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Ughhh.. Hungover-ness… here be she Drunk-Live-Blog (tons of shit gutted out and edited for ease to read… and all around health issues)

Once again with the lovely Miss G bringing the funny and Hype G bringing the.. well, something… sorry for the lack of formatting like last time… was… a… little… busy… doing… “things”

7:44 PM Miss Gossip: DAMMIT

missed the #1

TheHype: don’t worry, NOTHING HAPPENED

7:46 PM TheHype: “he has a crush on Beyonce”

Miss Gossip: awwwwwwww

statutory rape

TheHype: B? or Jay-Z?

7:47 PM Miss Gossip: ewww what???

Miss Gossip: who’s going for ATL?

TheHype: Yi

my Chinese ancestors are calling it

Miss Gossip: love Horford’s dad. shout out to all my Dominicans!

7:51 PM TheHype: whoop whoop

7:52 PM Miss Gossip: oh man

too fast

time to pour a drink

what you drinking on?

7:53 PM TheHype: JD and coke

Miss Gossip: NICE

TheHype: what’s your juice?

7:54 PM Miss Gossip: red wine

TheHype: everytime I hear Andy Katz’ name I think of giant cat…

7:59 PM

Miss Gossip: for real

so what do we think, Bucks take the Yiiiii?

8:00 PM TheHype: Milwaukee… their center is an Aussie, their PF is hairless … seems apropos their rookie should be AZN

Miss Gossip: Yi is looking a little tense….

8:01 PM I feel you man, I wouldn’t want to go the Milwaukee either

8:02 PM p.s. his media day photo was by far the best

I may have my new rookie crush

depending on how he plays it when he gets picked

8:03 PM oh crap

here it comes

TheHype: eeeeee

Miss Gossip: don’t do it.


TheHype: BOOM



he looks hecka pissed

TheHype: Only because the govt already activated the internal poison

8:05 PM TheHype: they are NOT pleased

Miss Gossip: He’s going to get mysteriously injured

now do we really think his name is pronounced EEEEEEE like Stern said?

TheHype: Gongdong whoop whoop!

8:06 PM Stern is drunk

8:07 PM Andy Katz reporter extrodinaire, MEOW!

Miss Gossip: …..picture?

ooooh EEEE talks!

ask that fool how he really says his name

8:08 PM TheHype: his chinglish is slick

8:13 PM TheHype: My Corey Brewer nickname; BrewBear

Miss Gossip: awwwwwwwww

8:17 PM Miss Gossip: I can’t stand Miss Snaggly Tooth

TheHype: Ms Rachel Nichols needs some beauty sleep

Miss Gossip: what’s her name



8:25 PM NOAH

Miss Gossip: OH MY WORD

this is the moment I’ve been waiting for


Miss Gossip: bowtie

8:26 PM

Miss Gossip: Oh shit

Miss Gossip: after I finish making out with Brandan Wright

I’m gonna push up on that bowtie

oh baby doll


8:34 PM

TheHype: Acie Law THE FOURTH

8:39 PM Miss Gossip: Acie don’t look super-psyched

8:40 PM TheHype: Oh snap, I think I called Law2da4 in our FanHouse mock

Miss Gossip: you called him what?

8:41 PM TheHype: to go to A-Town


8:43 PM you ARE superior.

I love you HypeGuy……


8:45 PM TheHype: gtalk-five!

Miss Gossip: dag fool

that’s all I get?

for LOVING you?

a gtalk-five?

8:46 PM L to the Lame!

TheHype: uh… uhh …[looks around]… you look.. pretty?


Miss Gossip: kiss kiss

12th pick

TheHype: Thad Rad

8:47 PM Miss Gossip: naw


TheHype: hahha me likey

Miss Gossip: yes


Thad-Yo needs to “tighten up his ball skills”

are you drunk enough to find that funny?

8:48 PM TheHype: ballz hee hee hee

yes, very drunketh

Miss Gossip: Just got a message from Enrico, our friend over at The 700 Level…

“Enrico: who is thadeus young?


8:49 PM TheHype: pfft, he’s not on the Thad-Yo-Rad train

8:53 PM

Miss Gossip: Enrico at The 700 Level wants Philly to take Mike Nardi

9:40 PM who?

Mike Nardi?

don’t act like you don’t know the name

ain’t nothing changed but the change

TheHype: Mike who? Mike WHO? mike nardi

Miss Gossip: he will stay the same

TheHype: hahha

9:42 PM Miss Gossip: sorry Enrico

TheHype: Enrico’s gonna be at the 699 level now..

Miss Gossip: HA

9:43 PM no, he likes the trade

9:44 PM 701 Level

TheHype: go Enrico!

(photo: Batman Drunk Passed out by Doug Schwarz)

9:46 PM Miss Gossip: I am so drunk

what pick are we on?

I have no idea

what year is this

TheHype: 68th?


Miss Gossip: HOLY SHIT

TheHype: on Mars

Miss Gossip: are you for real?

I really thought it was 2006

on Earth.

TheHype: you had 2 kids

they both ran away

and water is now poison

9:47 PM ok I’ll stop 🙂


(yes, the bottle of wine is done)

9:48 PM TheHype: I think the % of JD and coke is now 91% to 9%

I’ll let you decided which is which

and coke as in cocain


10:03 PM Jazz selection? Someone white?

Miss Gossip: HA

10:05 PM cnot white

10:06 PM but he’s from Rice….?

10:07 PM TheHype: as in Condaleeza (sp????)

10:10 PM Miss Gossip: naw as in “white”

10:14 PM Miss Gossip: what’s the game?

drink every time we see Katz?

Miss Gossip: every time someone saus “eeee”?

TheHype: raaawr

10:15 PM Katz! Meow!

10:16 PM actually:

Miss Gossip: HA!!!!!!!!!!!


that’s what I was thinking with the name “Katz”

but in my drunkennes

I couldn’t put my drunk finger on it

10:17 PM TheHype: yous so fudgin drunkfth

Miss Gossip: whaddafugyutalginabou?

10:32 PM TheHype: Dick Vitale BABY, shut up BABY!

10:33 PM seriously STFU

10:34 PM Miss Gossip: when Dick Vitale talks

I hear:




TheHype: hahha

10:37 PM Miss Gossip: why is Stern laughing about this trade?

TheHype: i was thinking the same thing

10:38 PM he’s like “ke ke ke ke Pat Riley he he he he”

yo Pet is so happy

10:39 PM Miss Gossip: HAHAHAHAHAHA

this guy’s nickname

is going to be Pet-Ko!!!!!!!



10:39 PM

Miss Gossip: why does portland have mad picks this is like an NFL draft

10:46 PM TheHype: kevin pritchard… or it it richard pritchard? (wait… that doesn’t make sense…) is the devil

10:49 PM Miss Gossip: it’s kevin pritchard

richar pritchard… you’re thinking of Richard Pryer

TheHype: Pryor

we’re both drunk

10:49 PM Miss Gossip: ha



Lakers DO need JT in the front office! This is light years better than that other crap fest of a parody

Big thanks to JustBall forum (where those KobeVideo guys are unceremonously revealed like Chris Hansen’s To Catch A Predator)

… back to draft talk in just a sec (oh, trade!)

I almost made it… so so close. Ah well.

OK, so I think I have to at least do something for the Draft around here to at least give myself a legit reputation that I do keep track of this thing called basketball.

Here’s what I think I will do around here today (as best that I can). I shall be updating here and there (re: maybe like, only 1 update) and do whatever to be all analytical and shit.

One thing I can promise for sure (90%!) is I’ll be definitely watching the Draft and via the tubes that is internet — another classic run down with Miss Gossip is very likely to cometh.

So, stay tuned and keep your eyes wide open for today’s awesometown. Oh, ps: TBJ’s back for a second, and there’s GOATSE involved… fun times…


All three of them are vegans! (get it? Common… the artist… aha aha ha… ha… *slams head on table in shame for sad sad joke*)

ANYhow, via AZsportsHUB, I see that the Phoenix Suns best defender/best shaven head dude is a veggie-ian. I believe I heard of this story a while back from SteinzBogz where Dan found out that Rah Rah considers cheese off limits — but not on pizzas. (and hey, lookie who commented on that post!)

What’s MORE interesting, is the list of the SEXY VEGETARIAN CELEBRITIES found here on where you can actually vote for your fav people to be all sexy while they eat their celery.

Color me surprised, not only KRS-One, KZA are on the list, but Q-Tip?? Man, GoVeg folks, way to vet the list. Oh and Salim Stoudamire is a celebrity? Maybe to Unsilent Majority, but um, I don’t think Carrie Underwood is worried about her top spot.

Ah, and why the hell not, a nice sexy pic of last year’s miss sexy vegan Ms. Kristen Bell aka girl of Hype’s dreams *(small voice) you’ll always be Veronica Mars to me (/small & creepy voice)*

Thanks Matthew for the tipzzzz!

Since we’re all waiting for Draft day to have something more to chatter about, here is today’s OSM: pics:

there’s nothing like a crotch shot of a possible #1 pick Kevin Durant, NOTHING

from the lovely Yahoo captions people I didn’t know Ye Li is white… and what is ‘teenage sweetheart’ anyways? is Ye still a teenager?? or… they went out since their were teenagers… yeah, that’s probably it… well, there goes my fun times…

Hey kid, get your hands off Blue Man’s blue balls!

So’s Atlanta Hawks site has this big thing right now about the unveiling of the new uniforms coming out this weekend. It’s all very MYST-y with the way they have an itinerary of the events that’s going down.

Sunday: New logo & uniform unveiled on Feature story on new look in Sunday edition of AJC

Tuesday: Brand new launched Video: An inside look at the new Hawks uniform premieres on featuring Josh Smith

Thursday: NBA Draft | 7:30 p.m. ESPN Hawks Draft Party | Philips Arena

Friday: New players introduced. Complete coverage on

Saturday: sends out a virus worldwide destroying all that is the Internet

Sunday: is self-aware can battles SkyNet for fate of the future

Hmm, a couple of those maybe made up (psst, probably Friday’s, because Hawks getting “new” players? BWAH!)

So what will it look it like? My scientists have told me this will be what J-Smoove will be rocking in the 07-08 season! Take a look!

Oh my a definite winner! I’d buy 10 (minus 9) of those!

A Big Week For The Atlanta Hawks Just Got Bigger… []
UPDATE: Atlanta Hawks’ New Uniforms: It’s OK [NBA FanHouse]

So, I bet you haven’t heard of this feature where “expertised” folks gather around and play Fisher-Price GM by doing a Mock Draft? Well, lucky for you, I have TWO for ya! One I actually participated at the FanHouse and here’s is the other, courtesy of Ballhype’s Carnival of the NBA Group, with pretty much the best of the best of the best of the (ah you get the point) NBA bloggers all trapped in one place fighting for world domination bragging rights. Here’s how they predicted, there was a fist fight somewhere in there, but I, of course, saved the day.

1 Portland – Henry –

Greg Oden, by a whisker. Kevin Durant will punish the Blazers for a decade at least for this pick. He’s a beautiful thing to watch, and if Portland ends up taking Durant, I’m THRILLED. But I just got this GM job and I want to keep it, and I have a feeling that with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden we’re going to be just fine.

2 Seattle – Chris –

Kevin Durant: The top two prizes in the Draft are Oden and Durant so whoever Portland passes on the Sonics will gladly settle for sloppy seconds.

3 Atlanta – Ryan –

Al Horford: The Hawks are tempted to go with the PG they desperately need but GM McNeill decided to wait until the 11th pick in the hopes that Mike Conley Jr is still on the board. If he’s not there, the Hawks will “settle” for the 2007 Bob Cousy Award recipitent.

Zaza Pachulia is a temporarily solution at best for the Hawks and they are looking for some beef up front to pair alongside Sheldon Williams. Williams is a bit undersized as a starting centre at 6’9″ but with a wingspan of 8’8″ he could be paired alongside Harford who is 6’10” to provide a dynamic rebounding duo.

4 Memphis – la287 –

Brandan Wright: Making his final draft selection as GM of the Memphis Grizzlies, Jerry West decided to add another athletic big man to their roster. “The lottery this year is full of athletic big men, but we feel that Wright can step in right away (no pun intended) and contribute to our team. Wright has the potential to be a major star in this league.”

5 Boston – Jeff –

Yi Jianlian: Danny Ainge will be trading for immediate help so he can afford to take the best talent available. Danny thinks Yi is the best talent available. Here be the rest of this Mockory Draft

Everyone loves good o’l Amare Stoudamire right. He viciously dunks on them, how can they not like him? Well, now this young lad is doing things to get away from being known as one half of THE SUSPENSION of the playoffs:

Stoudemire said he was aware of the rule about leaving the bench and doesn’t think it needs to be changed. But he feels that coaches and staff members need to be “more aware that a player’s first instinct is to protect a teammate.”

Stoudemire will be busy this summer. His first college class at ASU — a global history course — begins in July and he will then turn his attention to Team USA workouts in Las Vegas in preparation for the FIBA Americas Tournament in August.

During his workout, Stoudemire joked with a friend that he has an idea for next year’s Suns slogan.

“Forget about ‘Eyes on the Prize,’ man,” he said. “Now it’s just gonna be ‘Revenge.’”

Good for him! That “Global history course” seems scary when you factor in that FIBA championship thing, he just might use it for evvvvvil. And is his biting off a certain Agent Zero’s style with his ‘naming my next season on behalf of being slighted’? Methinks yes. Methinks I just used the word methinks. *shame emoticon*

Suns notebook: Stoudemire a ‘bask-a-holic’ [East Valley Tribune]