Random Sunday NBA Hoops Live Blogathon I (Game 2)

Alright hopefully I won’t miss too much as I run in the cold to get back. Check back in a bit for Spurs vs. Lakers!

Quarter Oscar Robertson (1) or what’s left of it:

— what..*gasp* what..*inhales* did…I miss…? 17-11 Spurs up with under 3. So.. I missed nothing.

— oh my, the picture I have here is totally hogging the page and making the formatting look like trash

— I better add a couple more points to manually fix it

— Hopefully this does it

— YES! Okay, back to the action: It’s nice to see Odom back. He’s getting into form with 3-4 shooting and already 7pts

— Howeva, the purple calf tights/brace? is kinda fugly. Damnit Purple should just die in sports already

Quarter Mitch Richmond (2)

— movie star sighting: Tobey McGuire… you’re killing me here Mike Breen

— the Triangle is like poetry when it’s run right: Farmer to high post Turiaf and in a split second bounce pass to the baseline cutter Bryant for the easy jam.

— Here’s my Ronny Turiaf connection as he’s on the line for 2 after a missed dunk from sick a no look pass from KB24: I went to a junior college with one baller Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes. A year later he got recruited to play with Turiaf at Gonzaga (still there). Boy even got ink on ish edit: 64 76  (p.150, if you really care) of SLAM (I remember cuz I was the only one to run right to him giggling “OMGOMGOMG” while no else remotely cared or knew)

— that picture of Duncans is REAL

— I’m more and more impressed with young Bynum’s game, going at Duncan and not passing out when he sees an opportunity: 7pts so far.

— 28-26 Spurs up. Too bad the ASG voting’s over, because Tony Parker’s “underground movement” had something going on there

— Lakers lead by 5 after a couple back to back 3s (from Odom) 36-31 with just under 4 to go

— holy shit Darren’s right, Odom can get a triple double in this quarter! 11, 6, 5

— Kobe, doing that weird thing called being unselfish and passing to a wide open Vlad gives them the edge by 9 with a minute left in the half

— 42-36 for the hot shooting Lakers (57% from 3-land) here at the half. Time to find that thing I’m trying to find…

Quarter Dennis Johnson (3)

— Spurs can’t hit anything in 4 possessions. Parker smartly goes head first into Bynum’s body to get some easier points

— gotta love Spurs’ grindin’ mentality: Duncan hits a low post shot; Parker gets a breakaway (missed) but put back by Duncan; Duncan’s defense stopped Bynum, who gets called for a tech, JUST LIKE THAT they’re within 4, 49-45, scoring 7 straight

— ah yea, forgot to mention that Mike Breen’s been (woah) relocated here with Marc Jackson. My assessment of this duo… satisfactory as Jackson’s improved quite a lot since last year… no more endless “YOU’RE better than that!” and just better jokes ie:

Mike Breen: that wasn’t an offensive foul Mark
Marc Jackson: I know it wasn’t Mike. (in a calm voice)
Mike Breen: Don’t yell at me!

… um.. you gotta be there I guess..

— Physical play on both ends of the floor but Lakers are able to hold off the Spurs on the defensive end for a couple of possessions and an Odom 3 puts them up 61-52

— verrry physical, Duncan got away with a blantant push off to get an offensive board and Horry just air humped Bynum

— Spurs continue their inability to remember what “basketball” is with their sub 30% shooting to end the 3rd down 57-67

Quarter Josh Howard – McGrady (5 – 1 = 4)

— Here we go in a slugfest… btw Pop not wearing a tie is just cool

— As bad of a shooting afternoon as the Spurs, they aren’t even close to being out of it. They just nailed 2 back to back buckets to cut it to 5 led by Mr. Longoria

— Lakers aren’t “putting a nail in the coffin”, “closing the lid”, etc etc as it’s 75-66 with neither team getting looks down the stretch

— fuck you Ginobli for making that last statement null, 3pter from him is 75-69

— one of those games where it’s not decided until the last minute because both teams can’t execute (a combo of good defense and not being able to hit open shots)

— big block on Bynum from Horry I think, this time sans-humpage..uggh, this game just won’t end

— 2 point game with 2 mins to go…. c’mon [team name] !

— odd call: Odom jumps BACKWARDS into Duncan and flips a shot behind his head and gets the call. 77-76

— BIG play by Timmeh, touch pass right to a wiiiiiide open Bowen, NAILED IT. 79-77 with 0:40 left

— oh….shit.. Radamonichiviviaicih saw light past that forest of a mullet to tie it 80-80… ah, the game may go on to overtime but this liveblogg will not

— Horry (of course) takes the 3, but misses—duh, it’s not the playoffs. Laker ball with 2 seconds… HMMM, I wonder who gets it.. and he missed. But he didn’t miss bitchslapping Ginobli for good measure. Okay I take back not livebloggin the rest…

OT (can’t think of a player with #OT)

— Kobe opens things up with 2 great assists to Vlad and Bynum for dunks but Spurs answers back

— 88-84 Smush wanting to join the “big kidz” table

— Parker keeping his side up with a 3 point play and a jumper 89-90 Lakers. Now Manu goes to the line to perhaps take the lead

— this Kobe guy, he’s like, good or something, making a difficult shot 92-91. END THIS TRAVESTY already

— the Robot analyses the situation; calculates the schematics; recalibrates for “clutchness” and gets a shot to get his team ahead

— was that a replay? Kobe just made the exact same shot with 7 seconds left, which, in NBA time is like 12 years

— oh my sheed. Finley hits a dagger 3, 96-94 wit 1.3 seconds (3 years)… Jesus? please don’t make this doubleOT

— *sigh* finally, Vlad wasn’t able to even catch rim… c’est finit! thanks for reading peeps and thanks Ms. G for sticking around. *hugs and kisses*


  1. is sumthing wrong wif my eyes or all im seeing is Tim Duncan?

  2. i wonder why turiaf is getting minutes..he should be on the bench dancing

  3. so pierre is still at gonzaga?? or am i slow?

    what happened to bill walton’s kin?

  4. Pierre’s still running with the Zags (it’s only his 3rd or 2nd and a half year) there. As far as “athletes” are concerned, he’s the fastest player I’ve seen (that doesn’t mean much… cuz I live in hockey town haha)

    Edit: Luuuuuke.. sprained ankle, out a week.

  5. check out lamar odom’s line

  6. ahh u know in the wwf, oops, wwe, wrestlers faked injuries so that they could do their own stuff, maybe luke did that so that he could do more acting….lol

    odom is on track for a triple dub

  7. OMW (oh my word) I’m a Ronny Turiaf groupie too!

    And I LOVED the votez-teepee site. Sometimes I would just leave a window open with that site so I could jam to the musique.

  8. keep an eye on vlad he maybe off during halftime to plant bombs around staples

  9. Yeah, the French knows their hip hop beats

    Don’t worry, Jack is on it.. Jack Nicholson..

  10. shouldnt pierre be more excited about adam than ronny?

  11. im off preparing for school, i hope the spurs keep shooting bricks, 29% sounds just about right

  12. Horry-Bynum was ho-o-o-o-t.

  13. yeah, if not, how would they see my naked limbo video?? (let that BURN your eyes!!! haha)

  14. Is it just me, or in THE commercial, does Jermaine O’Neal look kinda good? But like in a dainty female way?

  15. ahahhahahha, I reserve [no comment] on mr. 5 head… Chris Paul still looks like Ernie tho

  16. oh my word this is actually a good game!

  17. Kobe is gonna whoop some ass behind the scenes. Awful shot.

  18. he’s gonna go Jack Bauer on ’em

  19. darren

    SPURS won??? what the heck?? lakers have OT jinxes

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