Wu-Tang Ain’t Nuttin’ To Jazz With!

You like the Wu-Tang Clan?? You like dixie jazz of Nawlins?? You always say “why can’t those two things just mash already?” And you wonder about how best to prove derivative functions??

Well, I’ve got what you’ve always wanted: Wu Orleans. It’s unbelievably energetic and fun. Now it’s only a matter of time until some genius of the ill-skillzed DJ variety comes up with N.W.A. and Norah Jones mash up, now that would be Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan/(or just any normal day really) in late August (early September) for one happy Hype!

One hopes you haven’t stopped reading up to this point even though obviously this post is completely devoid of any NBA relevance (sorry Lowpost.net automated system!) Thus I’ll just randomly include this: DJ Mbenga was the inspiration for the mash ups, that is a fact.. I asked Avery Johnson‘s wife the other day.

To completely round this out for that extra touch of Unrelatedness, I give thee classic Chappelle’s Show:


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