Your team’s winning, as a team, without LO to boot. Isn’t that the most exciting part of all? Buut, then, as I was eating a cake in Kwame’s honor, I thought about this a bit more.he's hiding cake in his mouth, I know it

Simers makes an understanding point: the most lethal scorer of our new era is now subdued. Watching him play just isn’t the same, adrenaline wise. Sure MJ in his later years did the same, by pacing himself in individual games (as well as the season—wouldn’t it be great if we can all have that type of telescopic vision?) so that he maximizes the effort in order to get the Dubya.

Don’t get me wrong, right now, I’m enjoying how Kobe is doing Nash-esque type things (even some of his passes resemble Stevey a bit, dribbling and looking up) But I think by him doing this, he’s lost some venom that we all love and hate.

Okay, so tonight (well, in an hour…) Phoenix gets their hack at extending another streak… vs. GilZero. The only thing that’s more exciting than Arenas’ ascension this season has been the constant joy the emanates from the Suns… choosing side tonight is like choosing whether to flip a fan off or not.. let’s get the battle royale goin’ with two superb blogs: Rising Suns and BulletsForever

And I thought about this exact thing at the time as well, where that missing game of Denver should give the Suns one of those happy asterisks (as opposed to those sad and pathetic ones for baseball folks) that they were gipped a crazy winning streak. But Nasty, the eva deep one:

“It’s amazing,” he said. “But it’s not a championship.”

Steven Nash, wordsmith.

Oh yea, be sure to read the off-the-charts-SuperSaiyan-level-4 type of sarcasm by “joe” in the comment of that article.. and I thought I was a smartass..

…I’m a tv-addict as well…. ps, to know my realest sense of humor, the above Clone High series should do it…

Anyways, so yeah, I busted open some dry-walls around here and moved around some things. It’s pretty much the same page, just.. wider-er (Note: be sure to clear the cache of your browser if this blog reverts back to its old self faster than VC lying on the floor cringing! Holding CTRL and clicking Refresh icon forces the action just like Joumana!).

So here are talking points:

Name of site: This place shall remain NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness because I just can’t get myself to change it—it’s one of those things where I want to think about switching, but at the last minute it grows on me, I know, weird.

Name of I: ahh.. the myriad of monikers/alias (good show, until 4th season!) in which I go by…

To my fellow bloggers that were kind enough to link me up with either the Site name, The Hype, TheHype, Hype, Howie the Hype (though not capital “the” huh..) and you’re now thinking… hey I see “” up there, what now??

To which I reply: Whatever you went by, stay with it… seriously it’s fine with me 🙂

Speaking of THEHYPEGUY.COM, yup, that works! The normal one: will always be here as well. I’m even trying to get it domain mapped (don’t ask what that really means, I have no clue) so the blog url will be instead of‘s community one (even though I lurve all has done for me! seriously they rock! endorsements!!) But no worries, all the old urls will still work fine—however I’m not quite sure if that goes the new posts’ urls (probably best not to think too much…)

RSS Feedz: I believe the normal one will work forever, even with the new domain, but if you fancy caution, here’s the new one which I’ve updated on the sidebar as well ( I don’t mind folks reading off rss readers, just that you might be missing out on strange activity around here like comments and such.

Anything else Mr. Filler Post to Explain Things? Um.. well, Ms. Gossip is jonesin’ for da RadioCast, which I’ve been putting off. Well, the show’s back on, but there has been a change, I’ve aggressively positioned myself in a larger role with the program—a la the gangster Larry Brown—aka just moderating the thing (it’s still amateurish)

Alright that pretty much covers it for now. Obviously there’re bugs and insects around here because I’m a faux-computer-person, so anything that’s odd shoot me an email: thehypeguy “at”

Well, a combined effort of 70pts from the big three… the new age big three of Smith, Iverson and Anthony (surely someone else thought of a t-shirt idea already?) With that alley-oop dunk from AI to Melo—which hopefully FreeDarko can expand into a 1500 essay… I think they are the team to watch.

On the subject of Mr. Anthony, I was contacted with some kind words from one Steven Ross of Ross Marketing Company (which probably makes him the boss huh?) letting me know about Carmelo’s Myspace page. Truth me told, I hardly surf myspace, because for one thing, that site quite literally scares me, but it could also be summed up by Mr. Z (first name Jay):

No i never been on myspace
Too busy letting my voice vibrate

..or something like that..

Anyway, full disclosure is just Steven wanting to let fans of Melo find his page, nothing biggie, I don’t get anything from it, other than fun filler for the rest of this post. For those like I, whom were not brave enough to venture onto myspace’s clutches, here’s what you’ll find (btw, that last part was murder to the English language) :

  • there is a “blog” like substance… Like a blog, there are words. Unlike a blog, Melo doesn’t quite write in it at all, save for the apology letter (which probably Kevin the PR-intern wrote up, no, not this one) and most of the posts are articles from publication or some myspace press release that has the words “Carmelo Anthony” in there somewhere
  • where Melo did write, was right after the infamous escalation surge last month. His mood was—a “sad face emoticon”. Ah, how I love to express my feelings of everyday actions with icons…. hey! your kid broke my window with a baseball! arrgh! *angry emoticon!*
  • obviously on the front page there’s a video interview with Katt Williams, and for a minute I’m cool because I figured out who he is right away, thank you “Friday” movies!
  • said Katt interview is pretty good actually, give it a check out if you have 5 minutes to spare—for a good 3 and a half minutes though, I was fascinated by Katt and his cup (I’m guessin it’s tea) I was trying to figure out why they kept cutting back to him just as he went to sip it, it’s like an episode of LOST!
  • Melo has a great down to earth snicker-type laugh
  • Katt: “…and yes, if you catch him at the wrong point, he might knock your ass out…” and then run away (har har har…. 🙂 )

Overall it’s cool, but I’m thinking if you’re already a myspace user you’d know about who’s who over there and needn’t be notified elsewhere.

NOTE: I thought I posted this 2 hours ago, but upon grabbing (re: hostile takeover) of my seating neighbor’s laptop I see it clearly wasn’unt. *sad face emoticon*

PS, and it’s a big “ps”: yes, just a little change around here, which is what I foreshadowed earlier.. a bit more explanato a bit later, now, class!

Having made all the rounds in the webs (N4S, BR, DBB, SB, BYOB, RCMP….) this siiiick new Nike ad will grace yet another blog (namely, here)

Nike still got it with amazing visual coolness.

Speaking of De-Trois Mauvais Graçons, they exhaustively rounded up EVERYBODY in the latest Carnival of the NBA, and I mean everyone, including your grandma.

Says about yours truly:

Probably would have obsessed over: Darryl Dawkins. If there’s any former player who could have inspired The Hype to reach new Photoshopperific highs, it’s Chocolate Thunder.

No doubt, with a plethora of quotables, I wish I had grown up in another era…

Random: If I ever get the alimony commission check of $12.63 from my bangin’ shirts, I’d be sure to spendz it all on MoHut.

Blog(House)Keeping: So.. if things go smoothly, there is a tiniest of tiny surprise (we’re talking sub-atomic small here) around these parts.. don’t get too excited, it’s nothing huge.. just a itty bitty change… hope y’all stick around