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Steve Nash is a simple kid really. He enjoys sports, loves to compete and has a fascination with grunge hairstyles. He doesn’t really show off any kind of “flash” per se, only when they’re on court dishes. He’s just your everyday lad doing everyday things.

You ever wonder just how he’s able to pull it all off? Well, I have the answer: he can teleport.

There, I said it. I revealed his secret. I kind of feel dirty now… it’s like revealing a magician’s act (you know, that they actually kill the help girls, that’s why we never see them again… creepy…)

Well, via AZsportsHUB, we find out that Nashy is seemingly everywhere, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME:

    Stalking Steve Nash has never been easier. Especially due to our favorite celebrity stalking site, Gawker Stalker. Not sure how Steve is popping up in both New York City and Vancouver all in the same week, but we suppose that anything is possible!

    Steve Nash on his skateboard. He was riding along observing the street scene when I did a double take and gave him a thumbs up – he smiled and gave me a thumbs up back.

Ah, Gawker Stalker, the most reliable and credible system of Stalk if I ever saw one.

Because fuck the press release about him being in Vancouver opening his new sports facility the same week right? That’s totally fake and made up son. Or, of course, dude has time to do a frontside, fakie, 50-50 olie in NYC and then fly back to VanCity to do a silly grand opening. Simple logic.

Stalking Steve Nash [AZ Sports Hub]
Gawker Stalker [Gawker]
Steve Nash to officially open his new sports club July 19th [Press Release]

grant.jpgQue? ooooh it’s P-H-X … errm … oops. But I’m gonna call you a liar if you say you never thought of Sphinx whenever you see PHX.


Well, looks like now the Suns have that imaginary fairy godmother called Leadership in the LockerRoom with Grant Hill (sidebar: Leadership in the LockerRoom will be my new air guitar band’s name — in the gangsta tunez of Air Supply bitches) as he signed onto filthy pity loose change in $1.8 million.

Can Hill be the Robert Horry to the Suns? And how sad is it that Horry is, at this very moment, a far better player than Grant Hill? He creates good mid-range off the dribble shots, a concept Phoenix liken to witchcraft. He plays more or less good defense (again, Suns go “what now?”) in an era where his synthetic ankle is better at staying in front of his man than any of the rookies coming in.

So, hell yeah, I think he’s gonna be not only good for the Suns, but make a ton of difference during those lulls where the 3s don’t feel like dropping and Nash get trapped hard away from the give and gos.

PS, the pictoral representation is pretty much how I remember Grant Hill’s true game even after all these Orlando Magic years, namely, that damn Sprite commercial.

All three of them are vegans! (get it? Common… the artist… aha aha ha… ha… *slams head on table in shame for sad sad joke*)

ANYhow, via AZsportsHUB, I see that the Phoenix Suns best defender/best shaven head dude is a veggie-ian. I believe I heard of this story a while back from SteinzBogz where Dan found out that Rah Rah considers cheese off limits — but not on pizzas. (and hey, lookie who commented on that post!)

What’s MORE interesting, is the list of the SEXY VEGETARIAN CELEBRITIES found here on where you can actually vote for your fav people to be all sexy while they eat their celery.

Color me surprised, not only KRS-One, KZA are on the list, but Q-Tip?? Man, GoVeg folks, way to vet the list. Oh and Salim Stoudamire is a celebrity? Maybe to Unsilent Majority, but um, I don’t think Carrie Underwood is worried about her top spot.

Ah, and why the hell not, a nice sexy pic of last year’s miss sexy vegan Ms. Kristen Bell aka girl of Hype’s dreams *(small voice) you’ll always be Veronica Mars to me (/small & creepy voice)*

Thanks Matthew for the tipzzzz!

Everyone loves good o’l Amare Stoudamire right. He viciously dunks on them, how can they not like him? Well, now this young lad is doing things to get away from being known as one half of THE SUSPENSION of the playoffs:

Stoudemire said he was aware of the rule about leaving the bench and doesn’t think it needs to be changed. But he feels that coaches and staff members need to be “more aware that a player’s first instinct is to protect a teammate.”

Stoudemire will be busy this summer. His first college class at ASU — a global history course — begins in July and he will then turn his attention to Team USA workouts in Las Vegas in preparation for the FIBA Americas Tournament in August.

During his workout, Stoudemire joked with a friend that he has an idea for next year’s Suns slogan.

“Forget about ‘Eyes on the Prize,’ man,” he said. “Now it’s just gonna be ‘Revenge.’”

Good for him! That “Global history course” seems scary when you factor in that FIBA championship thing, he just might use it for evvvvvil. And is his biting off a certain Agent Zero’s style with his ‘naming my next season on behalf of being slighted’? Methinks yes. Methinks I just used the word methinks. *shame emoticon*

Suns notebook: Stoudemire a ‘bask-a-holic’ [East Valley Tribune]

Hola! I’m Miss Gossip. You may remember me from such classic Hype cameos as “Holy shit type of cool right there” and “You better delete all of this” or from the now-defunct blog SunsGossip or the still-funct blog NBA FanHouse. Anyways, I got a collect call from your regular guy TheHype and he was all “duuude I’m on vacation, can you fill in for me on the glob?” and I’m like “naw man, go somewhere else for your crazy because I’m all out of stock here,” and then he’s all “DAMMIT WOMAN THIS IS MY ONLY PHONE CALL!!!”

Hype in drunk tank

So here I am. Gossip storytime YAY!!!!

Ok, so last night I’m at the Phoenix Mercury game watching my gals get beat up by the Minnesota Timbercats and who pops up on the jumbotron but the one and only BORIS DIAW!! That’s Boris Diaw of Boom Boom T-shirt and Free Boom Boom TNT fame!!

Diaw jumbotron
Every breath you take… every move you make…

Holy wow. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written you know that this was a big deal. I can’t even explain my reaction to seeing him, but it went something like this:

gossip time series

How cute that he was coming to a see his home WNBA team play? And not just to eyeball Ann Strother like last year (she got traded to the Indiana Fevers). Kind of makes up for some of his misogynistic tendencies.

Anyway, I quickly spotted him courtside (how did I miss him before???). He was sitting with two white girls and a rather large gentleman who appeared to be a bodyguard.

Boris and his bodyguard

For real, Blood? A bodyguard? I mean, I guess you never know who you’ll end up tangling with at a WNBA game on a Tuesday night. But hey, mad props for rolling with two women at once.

Of course, I was determined to talk to him … again … (first time went like this, second time like this). Well, in the fourth quarter the Mercury do this thing called the Mercury Train where they let all the little kids storm the court during a timeout. I figured if I got on the court with the kids, then I could just run over to Boris courtside and say whassup.

The timeout came and I got all set to hatch my crack plan… BUT I was sitting in a lux box, so I would have had to walk all the way around the suite level to get to the stairs to get down to the court. There was no way I would make it in time…… UNLESS…… I looked over the edge of the box and no one was sitting in the seats below… so…… I figured I would just JUMP OUT OF THE BOX.

It wasn’t that far down, I knew I could do it……

But alas, I was sitting with some attorneys from my firm so I was forced to play it cool. BOOOOOO. Oh well, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten nabbed by arena security anyway.

By the way, Charles Barkley was also sitting courtside, all by his lonesome. I can’t believe I didn’t get to talk to Boom Boom OR the Chuckster. WACK.

Barkley at the clubbbb

Oops, totally wrong picture of Sir Charles.

Stalking Mission #3: FAILED.

Oh well, thanks for reading Miss Gossip Storytime, kids! Wow, I was totally buzzed at the beginning of this post. My bad.

So, throwing this baby up as the Nets are stinkin’ up the joint… I can’t believe LeBron’s going to the Conference Finals in the dullest way imaginable. The Cavs lead by 15 right now at halftime… yeah right Bron gives this up… Alright, please, leave any comments, voodoo chants or game insights for the upcoming Game 6 in a few hours (or you can talk about the the rest of the Cavs/Nets game…BWAHAaahahha.. riiiight..)

— So LeBron is actually very good… when he fuckin gives half a crap. Great job guys, would ya do us a favor and give the world something to care about in the Conference Finals against the Pistons? Thanks! Hugs & Kisses xoxox

— FREE JEFFREY VAN GUNDY! Seriously tho… must be awk-ward this morning with the ESPN guys prepping up right…?

MIKE BREEN: (reading the news that Jeff’s fired) Oh no… oh.. no… ohno ohno ononononononono!

JVG: What is it Breeny?

MB: uhhh… how can I say this… um… Hrm… Okay… when one parent doesn’t love the other…

JVG: The fuck are you talking about Mike?

MB: … I love you


MB: I mean I mean I mean… you got canned man

JVG: oh.. yheah, seen that shit coming, no biggie — you don’t think I knew that when I agreed to come on with you dumbbells?


5-4: STAT picks up his first foul already…. this is gonna be tough

8:45: okay I’m switching back to “time” format rather than score, because there’s no way knowing who’s who… anyways… right now I can’t tell which voice is Jeff’s and which one’s Jon Barry’s. 7-7

5:51: Nice to see both teams are “on”. Don’t want no dud game yo. I wonder when they’ll talk about Jeff’s fired ass? Cooooome oooon, talk about it already!

3:37: Barbosa gets a good strong layup/banker, a steal and also going up strong.. that’ll dust off any Game 5 Brazilian funk, also known as Sao Paolo SuckFest. Meanwhile Stoudamire is looking nice on offence and active on D

— I feel JVG is commentary-mic hogging, bastard! But he’s good, breaking down plays, 21-19 for PHX

— YAY, they get to talk about *feelings*! About Van Gundy’s pink-slip. Damn, Mike Breen is impressive… big chaos plays going on and Breen is STILL able to question Jeff and call the play by play!

— End of first and we’re all tied up at 23… the pace obviously isn’t PHX’s but Spurs won’t let that happen anyway. Clickey to read on..

Click it real good, CLICK IT!

Ughz. Last night’s game. Too tough to talk about man. I mean, the Suns could could’ve taken it, but really, coming into it, we were all bracing for a sad loss. Kurt Thomas, bless his triangularly shaped head and funky eyes, didn’t have enough air — can you blame the guy? He needed to play on both ends, perfectly. He did his best but Duncan… man, Duncan, when he retires, his statue should be the one where he’s falling, “pretending” to be unbalanced, and shooting with one hand banking it.

That said, I fully expect, and really BELIEVE the Suns can steal the SBC arena one. Stoudamire and Diaw back in action, rested— and still no Horry, I like those chances.

Okay, some random links for the hell of it

  • Again, obviously the highlight of last night was Pat Burke sighting Miss Gossip (fame whore!) haha, I kidd kidd… 🙂
  • Since I did semi mention Linkin Park (helping you guys with free publicity yo!), damn, their newest ish, isn’t so hot. From Surviving the Golden Age blog, they nailed it on the head as to why:

Although known as a rap/rock group, they hardly ever rap and rock on the same track on this album. The rap tracks sound like could easily be outtakes from Shinoda’s Fort Minor project, and the rock tracks sound much more subdued than their previous metal-infused rock.
Rating: 6.7/10

Yeah, listening to it is obvious it was a much different direction… one I’m not down with. I still like their rap/rock mixing genre where they just created a new sound every new single. I personally wish they’d do those. Ah, the agony of the artists’ mind: “trying new things” or just giving the fan base what they want..

  • Hey cool, *the* sports blogger, Deadspin’s Will Leitch, goes in-depth with The Starting Five’s very nicely done interview. They talk about a number of socially oriented things… though no Unsilent Majority sighting yet
  • You know what? Steve Kerr is very good on the mic. It’s great that he was part of so many championship runs, especially Greg Poppovich’s Spurs — so a lot of his insights last night were so great, not just the usual run-of-the-mill “here’s what happened on the last play”. He tells us why Pop is freakin mad because of a missed assignment. Keep it up Steveo, here’s his column.
  • Mark Cuban… not a big fan of rule changes…? WTF? He’s taking the totally opposite side with this whole situation (because well, almost everywhere I read yesterday says *some* change would be nice)… and I bet it’s got something to do with Suns & Spurs are you know… the rivals of the Mavs…

I knew that Miss Gossip Cameo tag wasn’t just a one hit wonder! Damn, that is holy shit! type of cool right there. Gossip, you killin it!

SunsGossip [SunsGossip] (where I snagged that wonderous, life-like self portrait of G.)
FanHouse’s Miss Gossip Invades TNT Broadcast
[NBA Haus] (where I… well, wrote that post ha!)
Boom Boom Diaw! [TheHype Gears of Clothing Store]

The Suns… I don’t think they’ll ever get to the Finals without an alien invasion taking place in America West Arena. Joe Johnson one year, Amare/Raja the next, then Amare/Diaw this year. David Stern, as great as he is, sometimes becomes so pragmatic and draconian to me. I bet he thinks the NBA offices are the Jedi temple and everything they believe in should be “the way”.

You know what happened Dave? Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader because of his hatred of the restraint of the elders. Steve Nash will turn evil because of you! It’s come to making nerdy references dude.

That said, I believe they’ll pull off the upset Wednesday (well, tonight… it’s 2am of the day as I’m writing this… so…) Why? Because I’m crazy and Charles Barkley’s passionate yammering against the rule have made the situation better to me. And that makes me have faith. When the Round Mound of 300 Pounds calls out the league, all’s good in that world.

Love how Ernie used the town bell to break up the continuous, looping debate. It can’t be said enough how great Inside the NBA is.

Oh and uh… the national darlings are done. I dunno man, I wish the Warriors wouldn’t have gone out in that hot headed way (how many techs were there). But at the same time, it’s that same emotion that fuels Oakland’s surge—ripping the heart out of Dirk, literally. So it’s a push and… well, I digress.

Doug Collins, as Stephen Jackson gives Jerry Sloan a hug: “I like that.”


Horry, seen above, unable to stop his Elbow Rampage of Doom, going as far as destroying Rah Rah next (Getty Images)


Yo Rob, what up?

Dude, let’s be real. That last play there? Yeah, yes, that one, where you shoved poor little South African-Canadian Steve Nash into the money maker (not a euphemism—I’m talking about those scrolling advertisement boards)? Bro. That was a bitch ass move.

I think I agree with Henry about the calls dropping Phoenix’s way (because yeah, I was thinking “damn, PHX must get everything their way to win”), but still, please, don’t be those fucking pieces of turd that can’t lose with dignity. Look what you’ve done Rob: messed up Nash’s pitch perfect free throw shooting form (missing two late FTs, which I believe is straight up illegal for someone with his % to do) AND now threaten Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudamire’s playing status for Game 5 because they might be in crap land due to their getting-off-the-bench-ness. Are you happy now?


I respect what you do—you’re so clutch that it’s hard not to give ya a head nod. But c’mon now, you’re not doing the organization and fans any service with shit like that. And Spurs fans, do you still stick with the “we play tough—not dirty” mentality? Time to face the music, like how you realize your dog pees on your favorite shoes on purpose. You can’t let that stand no mo’.

I have a bad feeling Stoudamire and Diaw would both get tossed for Game 5. And that completely sucks as a fan of watching basketball. Really, in years past, with the Spurs owning it, I didn’t like it, but they deserved it. This year, if they win it all, it’s going to be because of tard-plays like Robert Horry. Unfun and uncool