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Alright, this day shall be a combo of weird unrelatedness links and some bball. Some. Allez-y!philcomplaints.jpg

Phil Jackson got some beef with some people. He pointed fingers and called names and was being a big boo-boo face.

“The big key with Drew is they wouldn’t let him play,” Jackson said following the game.

Jackson called the matchup a “roughhouse game” and it was “one of those nights in Utah that you know you’re going to get.”

“The league throws out some referee corps that you’re dubious about to start with and, you know, the game ends up to be like that,” he said.

Each team was called for 26 fouls.

Heh, I love the dry humour of that last line from the AP report, way to stick it to Phil! Oh AP report, you slay me, SLAY me I say!


Let’s see, last night saw a bunch of action go down… some quick fires: Nets are actually among the living, who knew?… Knicks beat Cavs, like woah dude… Looking for some introspection for why the Spurs lost to the Jazz(s? es?)…For an outlook on tonight’s game one of TNT Thursday, Natalie from Need4Sheed previews the matchup vs. the Heat, complete with a Tay-mix.

And my prediction for the Ootah/Lakers game?: Boozer gets facialized either by Kobe, Odom, Denzel Washington or a combination of all three.

brucelee.jpgBruce Lee’s theme park can totally kick Chuck Norris’ theme park’s ass.

Sticking with more kickingass-fu, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t going to be in Rush Hour 3. DAMME it! (ha..ha..ha..)



Might have the radiocast thingy up later that all of you were dying for (re: probably only Ms. SunsGossip 😉 )
Update-y: Well, considering this was done on Monday and almost everything we talked about is even older, the whole thing is pretty much… passé. HOWEVER! You must listen, for my ego is very very fragile 🙂

[Downloadable 12.1 MB mp3 – 8:51 mins]



I’d buy a whole box of ’em!

He does look angry every time he’s on the court! 

Haha, and I love those giant posters with “EVERYBODY REBOUND” and “KEEP YOUR MAN IN FRONT OF YOU” on the practice court wall. They should have one that says “DRIBBLE THE BASKETBALL”


Here are my Friday picks for viewing tonight: Dallas @ SanAn and New Joisey @ PHO. And while we’re at it, Knicks vs. Celtics: the excitment is killing me!

I neglected to say what I’m thankful for yesterday (though since I’m Canadian the conversion doesn’t work well anyway) but here’s a way of giving thanks, VISA commercials style:

Blogging: free
Photoshopping fake Arenas t-shirts to be put on blog: free
Remembering that you can actually sell those fake tees: free, but I’m slow
Having the subject of those fake tees LINK BACK to your site on his NBA blog!: PRICELESS

Have a great weekend folks! And remember to keep voting for your favourite George, rem voted and added a great reason. So whoever votes and has a good reason, you WIN!

Merry Thanksgiving to the citizens of the nation down south. Let’s git’er done.

boshfire.jpg Well, the Toronto Raptors are finally back from their Road Trip of Suck to win one against the Cavs. 25-14-6, Bosh can’t get any more stud-like than that. Canadians should now call this day Raptors’ 3rd Win Day! Huzzah!

“We remembered how to win games again,” Bosh said. “We made the right plays down the stretch, had the right people making shots.”

I hate it when I forget how to win games.

Moving on. Starbury was given opportunity to be free (like a biiird) but early indicators (re: last night’s game) show he’s still a valued resident in the Town-of-Mediocrity, population: 1.

Red Alert! Michael Redd is stealthy (ya that was a cheesy lead-in..)

Vassilis Spanoulis, the Team US killah, got more minutes and played pretty well against the Wiz last night helping out with 10pts, a couple assists and grabbed some boards all in 17 minutes.

Asked if he was more “ready” than when the season began, Spanoulis did not seem to consider it a close call.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” he said. “From the first time I came here, I came here to help the team win. It doesn’t matter if I make 20 points or zero points. I want to help my team win.”

He forgot to add at least seven more “yes”-es. Oh and in that article, Jeff VG calls him “Billy” hah, you think he calls Dikembe “Danny?”

Alright, in random fashion, I’ll ask readers to make a pick on which “George” is awesomer: Stroumboulopoulos of CBC’s the Hour or Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week

This imaginary poll (or vote in the comments) can be based on anything, but my obvious suggestion is of course, their last names


You put people like Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Kenny Smith AND the Sports Guy Bill Simmons in a Fantasy League, surely wacky message board hijinks/classic trash talking will ensue n’est pas? Well..not quite…

what a league Posted By Bill Simmons (The Champs) Posted On 11/17/2006 1:13 PM ET

All the crappy teams get to cherry-pick the best free agents each week and the teams that actually picked good teams and have been winning don’t get to improve. Next year I’m pulling a Bernie Mac and tanking the first 2 weeks so I can pick up Andres Biedrins on my team. Oh, wait, Bernie didn’t intentionally tank the first 2 weeks? I’m sorry… my bad.

Ooh, Bernie, what you say??

Re:what a league Posted By Bernie Mac Posted On 11/20/2006 2:32 PM ET

Bill, Bill, Bill … Man, I didn’t know you had the truth in you. You finally manned up, Bill.

Hmm, still not at the fireworks level that I want from you guys! C’mon guys, I know this isn’t your real medium, but what else you got? Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock, I know you WILD childs have some naughty things to say!

Centers available Posted By Pam Anderson/Kid Rock Posted On 11/02/2006 9:39 AM ET

Our team has 4 players (Okur, Dalembert, Paculia, Camby) that can fill the center position. There are a few of you that have only one center. Make us an offer. We are looking for a forward.

zzzzz… whha? *sighs* Fine, so you guys are actually serious about this… geez, I can pretty much peak in to any other fantasy league board and much find the same type of conservations. (Not my league though, we’re anti-social and don’t like instigating in fear of actual backlash)

If you’re still reading, here’s how that Celeb-Fantasy League Message Board can be hyped, UnrelatednessStyle:





Man, can’t have some sort of pay per view for THAT version? Or just have Sam L. type WHAT! a lot.

Celebrity Fantasy League [ via Gil’s blog (seriously, that’s where I get all my news now.. even local news.. and weather)]

Longest. Bracket. Explanation. Ever.


SG holla-ed, I holla-ed back. That is the REMIX of a remix (feat. Henry Abbott‘s ill-rhymes!)

I say, Gilbert, I’m using you as a sacrificial lamb to get a little word-usage something off my chest: you have one blog, with multiple blog entries or posts. Article is to magazine as post is to blog.

Gotta go with Henry on this one. You must be aware of your syntax homie! Now that you’re one of us.

Is it time to jump on the Jazz bandwagon yet??
Oh, and me talky hoops once again… and for some reason Alex is pimping the school paper I write for heavily because he hates the other school publication (we have many student papers). Odd.

[Downloadable ish 14.5 MB mp3 – 10:34 mins]


Hot damn! Agent Zero brought down the thunder against Cleveland on Saturday didn’t he? BulletsFever breaks it down here (I agree, the gold unis live in action is fugly!).

I’ll come clean, before the season started, all the hullabaloo about Arenas zaaany antics were charming, but felt a bit too much (the sobering bio piece from Washington Post notwithstanding). However, now that the season is well under way and Gil-Man is putting on a crazy show once again, the man-crush engine is starting all over again (see: doodling / tributes)

Staying current with his blog, he mentions the All-Star balloting:diddy.jpg

I know ballots are out. I know Puffy had the Vote or Die, you know, with them shirts. You know, I want to have, “If no one votes for me, I’m not going to do anymore blogs.

Dude, just as soon as I break into a printing press, these will surely sell like rice cakes:


UPDATE!! Yes, you can REALLY buy them now! And I don’t even have to break into those high facility plants! Check out the back: Enjoy 🙂 !!

UPDATE (2-double-0-7 Edition!):

The picture says it all dun’t it? Well, I needed to say THAT… but you know what I mean.. okay I’ll shutup now.. join the discussionz..

And seeing as we’re approaching the holiday-of-reluctantly-buying-crap for people you may or may not really like, I’d like to send out a wish for a gift I’d like to receive (that’s how it works right? Begging?) A while ago over at FreeDarko, they featured UndrCrwn’s Dynasty tees. When I tried to make the checkout payment, I was met with e-Commerce ethnic discrimination! See for yourself what they gave me!


Now now, I can easily give it to Mommy and forget the whole thing. But by Jorge, I’m demanding satisfaction! Then again, I might’ve clicked on “translate” by accident… Point being, someone buy me this shirt (en anglais s’il vous plait?) 🙂

(thx for my bro with el translationz.. just in case: yes, that’s made up, no discrimination.. yet)


And that’s the truth. Don’t believe the propaganda machine, it’s all LIES! Trust us, we’re the sane ones!

Hope everyone’s going to have a nice weekend, we’ll be sleeping on the library floor hoping one of these events: final papers; lock-down studying; or becoming smart will magically occur.

Before forsaking this electronic abode (for the weekend), we’d like to turn your attention to (which has been über HOT with updates, like their mag). They posted a must read about Playing for Peace, just amazing how much power you have if you put it to good use. Also, Ryan interviewed the author of the book “Ball Don’t Lie” on his latest podcast where we learn Taryn Manning is part of the movie adaptation.

Ok, no frontin’, hearing the name Taryn Manning just boosted my lazy ass from “30% thinking of getting the book” to “99% running to the store”. (Just kidding, Ryan’s review of it had to have contributed at least 5%… uhh, fine, 9%… 😎)

Answer: Shane’s so smooth, he makes Nocioni take it like a man!

And I’m so glad I stayed up for Inside the NBA, that cross promotional segment with that chick and her show had “slowburn” turned to the max. But I might check it out, the clip showed one of my favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan.

Oh, and Carlos Boozer’s a great guy, said Carlos Boozer.

Captions are muchos welcome!
“That’s right Andres! Think about THIS next time you try to come from behind to steal a win! Mwhahaah.”