Usher Is Going to the Finals (And, I Guess, the Cavaliers)

What do you know, the Cavaliers of all teams, are going to the NBA Finals.

How they will fare against the Spurs will be for another day, for now — I dunno quite how to accept it all.

LeBron: we know he can do this. Even though throughout the season (and I guess, his career thus far) we weren’t sure just how he’ll do it. Yes, his shear freak basketball game is as good as it gets (apologies to Kobe Bryant… but you’re doing radio shows as I type) but were we sure this was going to happen? Truly madly, deeply sure?

My answer is no. Just like Allen Iverson’s 2001 run to the Finals (even then, he was in his 6th year, with a deep cast: Larry Brown as coach, Mount Mutombo in his prime, Derek McKey (what the hell happened to him?) and E-Snow) we’re rooting for the star. But unlike AI, LeBron is doing it differently: he not only trust his teammates, he trust that his team is good, like, very good.

It’s a different feeling to watching the Cavaliers — they’re not just watching the King James Show, they’re producing, writing and editing the whole thing that Iverson, or Bryant can’t in recent years. What’s also amazing is that he’s a kid that’s dreamt big to get here, on his own shoulders, but is making sure he doesn’t ruin the whole thing with excess pride that often times shadow the goal.

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Blogs that are unhappy: Detroit Bad Boys, Need4Sheed

In Other News:

Steve Kerr won’t soothe us with his melodic voice no more as he’s going to be GM of the Phoenix Suns. I really like Kerr as an analyst throughout these past couple of years whether it was on TNT or Yahoo! Sports. He has a wicked sense of humour and is able to communicate effectively his point of view. Obviously sometimes he’s wrong on some things, but for the most part, Kerr is fantasic breaking down why a certain play isn’t working or what was missing. I think his insight with the Spurs will do wonders for the Suns, because they will always face them in the playoffs one way or another. Signal To Noise has more player-to-GM grading if you like to compare and contrast.


  1. Limpshiznit

    NO WAY they beat the Spurs unless this shit really is rigged.

  2. Hold on.. Dwyane Wade is texting me on his T-Mobile: “iz be winning 2006 champ lolz”… hmm.. whatever that means

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