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The Gibberish:

Alright alright, it’s been about a good week’s worth of just about everyone and their dead cats (Murray and Felonious) determining the end of professional basketball’s sanctity. Fuck all of that. You know why for us hoops fans, we squirm whenever the phrase “this is the biggest black eye to face the NBA in its history…” is used in a column or uttered on TV? It’s because that doesn’t fit at all. The gravity is way too high for this event — the real buzzkill is the over-usage of the that term when, if you just take a second and look … the sport has not been uprooted at all, but just a simple love tap.

There is cheating, and it’s serious, but not a fraction of it really undermines why we love watching 99% of the games. So chin up everyone out there that’s feeling uneasy — the only reason you feel that way is because you know you’ll still love the NBA wholeheartedly… And for some weird reason, because of this Donaghy fuckbag you now have a feel like there’s an obligation to feel guilty? Nah, forget it. Just let it go, this event hasn’t changed anything.

The Gibberish pt. ii (but with funny):

Phew, got that outta my chest now that the “serious” voice is locked up without food or water, here is the official Unrelatedness’ Guide to Referee Sainthood™ where it is system for the NBA to truly, for complete certainness, know that the refs are as clean as bizarro Lindsay Lohan:

1) When asked if they gamble on anything and they answer:

    a) I don’t gamble
    b) I gamble, but just a little
    c) fuck you narc! where’s my lawyer bitch?
    d) I will sell my mother to repay debts

a), b), d) will tell you that they are liars. A reply of c) is just rude

2) When asked if they know anyone in the mob and they answer:

    a) haha? the mob? yeah right that exists, ha!
    b) the only mobster I know is Fat Tony on the Simpsons
    c) where ma lawyer at fools?
    d) David Stern is the biggest gangsta of them all ha ha ha

all of the above will tell you this person is insane

3) When asked if they cut their own hair

    a) what does that have to do with anything
    b) yeah actually, I do, thanks for noticiing!
    c) bitch, ma lawyer goin’ dun the haircuttin’
    d) The Gambino family has a hairdresser— uh-oh

And so, that’s how we deduce things.

A two hit combo for this slowth day going…

Blog Show keeps on truckin’

Team USA scrimmagin where Kobe gets NASTILY blocked by LeBron and wins the game…

— annnnd… everything in the blog world about that Donaghy fellow

Actually, before we go, said fellow had to get help from cops because of calls threatening him. Unconfirmed sources say that one of the calls asked for an I. P. Freeley.

Oh and shit, check out the house of the motherfucker

That’s the O.C. house right there! Take a closer look at the sign:



Oooooooooooooh goodness. NBA refs?The mafia? The Feds? We need a movie, like… now.

July 20, 2007 — THE FBI is investigating an NBA referee who allegedly was betting on basketball games – including ones he was officiating during the past two seasons – as part of an organized-crime probe in the Big Apple, The Post has learned.

Federal agents are set to arrest the referee and a cadre of mobsters and their associates who lined their pockets, sources said.

“These are dangerous people [the referee] was involved with,” a source said.

The sources indicated the referee apparently had a gambling problem, slipped into debt and fell prey to mob thugs.

“That’s how he got himself into this predicament” by wagering with mob-connected bookies, one source said.

Yo, this can be tainted—and all those non-NBA folks out there are now armed with even more ammo to hate on the league… but dude, c’est cool! Okay, well, affecting the integrity of the game isn’t as cool, but I don’t care, something like this makes me believe that dark conspiracies around smoky bar tables full of mobsters and guns can still happen!

So WHO IS IT?? We all know Joey Crawford is a loose nut, with that Timmy D thing a while back that got him suspended, but I’m not sure UPDATE: it’s Donaghy (Do-nugh-gee? ack, he even has horrible name to pronounce to go along shotty job-integrity)

Here are your handicaps (irony isn’t lost that we’re fake-gambling on a gambling issue! hee!):

NBA in a ‘fix’ [NY Post]
crazy related: Bob Delaney Is Gangsta (ref Delaney used to be undercover fed!) [The Hype Guy]
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Ah the majestic BEARD has been robbed a quarter of game action last night. Though, the way I saw things, if the Warriors hadn’t been complaining so much in almost all the action, perhaps the refs wouldn’t have pulled that quick of a trigger? We shall never know.

Then again, some of the calls seemed iffy, but that can’t be changed — with two teams hungry: Mavericks because they just got bitch slapped in Game 1 and need to smack back their pimp hand and Golden State because they are greedy bastards in trying to steal another game.


De-3 VS. Orlando Bloom: Dwight will posterize someone tonight — it might even be Flip Saunders.

Rox VS. Mormons: 3-0 man, it’s so happening. Why? Because the tears of Andrei will make the Jazz players slip all over the place. YEAH I SAID IT

Suns VS. ChokeShow: Well, can’t really call them Chokers… since they’ve got no talent to begin with, I guess I’m just referring to the fact that they couldn’t even attempt to make it close — ahhhh who am I kidding, the Lakers plain suck. The Association really wants to punch somebody.

Ref Derek Richardson: Nonono, that wasn’t a foul Dwyane.
Dwyane Wade: (silent)
Richardson: Look, I mean, maybe there was contact, but I didn’t see it
Wade: (silent)
Richardson: ….well I guess I sort of did see it.. but I can’t give you all the calls
Wade: (still no speaky)
Richardson: ….alright alright! I’ll give you all the next calls man! Just stop whatever you’re doing now!!
Wade: (now muttering in satanic tongue)
Richardson: good god! I think I just committed a foul on you…What the hell are you doing to me?!

Yes, this topic is as old as Kevin Willis, but there are some fun quotes from SunSentinel’s latest remix of Wade’s theatrics, asking players if there are “favor calls”:

“It’s 100 percent real,” Nets forward Richard Jefferson said. “It’s an unspoken thing.”

“As far as close calls, if you have more star power, you probably get that call,” said Golden State guard Jason Richardson, who has gained that stature in the past year.

While their point from a player’s perspective is taken, I just had to snicker at the fact that those are currently injured.

Separating fact, myth

Such opinions rankle Ronnie Nunn, the NBA’s director of officials. Nunn, a former player at George Washington University, said he’s the first person with a basketball background in the past 25 years to hold the job and that he’s trying to use that experience to improve the officiating.

He puts respect calls alongside other “myths” that are accepted as fact in the league’s culture, like “home cooking” and the league favoring teams in large markets. Nunn said these observations are passed down as fact to each generation of players, coaches and fans.

Ahh, good ‘ol NBA myths. You notice that Nunn doesn’t dispel the myth of snorting powdered Cocoa Puffs for extra energy huh? What about that myth RonRon??

Anyhow, it’s unsure whether officiating will evolve dramatically to where one day fans can log on to and vote for their favourite refs (Bob Delaney holla! ps if does this, I want my cut) And since refereeing in the NBA is never perfect—everyone will just have to play the game within the game (the tricks mentioned the article) and win those unseen battles along the way.

But Nunn probably will say that’s a myth too—hell, I bet he thinks I’m a myth for typing all this up!

In other (self)news THEHYPEGUY.COM:

Time for class… wee!/ugh. I’ll post up the RadioCast bit later when I get back!

Yup, one more thing, the new domain [THEHYPEGUY.COM], unlike the Deathstar, is now fully operational! If ever you feel the need to refresh your links (who wouldn’t!) be sure to update yours truly!

For what NOT to sound like when doing a radio show, see under the fold 🙂

Y’know, reff’in with the NWA NBA is hard… hardcore. I mean, how else are you supposed to call ambiguous action like this?

Another example of this arose as I was tv surfin’, half watching some of the Raps/Celtics game last Friday that was at the TD Banknorth arena. (Side note: what up with TD center being super electronic gadget heavy—LCD screens on the scorer’s table.. and two shot clocks on each basket?? I’m sure soon the floor will be made of some sort of LCD-Wood hybrid…) ANYWAY, the thug Chris Bosh got served up a tech from referee Pat Fraher after he.. well, see for yourself:

That clip (which I edited!! go me!) shows you right up to the tech, but didn’t you see how uncontrolled Bosh was?? Unnecessary taunting for 0.005 seconds after he eviscerated poor Olowokandi’s dignity (or what’s left of it)! Didn’t you see how much that warranted a tech? Distasteful! He.. he should be sent to sensitivity camp, erroneous! Exclamation points!

In other Non-Sarcasm Land: The “hoo-hoo!” sound in the clip came from NBATV’s Gail Goodrich, this is he on the right. Now, as someone that still has several more years left of subscription with “being hip wit da lingo”, I just can’t believe Gail yelped “hoo-hoo!” like he were with his homeboys. Damnit Gail, don’t steal from the youth!

Extra: So you know I sorta empathize with reffin’: Rec-League Refereeing

Carmelo Anthony, seen here in a screencap of his new sci-fi movie debut: Destroyer of Officials: The Rogue Jedi

In the 96-95 loss to the Clips, Mr. Carmelo Anthony got ejected because the refs are scared of a headbands… and talking, they are no fan of either.

This truly sucks y’all. I mean, Sheed is Sheed, he does what the eff he wants, so sometimes his Ts are legit. But now that you’re handing it out to players whenever they go, “umm… ref?” is quite harsh.

Does “no more whining” = “no more emotions” as well? I say BOO to this.

Totally Unrelated but Funny: Seth over at Your New York Knicks dug up a Zeke gem that’s well… you really have to watch it yourselves.. 5 times.

Woah, Wednesdays are crazy with updates in the hoops blog world eh? It’s probably a good thing I’ve got classes all day to stay relatively oblivious of the orgy of posts til I get home.

Alright, time to get to the dirty dirty: The continuation of my anthropological social experiment of what the ancients once called “Refereeing”. In case you missed the previous incarnations, here’s Part One | La Deuxième Partie | and 第三集

Current Ref Ego level: Dan Crawford (I’m not saying Dan’s got the ego, but I’m saying I have the ego for comparing myself to him)

Here we go for another round: Did I get yelled at? Did I make inappropriate in-game macking at one of the players (yes, A GIRL)? Clicky Clicky

Current Ref Level: Eddie Rush (dunno why either, I like his name though)
In other news, I’m in love with arrows

And now, onward for another edition into this great abyss we call refereeing