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hifipause.jpgGrumble grumble it turns out that Angry Alex of “The Aftermath” on was so angry he forgot to press record… boo-urns.. *sigh* it had some “interesting/waaaay out there” things that were said.. obviously mostly by me.

Some of the items included:

Me saying the Nets are going to the Finals… yeah, if I could remember the dealer who sold me the crack I clearly smoked before I picked them, I’d totally share it with you. But I said it kind of jokingly (rolls eyes) and thought the guys would have a reaction.. obviously they didn’t and now I’m mr. dummy head.

Then again, Jack-o McCallum from also predicts the Nets… changes everything now doesn’t it? (slight Update: Chuckster also likes the Nets! I’m gaining confidence with this more and more ha!)


ROY: Adam “I’m Actually A Comedian” Morrison

Raps to playoffs? Nada.

MVP pick: LeBron.

Ask if Heat goes back to Finals: Negative.

Ah, what the hell ever, after the first week no one’s going to remember these goofy preseason picks. And I’ll deny everything I said 6 months later.

Sucks that I couldn’t have the recording, thought I improved a bit (re: not making up random fake facts). But I’m their NBA guy for the whole season every Monday so no worries, I’m sure there’s plenty of chance of me doing more crazy-talk within a 15 minute span.

ronartestrapbattle.jpg Wow, Sactown Royalty ends the bloggers preview on a crazy note as they pose 93 Questions (but a bitch ain’t one..) I barely made it to #5. Oh, there’re answers too! (ugh, that reminds me exam season is knocking at the door..go, away!)

We, as well, bid adieu to the Previews. Now that the L is back on the screen, we’ll focus on real matters, just like all the cool kids—but still we’ll either make silly doodles and/or mindless photoshopping about it instead of deep insight…

And what of the NBA TOONS? Oh, it’ll come back soon, just now they’ll take a 20 second timeout (until they come out of the huddle and see the opposing team’s lineup and calls for a full)

NBA Action, booya!

NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedess Staff: Dirk Nowitzki somehow got in here and decided to share with us cranium “thoughts”:

Dear “Hip” “Hop” Radio Stations In The Greater Montreal Area,

Stop playing the Pussycat Dolls “Buttons”. It’s bad enough that somehow one of your DJs still considers it a “song” but it’s even worse if you play it 3 times within the hour (remind me never to drive with the radio on ever again). If I hear that song one more time, my mind will implode. Please, you wouldn’t want Mark Cuban on your asses for that.

Hugs and Kisses

This has been a “Dirk’s Dome” segment. Its views and comments do not in any way reflect the UnrelatednessTableand TheHype‘s views (though we agree, PCD is trash).

A slew of Lakers blogs (Showtime, Forum Blue and Gold, and Jones On The NBA) have made their extensive previews available here, here and here-zy

Today’s preview(s) is the contending Phoenix Suns.. however, at press time, our good friends over at SunsGossip and Phoenix Suns Rising both haven’t put up anything up yet… both eh? hmm… UPDATE! it’s up on their respective sites now, go take a gander, they have a “wonder powers, activate!” thing going on.

This is their punishment:


So a friend of mine does a little sports show on our school’s online radio show and he asked if I wanted to be their “NBA” dude. “YEAH!” I said.rene-levesque.jpg

I tried my best at “sounding” smart, pretending to know a lot more about ball than I really do. If you’re looking for actual insight though, especially coming from other hoops blogs.. eeeh, probably not going to find it.. think of this as a light snack. It’s mildly amusing at some points and I’m pretty sure everything I mentioned is common knowledge among hoop heads anyway.

So…after giving you AMPLE reason to stay away from this (which I’m kinda hoping you do even though I decided to upload it 🙄) here’s what sounds like some NBA talk:

[Downloadable 14.5 MB mp3 – 15:45mins]


Important Notes:
—the hosts are “Angry Alex” and “Con Man”, I included
just my segment (I cut out the rest of the show, cuz, well.. my site 😉!)
—I was hoping I wouldn’t get asked about the Okla Group/Sonics/Hornets situation, since I messed up the info.. half the games in Naw’lins? More like 6..
Superdome?? Yeah.. no… (Con Man blurted it out and I didn’t really think about it) though the New Orleans Arena site’s “message” is unintentionally hilarious
—I meant to say Henry Abbott is adamant about them NOT being called Jailblazers.. wow, I suck!
—and I say “y’know” way too many times
—oh, not much ‘previewing’ I know, that’s lowgrade college radio show for ya!

Well, hopefully I improve in subsequent weeks (back again tomorrow if y’all are interested). Keep in mind that was my first ‘hack’ at any type of radio and yes, Skeets & Tas are my idols and inpiration.

Like YAY!, this is our first time playing in any type of Fantasy league. We were able to join the good folks (one province over!) over at and their league for this upcoming season.

Other than knowing we needed players, we’re not totally sure how to win it. But whatever the outcome, we’ll be the first ones to let you know we still won.

The following is TheHype’s Unrelatedness Gang roster:

First up, the Cash Cows (please PLEASE let T-Mac be healthy):
(C’mon guys! Say it with me: Re-cord-break-ing-year!)

Then comes the Posin’ 4some:

“Hello? Yes, yes, me friends are, how you say.. ‘smoothy’? We good at basket and even one knows computer! Sexy!”

And who can forget, who are these dudes??kurtthomas.jpghoward.jpg



Okay guys? One of you gets a new Forrest Gump DVD if you keep your stats up to at least the All-Star break. Cool? Awesome! Go Team!


Yeaaaa.. let’s say, it’s for “Halloween”, yup. Not me being crazy at all.

Jason Gurney, the mad genius behind attempts to change the history of sports as he dives into dark witchcraft-ery with the Golden State Warriors preview.

Update: The mighty GSoM has a linkage heavy preview

And ClipsNation has a very thorough preview of the upcoming Clippers season.

Got The Munchies?


Weed legal at ASG in Vegas not a problem? Ha! Oh Mr. Stern, you slay me, SLAY me I say. Quick, New Jersey Nets officials send Cliff Robinson off to Ireland or something during that weekend!

Stern: Nevada pot bill won’t effect ’07 All-Star game []

Chris Anderson, your services are needed for, um, “extra” entertainment…

Click here for bigger (and a side dark voodoo) wiznewuni.jpg

Zoolander won’t not be funny, ever. Thus quoting from it makes for fun times.Reason why the comic is bigger today? I’m lazy. Can’t figure out a way to scale it to the apt size for the post without making Gilbert Arenas turn into a tiny molecule.

Playing catch up on yesterday’s preview of the Washington Wizards, penned from Bullets Fever “master”, the Pradamaster. Check it out!

Woah, Wednesdays are crazy with updates in the hoops blog world eh? It’s probably a good thing I’ve got classes all day to stay relatively oblivious of the orgy of posts til I get home.

Alright, time to get to the dirty dirty: The continuation of my anthropological social experiment of what the ancients once called “Refereeing”. In case you missed the previous incarnations, here’s Part One | La Deuxième Partie | and 第三集

Current Ref Ego level: Dan Crawford (I’m not saying Dan’s got the ego, but I’m saying I have the ego for comparing myself to him)

Here we go for another round: Did I get yelled at? Did I make inappropriate in-game macking at one of the players (yes, A GIRL)? Clicky Clicky