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No, I haven’t seen that show before. Yes, I’m far too young to know its significance. But that phrase has somehow been burned into my subconcious.

ANYwho. Should LeBron be suspended after seeing that (or what you can make out of that blurry crap I call editing…) I don’t think it merits a suspension and neither did Kobe on Sunday for that matter. But since this is David Stern’s show and we’re all just watching—right is wrong, up is down and Shaq can run again.

That is to say I think (at press time) the lig will make the suspension because BronBron’s clothesline connected at the head and nowhere near the ball. That’s not to say his intention wasn’t for the ball, which is what I’m actually saying (he just timed it horribly wrong), but since KB recently served his due, I’m pretty sure James has to be ruled the same way.

I think it’s stupid that the NBA is setting arbitrary precedents for “flow of the game”-type contact and making a suspension out of it and I really don’t like the direction this is going. It’s one thing to clean up dirty play, it’s another to pre-emtively strike the players and covering it by saying it’s “for the people” and “democracy” and that “Saddam had WMDs”….oh wait, I’m TOTALLY off now.. anyway, where was I?

Um… go Colts! (I assume they are one half of the teams playing the pigskin pastime?)

Y’know, reff’in with the NWA NBA is hard… hardcore. I mean, how else are you supposed to call ambiguous action like this?

Another example of this arose as I was tv surfin’, half watching some of the Raps/Celtics game last Friday that was at the TD Banknorth arena. (Side note: what up with TD center being super electronic gadget heavy—LCD screens on the scorer’s table.. and two shot clocks on each basket?? I’m sure soon the floor will be made of some sort of LCD-Wood hybrid…) ANYWAY, the thug Chris Bosh got served up a tech from referee Pat Fraher after he.. well, see for yourself:

That clip (which I edited!! go me!) shows you right up to the tech, but didn’t you see how uncontrolled Bosh was?? Unnecessary taunting for 0.005 seconds after he eviscerated poor Olowokandi’s dignity (or what’s left of it)! Didn’t you see how much that warranted a tech? Distasteful! He.. he should be sent to sensitivity camp, erroneous! Exclamation points!

In other Non-Sarcasm Land: The “hoo-hoo!” sound in the clip came from NBATV’s Gail Goodrich, this is he on the right. Now, as someone that still has several more years left of subscription with “being hip wit da lingo”, I just can’t believe Gail yelped “hoo-hoo!” like he were with his homeboys. Damnit Gail, don’t steal from the youth!

Extra: So you know I sorta empathize with reffin’: Rec-League Refereeing