…when you take the Fashion Police’s advice into consideration.



  1. dang

    what happenz to playerz who dont or didnt get drafted into the wnba or nba?

  2. I’ll tell you dang, but ONLY you: they are put into a large vessel sent to space and become Space Harlem Globetrotters!

    Nah.. they’re just normal joes just like the rest of us, they still need a job. So either they go to Europe Leagues or NBDL (nba’s development league) or ABA and so forth and so forth..

  1. 1 lowpost.net/blog

    Blog Coverage of the NBA Draft

    “You’re a Warriors fan. Your team has missed the playoffs for 12 straight years. Draft night is the highlight of your season.”
    As most of you are well aware, the 2006 NBA Draft will be held tomorrow night. For many fans, this is the most optimis…

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