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With many thanks to the notorious J.C.N. that oversees FanHouse along with Mottram, there’s an MTV interview with Prince, and he reveals what we’ve all wanted to know for the past 4 years … he is actually a balla 4 realz:

Sway: I wanted to tell you this story first: I was watching the Dave Chappelle show, and Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy does this thing on it called “True Life Hollywood Stories,” and he told this story that he was hanging out with you at your house, and you guys were listening to music, and then you came up with the idea to all go play basketball. He said they didn’t have any clothes, so you got them shorts and T-shirts, but he said that your crew showed up to the basketball court with the same wardrobe [as you wear onstage]. High heels, suited and booted. Is that true?

Prince: That part’s not true. But the whupping’s true.

Sway: The whupping’s true. So you’ve got basketball skills?

Prince: A little bit.

Sway: Yeah? What you got? A crossover dribble? Or a jump shot?

Prince: We didn’t call it crossover back then.

Sway: What’d you call it?

Prince: Just speed.

Thank god for that piece so I can run this geniusness clip again…

(via: The Poor Man Institute)

Zach Galifianakis is just totally awesome. (psst: it’s an inspired send off for Kanye West’s Can’t Tell Me Nothin. This is just as, if not better than, Alanis Morrisett’s version of My Humps—incredible)

In otter news:

Finally a Christmas where we won’t have 10 000 cameras on Shaq and Kobe just as they shake hands. On one hand, yay! On the other, while it’s LeBron vs. Wade… it’s still the painfully unwatchable Cavs. I’d call this a wash.


That was a good tv season. See LOST? A show can be good, you should try it sometime. The title of course refers a phrase from the (Friday Night Lights) show, though it is a little modified, as it is about…

… the freakin’ Utah Jazz. What the eff? Dropping 5 straight? Somewhere that can’t be good with just a couple games left as Playoffs come around. Considering the fact that they might want to have a little bit of push too as they are likely to meet the not-so-easy Houston Rockets.

On to the gridiron ‘tacks!

  • Thanks to Steinz for pointing this out: Chris Bosh is blogging! In it, he mentions how he wants people to know he’s pretty funny, and not the laconic power forward Canada’s grown to appreciate. And I believe him! After taking a listen to his Podcast[mp3], dude’s got a fun personality. Could turn out to be a good show—they (it’s with a buddy Devo Brown) riff on current events and not all about basketball, pretty neat
  • Henry Abbott asks why don’t more Chinese kids wear Yao Ming jerseys? For what it’s worth, I don’t have any jerseys …
  • Sure Mutombo and Kevin Willis are old, but they aint got nuttin’ on this mothertrucker
  • Yi Jianlian is going to pre-draft camps, nothing that surprising really, except this tidbit from the article:

In November, Yi’s club cleared the hip-hop music loving teenager to enter the 2007 NBA draft on June 28. Yi, reportedly sought by several clubs, is likely to be one of the top picks.

I’ve seen that reported a couple times, the “likes hip-hop” music thing, elsewhere about Yi… and I just wonder, did they really have to include that “interesting” factoid? Is that how he’s going to be portrayed to the basketball world that reads the newswires? “Hey you hear about this Jianlian kid? No? Well, check this out: He likes hip-hop! Yeah! No shit! It’s all right here! Fuck yeah he’s probably good!”

Alrighty, to lazy it out the rest of the way:

Shaq’s awesome.


Remind me never to challenge a prehistoric reptile… can’t believe I fell for that, damnit.

No seriously, if you’re still wondering whether or not to take the Toronto Raptors seriously or mildly think of them as that “awww, look that them… they made the playoffs, AND got the Atlantic Div crown, SOOOO CUUUTE!” then think no more.

Still thinking? Then stop it! Because they’re a fun team to root for—emphasis on the word ‘team’.

It’s so simple how these guys play: Bosh will tear up anyone inside, if he gets doubled, pass it to any other players on his team and they either make their open shots, or skip it around again for even open-er shots. It’s as simple as deactivating a bomb while serving ice cream!

Anyways, watch them come playoff time, you won’t be disappointed (in case you end up disappointed, this conversation never happened.)

Random Clip of the Day: Alanis Morissette is fucking hilarious.

jasonkapono.jpgEvery Wednesday from now until the playoffs (or eternity, whichever comes first), the Unrelatedness shall go into deep length about a vague topic nobody cares about take a moment and observe the bball world at the macro level (I have no idea what that means either)

“Ah!! It BURNS!!!” That’s how’d I react if the bloody Heat, using Dwyane “Elastic Arms” Wade’s impending return as an uplift, are suddenly the hunters instead of the hunted. They did take down the young studs that is the Barney team last night. Even though the Jurassic Park Team were wounded as it is (Andrea and Jorge gone due to injury—NOTE: those are really NBA players, you must believe me), the real dinosaurs, Shaq & Co. gutted out the win. You know, their bullcrap of suddenly turning it up would annoy me, but I think a major props is due because they know if they use the last few week’s winning momentum, then they’d be in top shape during playoffs.

Wait. You know what. I take that back. F Miami. I hate them, I hate their fans and their movies. Because I’m fickle like that, that’s just how I roll.

Down shifting gears there’s an interview with everyone’s favourite OJ Mayo over at HoopsWorld. In there, he sounds pretty down to earth and seems like he’s in control of what he’s doing. On playing more than one year at USC:

Are you someone who’s looking to learn what he can in one year’s worth of college basketball then hit the big league, or are you still leaving open the possibility of playing a couple years at USC?

I can see myself staying for more than one year. I’ll stay until I feel like I’m ready to go to the next level. They’re all stepping stones until you get to where you want to get to—until you reach what’s above your head. I’m going to accomplish everything that I want to accomplish in college, and once I’ve done that, then I’ll be ready to leave.

BWahaha, yea right son! Even if you don’t win the NCAA Championship next year, I’m willing to bet my friend’s dog that you’ll declare, just ask Oden. But back to the interview, here’s what makes me think Mayo has a solid head about the things around him:

You and Kevin Love are two of the most highly-touted prospects in the country, and you’re going to be playing your college ball about twenty minutes away from each other in L.A. Do you see Love being someone you could spark a friendly rivalry with throughout your collegiate and pro careers?

(Laughing) You never know. It just depends, but I hope so. I think most definitely it would be a great rivalry. I know him since the eighth grade, he’s a great guy and a great competitor also. Knowing he’s only twenty minutes away, I think we’ll be pushing each other and it’ll make us better players. I think it’s good for both of us.

Oooooo, why don’t you just marry him if you love him that much! ♪ OJ and Kevin, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-♪–err.. moving on…

What the hell did Dirk eat?? Insider sources revealed this to The Unrelatedness today:


Finally, there is only one Highlander: Yao, being CPotW (Conference Player of the Week for you acronym evaders) is now part of the Brotherhood of Cracking Jokes at Mount Mutombo:

Asked Mutombo’s age, Yao Ming said, “Like his number.”

Mutombo wears No. 55.


Now, for your afternoon delight:



Lassst night:

“LeBron James & The Cavs Failed to Make It Past The Second Round…

…But What Doesn’t Kill You…

…That’s Right: Kills Your Next Season’s Ability To Beat An Elite Team On The Road When You Had The Chance Of Hitting Free Throws AND Send The Game To OverTime!”

Whew, that was a mouthful.

Not much really to deliberate on LeBron’s poor FT shooting in the past several weeks… other than I have a major conspiracy theory that he’s totally fucking up his form only to be “miracously” great come playoff time. Y’know, like the way he pops an 14 second intro out of nowhere to suprise us non-hip hop folks.

The way he shoots those FTs, it’s so awkward—his upper body is tighter than Tim Hardaway’s ass and his lower body isn’t in full motion when he releases the shot. Ugh. Don’t really want to cite Justin Timberlake, but since you(LBJ) cursed the blogworld’s golden one GilZero on the charity stripe… ‘what goes around, comes all the way back around’ (hey, I like the beat..)

Speaking of beats:

From TSoYA blog, there’s a pretty fucking awesome collabo of Kanye West, Rakim, Nas & KRS-One all bouncing to Premo’s jam

(I’d post the equally nice videography here, but for better or worse wordpress dun’t like too many flash embed, eh)

Heh, I guess that OnSmash site is like the flash video version of




Okay.. between me and you? These were recycled from two months ago…. Since I wanted to fill my self-imposed quota of one post a day, I’ll just redact what I said yesterday of taking today as a break (well, I still took a break, since it’s not fresh ish, you know what I’m sayin!)

Check out the latest preview from Blog a Bull for, (shocker!) the Chicago Bulls. Here’s a snippet:

Skiles’ is not exclusively a defensive coach, his offensive plan for the Bulls does its best to mask the lack of a low-post scorer and uses disciplined spacing, screening, driving/kicking and good-ole’fashioned ball movement (fun fact to impress with at dinner parties: The Bulls were the fifth-highest paced team in the NBA last season) to spread the scoring load among Hinrich, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, and their best pure scorer, Ben Gordon.

And just for fun: (even though it’s been out for a while, but news to me!) In another one of those quirky mashups: Q-Unit, the wonderful blend of Queen and 50 Cent. Though not as musically satisfying as Grey Album, Gnarls Biggie or Wu Orleans (arguable), it’s fun if you don’t pay too much attention to it and just let it be background noise.

You like the Wu-Tang Clan?? You like dixie jazz of Nawlins?? You always say “why can’t those two things just mash already?” And you wonder about how best to prove derivative functions??

Well, I’ve got what you’ve always wanted: Wu Orleans. It’s unbelievably energetic and fun. Now it’s only a matter of time until some genius of the ill-skillzed DJ variety comes up with N.W.A. and Norah Jones mash up, now that would be Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan/(or just any normal day really) in late August (early September) for one happy Hype!

One hopes you haven’t stopped reading up to this point even though obviously this post is completely devoid of any NBA relevance (sorry automated system!) Thus I’ll just randomly include this: DJ Mbenga was the inspiration for the mash ups, that is a fact.. I asked Avery Johnson‘s wife the other day.

To completely round this out for that extra touch of Unrelatedness, I give thee classic Chappelle’s Show: