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May 5th: Houston Rockets got edged out by Utah Jazz in the 1st Round of the 2007 Playoffs. It is also T-Mac’s millionth early exit… making his fans (whoever’s still openly admits to being one) very sad all over again. The following is the transcript of a phone call that we at the Unrelatedness obtained through illegal wiretap “special” ways:


*whimper* Ahhhh. *sigh*

[*riiiiiiiiiing……riiiiiiiiing*—click—phone picked up]

uh… he… hello?


um… KG, that you…?

Look man, I just wanted to say: I’ve been there. It’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

[off to the side] I know.

Listen to me, it’s not your fault.

[serious] I know.

No you don’t, it’s not your fault.

Fuck man. Kev, for that last time, stop that Good Will Hunting shit! I think you have a problem.


I’m… I’m sorry… it was on TV last night… um.. talk to you later?

Whatever. You’re such a geek sometimes.

I taped this unprecedented, earth shattering, event the other night and thought it was quite amusing, (see the other day’s post about their adventure)

I couldn’t find a copy on YouTube so I took the liberté and uploaded it myself—which explains the godawful capture quality (sorry folks, still using archaic transferring technologies…hey you got some free MacBooks lying around, hooks me up yo!)

Anyways, enjoy thy goodie on this sad 24th of December where no NBA game is played, before the SternBot and/or ABC monkeys sends out Sentinels to eviscerate my vid.. snif.. 🙂

You gotta read the CHRONIC!cle article about Yao and McGrady’s late night television appearance taped Monday, tons of great quotes, my fav:

McGrady is told of the Yao video making the rounds on the Internet in which he makes a tough jumper, then is seen shouting, “You can’t (expletive) stop me!”

“No!” McGrady shouts, falling back in his seat. “He didn’t say that! You said that, big fella? What did you say? What did you say? What did you say? Say it now.”

With Yao laughing too hard to answer, McGrady realizes why Yao won’t tell him.

“Wait a minute,” McGrady says. “You said it in English? The same game you beat your chest? Oh, that’s great.”

In case, here’s the vid. I must ponder over the social ramifications of this, assuming YouTube isn’t blocked in China. Yao’s the shit over there, so Chinese ballers that watched it will now have a new found appreciation for el “swagger”. This is good, because I really want their smack talk lexicon to go from, “hello, I will score on you, sir” to “I will f^&*%king eat your babies bitch!!”

Oh btw: HELL YES!!

As in, Tracy McGrady’s un-freakin-believable back is at it again.

Look, Tracy, um, TMac, wait wait…TeeDawg, you and me dude, we’re friends right? Remember when you started blowing up in Orlando, throwing off the glass alleys to yourself? Good times right? I was there with you the whole time man, vouching for your legitimacy, having serious fights (psychologically and physically) with friends debating who’s better: AI or you (which looking at it now… you both seem like jerks).

When others feel you’re made of glass for all of last year, I still had that glimmer of hope, “nah, T-Cuz is gonna be sick, I can feel it” So much so that I took you on my Fantasy team. Now you’re out again, for the year?! How DARE you. You know what man? It’s over with us. Yeah, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not ME, it’s YOU. Don’t bother coming back, I’m changing the locks.

Yes, yes, I know you’re a human being and you have an actual ailment. But when it comes to messing my first try at playing fantasy? All bets are off buddy!

hugs & kisses

(Sorry if this wasn’t either a post about Iverson or the basketball change. It’s not that I’m snobby like that, but really just because I can’t contribute to those items rationally. I mean, you really want me to say Iverson should swap with Luke Ridnour?)

Here’s some ARM PORN for y’all:

arm porn!!

On a quiet Saturday mid-afternoon, the Rockets’ bite-sized preview is up (not to mention low in calories). Not much to add to the discussion other than DAAAMMN, the Southwest Division is tough. Good luck to Tracy and Yao because I like their team, but Wins won’t come cheap for them.

NBA Live 07 just released their Top Bananas players ratings concocted from, and I quote from my sources: “dark voodoo”. You can check out the whole list here if you really need to know who is #131 (I know I can’t wait!).

But what’s really interesting is #4, Tracy McGrady. He is in such a zone nowadays that he decided to morph into another player completely, check it out:


Kudos to TBJ for steering me to this find, because seriously, the picture confused me so much that it accidentally made me drunk.

So there’s “news” that our main man David Wesley got signed to the Cavaliers (just a matter of time until YAY! puts their patented spin on this)

(D-Wes isn’t really my main man, I just really want to use that dumb phrase once in my lifetime.)

It’s always great to have Wesley’s name come up so that we here at the Unrelatedness Factor can whip out the beautiful montage of:

Just in case you haven’t seen it the first 3000 times.

And here’s one with the always amazing Dikembe Mutombo schooling T-Mac at using chopsticks. Let me just say, that’s EXACTLY how it’s like to teach your friends how to use chopsticks, even when you taught them the other 3 times at a Chinese restaurant.. UN-believable.

“Oh that’s horrrrrrible!”

To be honest, I only added that Deke’s video only because I couldn’t find his appearance on Regis and Kelly yesterday. If one of my eagles out here has it, pleeeease holla at me. Girl.