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Everyone loves good o’l Amare Stoudamire right. He viciously dunks on them, how can they not like him? Well, now this young lad is doing things to get away from being known as one half of THE SUSPENSION of the playoffs:

Stoudemire said he was aware of the rule about leaving the bench and doesn’t think it needs to be changed. But he feels that coaches and staff members need to be “more aware that a player’s first instinct is to protect a teammate.”

Stoudemire will be busy this summer. His first college class at ASU — a global history course — begins in July and he will then turn his attention to Team USA workouts in Las Vegas in preparation for the FIBA Americas Tournament in August.

During his workout, Stoudemire joked with a friend that he has an idea for next year’s Suns slogan.

“Forget about ‘Eyes on the Prize,’ man,” he said. “Now it’s just gonna be ‘Revenge.’”

Good for him! That “Global history course” seems scary when you factor in that FIBA championship thing, he just might use it for evvvvvil. And is his biting off a certain Agent Zero’s style with his ‘naming my next season on behalf of being slighted’? Methinks yes. Methinks I just used the word methinks. *shame emoticon*

Suns notebook: Stoudemire a ‘bask-a-holic’ [East Valley Tribune]


How is Josh Howard talking without a phone you ask? I have no.clue.